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I’m laughing so hard over the fact that Whovians in the Philippines had good education, can cosplay and go to cons even if people don’t know what they are doing, can afford to go to other countries for other cons, could buy legit merch online,speaks english fluently, and then there’s me who is stuck on a province with no one to talk about it and couldn’t buy legit Doctor Who merch online

I can’t believe it!

I can’t believe that the official group of the Philippine fanbase of Doctor Who has finally accepted me. :’)

(I waited for eight months more or less before getting accepted into the group)

Nevertheless, I am very grateful to the admins of that group right now for finally accepting my request. Thank you so much! 

Mabuhay ang mga Filipino Whovians!


life upd8: whovian sleepover

it’s my first sleepover you guys! well it’s not really a sleepover if we stayed up all night to watch the special DW episode. 
we’ve had groceries, made snacks, played mario kart, eat fish fingers and custard, watched the livestream… asdfghjk

the sad part of the day was when i actually slept through parts of the episode that i couldnt understand most of it. wtf
ahh. ive shamed myself


Credits: Image 1 (x) & Image 2 (x)

So the images you see above are TARDIS disguises for different countries if the Chameleon Circuit was never broken and if the Philippines remade Doctor Who or something, (the closest we would probably get here is a dub since remaking the show would be pretty expensive)  the comic strips above would give us an insight of how it would look like.

  • Firstly, the TARDIS disguise of the Philippines could be used as the TARDIS for a Filipino remake. Other candidates of the Philippine TARDIS are the Jeepney, Balikbayan Box and a Burger Machine stand.
  • Ryan Agoncillo could play as the 10th incarnation of The Doctor according to discussions over the Whovian Philippines Group. Eugene Domingo is also fancasted as Donna Noble as well. In fact if you scroll down a little bit further into the Whovian Philippines group over Facebook, you could see more fancasts for a possible Philippine Remake of Doctor Who.
  • Catchphrases of The Doctor in a Philippine Remake include: Tara na! which is the Filipino version of Ten’s Allons-y! meaning Let’s Go!, Taralets Bagets! which is one of the colloquial version of Tara na! (or simply Tara!) and possibly Chada! (also spelled as Tsada), a term in Kagayanon/Cagayanon which could translate to either Awesome or Fantastic, which is the 9th Doctor’s Catchphrase (In fact, if the Philippine Remake starts with 9, I prefer for Chada! to be used as his catchphrase since it can be related to the word Fantastic and it would come out a lot more catchy as opposed to the Filipino translation of that word. Besides, it’s about time Philippine media features languages from other parts of the country into our shows. After all, Cebuano words have been recently added into the Filipino language)

Even though the possibility of a Filipino remake of Doctor Who is somewhat, far fetched but really though, we can always dream. For now, let’s hope first that the Television Industry here in the Philippines improves first and also the dubbing industry since a Doctor Who dub in Filipino is likely to happen vs. a Filipino remake. In fact, most remakes of foreign TV shows here in the Philippines started with TV networks here dubbing their original versions first before having them remade.