whovian tattoo


Huzzah! I just got the OK to post this commission I did. One for all the Whovians out there to drool over :P

This guy’s not for sale BUT you can always reach out to me at deep13art@gmail.com if you’d like your own custom art. Alternatively, what I DO sell you can find here: Deep 13 Art @ Etsy  -  Take a look and see what you might like!

Working on a new style. Pushing past the comfort of my style. It feels good. I spent more time on this than anything I’ve done, for that reason. But also, I kept having ideas. Some worked, but most didn’t. That’s the creative process for you.


Monday I start my dream police job, today I got my dream tattoo. Doctor Who has mean the world to me for years and has been there with my when I’ve felt all alone and has given me more encouragement and entertainment and even friendship than anything else.

The quote “My friends have always been the best of me” was chosen special because it means so much to me and is so relevant in my life. And it’s even more special because it’s in my oldest and dearest friend’s ( this-is-my-flawed-design ) handwriting.

This is my seventh, and favorite, tattoo.

You should come to the Doctor Who Fan Meetup tomorrow because glitter tattoos. Yes, there will be a Weeping Angel photobooth and awesome music and it’ll be a great time, but the most important thing to take away from this is what there will be glitter tattoos. 

For details on the who/where/what/why/how, check out our Meetup Masterpost. 

Dear Future Husband,

If you aren’t Matt smith, Taylor York, Liam Hemsworth, Oli Sykes, Zac Efron, Chris Hemsworth, Logan Lerman, Robert Pattinson, Andrew Garfield, Heath Ledger, James Franco, Christian Bale, Channing Tatum, Chris Pine or Jared Leto or even as remotely lovely as them in looks or personality… Go… Just go! These guys are perfection!❤️

Hello Whovians! We have some exciting news regarding the Doctor Who Fan Meetup at this year’s San Diego Comic Con

  • This year’s meetup will be hosted by Jake Roper, a YouTuber and a huge Whovian
  • There will be a fancy Whovian tattoo station where you can cover your skin in temporary TARDISes and sonic screwdrivers
  • Music will be provided by DJ Eclectic Method, who does super great Who Remixes, and will be featuring Dave Lublin, a self-proclaimed Secret Rockstar
  • In addition to the fancy Whovian tattoo station, where will also be a cosplay competition for anyone who shows up to the meetup in cosplay
  • And there will be special guests! We can’t say who yet because spoilers, but know that they’re great

We hope to see you all there, if not physically then at least in spirit!

Today was day two of Comic Con and boy did we have fun! We met a ton of Whovians, posted some more fun behind-the-scenes images, and even had a surprise guest visit the BBCA booth. If you think you may’ve missed anything, don’t worry because we’ve collected all of today’s highlights and we’re presenting them right here in a very convenient masterpost for your enjoyment.

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For a complete masterpost of everything else we’ll be getting up to this year, check out our MDWTTWBHATYSDCC.

And don’t forget, the Doctor Who Fan Meetup is tomorrow so we’ll be bringing you non-stop coverage all day. To those in San Diego, we hope to see you there!