whovian valentines


Day #3 Of The “Doctor Who Valentine Invasion” - DAY OF THE DALEKS!

……. “You Are Absolutely DALEK-table!!!” …..

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I like you but
I prefer Doctor Who

Roses are red
Bow ties are redder
You’re nice but Matt Smith
Will always be better

Roses are red
Sunflowers yellow
David Tennant is one
Good looking fellow

Roses are red
This poem’s dead
You’ll never live up
To the guys in my head


The Last set of Valentines for the “Doctor Who Valentine Invasion” of 2014. These where actually meant to be shown ON Valentine’s Day but I spent the day with my family. So, I do apologize for being late with them. They are my personal favorites out of the bunch excluding the Dalek sets that where posted. Happy very belated Valentines Day!


Day # 2 of The “Doctor Who Valentine Invasion”. May your heart(s) be filled with love for those you care for the most on ‘Valentine’s Day’!


Day #4 of the “Doctor Who Valentine Invasion!” - A few of my personal favorite Doctors on ‘Valentine’s Day’ cards.

3 out of the 4 images shown are from

futurefantastic.tumblr.com and mytinderbox.tumblr.com