whovian hetalian

Fandoms on Tumblr

Supernatural has a gif for everything

Homestucks are everywhere (especially the air ducts)

Whovians are confused

Hetalians ship nations

Sherlockians are angry

Fannibal is really polite, but they do bite

LOTR are welcoming

Potterheads dont bother you much, but appear when least expected

DHMIS sits, waits, watches

SNK cleans everything and eats your potatoes

Teen Wolf makes people cry

Avengers like the booty

Trekkies are those weird kids dress in disco clothing in a coffee shop

Beliebers are gonna off themselves

The Hunger Games makes you laugh

Game of Thrones are in your face

The Walking Deads need Daryl

Avatards are our little siblings

And then there’s Merlin crying in a corner

I think Hetalia’s probably sadder than most shows you see on tv. You just can’t see it. Death? Death is easy, effortless. Living forever, knowing that any human you come into contact with will invariably ng your best friend could very well try to kill you in a few short years (a timespan that is nothing to a nation) or that your lover could very well be the cause of your demise… knowing you will never happiness in life and in love? That’s heartbreaking. Whovians may cry over Rose and the Doctor, and they have a right to. In fact, Whovians may understand Hetalians better than any other fandom out there, because, in hetalia? Everyone’s the Doctor. And they will never have their Rose.