whovian rules

Twelve is the most romantic figure in DW history

He punch broke a twenty-foot thick Azbantium wall, died (a prolonged death), and resurrected over two billion years for…

  1. Clara
  2. A principle

I don’t know what that principle is yet…but it was terribly romantic of him to do it.

(Take that Rory and Danny… No, no, don’t. That was very mean of me.)

Yay! welcome to our network where whovians watch movies!


  • mbf the admins
  • reblog this post
  • be okay with giving email
  • be an active blogger with your ask open
  • be available and go to some of the movies (admins are in est time)

We’re looking for:

  • a nice who bloggers whos active
  • interested in movies!
  • (also if you want a better chance of getting in post why in #whovianswatchmovies)

If you get in:

  • many friends!
  • get to watch cool movies
  • get to vote on the movies we’ll watch
  • follow everyone in the network
  • track #whovianswatchmovies
  • we’ll message you


  • choosing 10ish people (plus the ones who helped start this of course!)
  • well pick more throughout time
  • if you become inactive please dont take up spots in the network since we’re not sure how much the stream can hold

side note, on saturday (3/1) there will be a screening of the hobbit check the tag for more info