whovian fan art

Doctor Who Poem

Roses are red
That much is true
Violets are purple
Not fucking blue

Blue is for TARDIS
Flying through space
The Doctor and Rose
Any time, any place

Some Roses are red
Others stand on a beach
In a parallel universe
The doctor can’t reach

Nothing but a hologram
In the void she fell through
He never finished that sentence
Rose Tyler…


February 1st is Hourly Comic Book Day, and this year I decided to take part with something a little silly, and hopefully a little poignant, to mark the week Peter Capaldi announced he was leaving Doctor Who.

Here’s all 24 of the strips that I created and tweeted on the hour throughout the day! 

Some time ago I discovered Doctor Who, and since then I’ve been addicted to his travels for space-time. Here I leave my little tribute to each of the doctors. Today the ninth Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler. Every week a new doctor ;) Hope you like it.

Who’s in the Vault?

If you’re a lapsed Whovian, I urge you to catch up with Series 10. It’s sheer brilliance!

Peter Capaldi is electrifying as the Twelfth Doctor and he’s facing a serious shock in ‘Extremis’.

Meanwhile, another Capaldidoodle 😎