whovian craft


I couldn’t afford to buy original Journal (124 pounds, seriously Amazon?!) so I decided to make my own.

I made it (almost) from scratch - folded and binded pages (with TARDIS Blue thread!), cut cover boards and pattern on front cover, cut imitation leather and glued it to the board, then glued bookmarks and headbands to binded pages and finally glued end papers and cover itself. I sounds soooo easy but it took me over 12 hours to do it (and I don’t count time when glue was drying) ;)

What do you think? :)

My mom makes stained glass things as a hobby. She is building a TARDIS. She has the four main sides done already, and is now working on the roof.
my husband and I have been bugging her to set up an Etsy to sell her things because she is so damn good at it.

So, if she did set up an etsy, how many of you would be interested in it?

Reblog/like if you would be. This is an unofficial poll so I can show my mom the amount of notes to prove that what she is making would be worth it to some people.