whovian halloween


Halloween Dalek - Merged two designs together:
Happy Cupcake Plush (body)
Robins Design (cape & bats)

Started: 2014
Completed: 2015

Fabric: Sparklies; Dark Goddess; 28 count Opal Brittney (evenweave)

Changes: ! charted my own DMC colourway for the body on MacStitch
! cape - Madeira Metallic Thread No. 10, Colour 315
! bats - Rainbow Gallery: Fuzzy Stuff (left) & Wisper (right)


This came out WAY better than the last attempt. Wanted to try out something I’d already done with new paints to see the difference. I suppose having had an extra month of painting practise will have helped too :)

Weeping Angel face & body paint

Mehron paradise paints

“Now shall you deal with me, Doctor, and all the powers of time and space!”

This was one of the highlights of our galliday! Please share and tag your photos with theadventureeffect. We had a great time meeting everyone.

suzykabloozy replied to your photoHappy Halloween guys!!

i see what u did there

It’s cuz I’m clever!

ichi-chan replied to your photoHappy Halloween guys!!

I actually thought you were standing by a life size Tardis at first! xD Super awesome!

Thanks Hayley! Being the Doctor is fun!

a-little-nonsense-now-and-then replied to your photoHappy Halloween guys!!

Very nice. Although…. learn how to tie a real one!

yeah yeah, I know! :D