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Twelve is the most romantic figure in DW history

He punch broke a twenty-foot thick Azbantium wall, died (a prolonged death), and resurrected over two billion years for…

  1. Clara
  2. A principle

I don’t know what that principle is yet…but it was terribly romantic of him to do it.

(Take that Rory and Danny… No, no, don’t. That was very mean of me.)

20-20 Tag Meme

tagged by the lovely @whovian-on-ice

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better!

a - age: 32

b - birthplace: France

c - current time: 21:18

d - drink you last had: water

e - easiest person to talk to: my friends

f - favourite song: i don’t have just one. i just…can’t choose

g - grossest memory: it’s not the grossest but my former doctor (general practitioner?) told me once when i was young to clench my teeth when i puked to keep the solid parts inside (bon appétit!)

h - horror yes or horror no: horror no

i - in love?: if you remove food and fictional characters then nah

j - jealous of people?: not really. sometimes a little bit but i doesn’t last long, like 3 seconds and i move on.

k - killed someone?: in video games yes

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: i believe in crush at first sight but not love (except for fictional characters :p)

m - middle name: i got some

n - number of siblings: more than one 

o - one wish: win euromillions so i don’t have to worry about money anymore and so i can buy a castle to live with my friends and give money to people i care about and fucking give some to artists/writers and people with gofundmes and shit.

p - person you called last: mom

q - question you’re always asked: “when are you going to find a job/get your driving license?”

r - reason to smile: ladybugs, rainbows, yuri on ice, derek hale, shouto todoroki being such a soft boy, eyeshield 21

s - song you sang last: i don’t know, i don’t sing a lot, i mostly hum and i don’t remember what was the last song i hummed

u - underwear color: black

v - vacation: yes please 

x - x-rays: left arm and teeth

y - your favourite food: french fries, bread, my cookies, green olives, strawberries

z- zodiac sign: aquarius

if you see this you’re tagged è_é

Yay! welcome to our network where whovians watch movies!


  • mbf the admins
  • reblog this post
  • be okay with giving email
  • be an active blogger with your ask open
  • be available and go to some of the movies (admins are in est time)

We’re looking for:

  • a nice who bloggers whos active
  • interested in movies!
  • (also if you want a better chance of getting in post why in #whovianswatchmovies)

If you get in:

  • many friends!
  • get to watch cool movies
  • get to vote on the movies we’ll watch
  • follow everyone in the network
  • track #whovianswatchmovies
  • we’ll message you


  • choosing 10ish people (plus the ones who helped start this of course!)
  • well pick more throughout time
  • if you become inactive please dont take up spots in the network since we’re not sure how much the stream can hold

side note, on saturday (3/1) there will be a screening of the hobbit check the tag for more info