whovian brony

Why not? It’s gonna happen eventually. This is a relatively new fandom and surely it will get an obnoxious fandom name sometime. Connectives!
Connection + detectives
It’s cute. I think so.

Like the horrific brony’s and the ridiculus whovians.

Consider it.

Please? (-:

From all of us in the SPN family

Hi there! Yes, I’m talking to YOU whatever fandom you may be in. If you are in the fandom known as: 







Game of Thrones

Or ANY OTHER FANDOM (too many to count) 

We in the SPN family

wishes you a GREAT sunday and gives a BIG hug to every person on tumblr!

the worst things about the ‘undertale pope’ game theory video now that i have gone over it twice
  • it is 16 minutes long
  • he gave a steam code for undertale to POPE FRANCIS, who likely doesn’t have a computer or know what video games are
  • he was specifically chosen by the pope, and in this chance that people dream of, he used it to talk about fucking VIDEO GAMES
  • the intro is him rambiling about how undyne is pope francis which drags for like a full minute
  • he gave pope francis GOOGLY EYES in the thumbnail
  • theres a 30 second joke of him talking about him and george clooney being an ‘otp’ with nothng to do with the video
  • his over-insistence that his “SANS IS NESS” video actually has valid points and could be considered viable
  • “if i was going to consider myself a part of any culture, i would consider myself part of the internet culture”
  • “gamers don’t get representation offline”
  • he still hasnt let go of that jimmy kimmel “gamer” thing
  • he literally couldnt go 4 minutes in without mentioning fnaf
  • the implication that people being homophobic or racist, which has killed and ruined lives, is on the same level as not liking gamers
  • the subtle implication that gamergate doesnt exist
  • hes using orlando as leverage that him giving undertale to the pope is “more important now than ever”
  • he lists off a whole bunch of lets players to prove gamers are “diverse”
  • “to the outside world i could be grouped together with weeaboos, bronies, and whovians”
  • ”it is up to us, loyal theorists, to educate the world on the good works of gaming”
  • “prejudice exists bc humans are lazy”
  • implying that gamers are peaceful bc they over funded undertale’s kickstater which was only, like, $5,000
  • the word ‘pacifism’ increasing in popularity bc of undertale’s popularity as actual proof
  • ”people claiming im sort of social justice warrior”
  • ”for the first time in almost a decade, people are talking about peaceful resolutions to conflict. this is because of video games”
  • he concludes the video with “to help the world understand people of different backgrounds. that includes us gamers”
work thoughts

-I know we talk about the Dreamworks Face but I think there is a Pixar Face too.  more on this later.

-me, looking at a torn twenty dollar bill: I heard Andrew Jackson was ripped. that Andrew Jackson has a –

-when setting out to answer difficult messages, summarize them in notes.  have stock answers/bases to work from for the messages you get a lot of.

-the other day the first C in the label of our “Big Chipper” cookie at work got rubbed off the glass and it just said “Big Hipper”.  both are appropriate. they are huge cookies.

-dystopian world idea: your social status during any given month is decided by a new, random, bizarre factor such as “how many songs with the word pterodactyl in them can you name?” or “how much do you like the color purple?”.  haha yeah 

-out of all the unique names for fandom members (whovians, trekkies, bronies(?), etc.), homestuck is the only one I can think of where the title of the work has been turned into the fan noun.

-I started daydreaming today about someone liking me and passing me notes with drawings on them to start the conversation even though we were, like, a couple feet from each other, and then continuing to pass notes like that for a while to get to know each other.  I’d fall for that.  (though in this daydream, the person also meets the other qualifications for being in a relationship with me lol) SHUT UP IT’S THE FIRST ROMANTIC FEELING I’VE HAD IN 84 YEARS

-behold: the origin of the phrase “tongue-in-cheek”

The organization of the upcoming war against the jbeibs fandom
  • Whovians: heavy weapons specialists
  • Merlin: spies
  • Sherlockians: political leaders
  • Spn fans: melee specialists
  • Homestucks: temporal shenanigans messer-arounders
  • Wtnv fans: idk you can send the glow cloud at them or something
  • Creepypasta fandom: intimidation
  • Tunnels fandom: strategists
  • TFioS fans: negative propaganda
  • That army of cuttlefish princesscochlea offered the support of: infantry
  • HP fandom: ultra-spies (get into his inner circle)
  • Brony fandom: get the hell away from me you're not a part of this invasion you're next after jbeibs
  • The rest of the MLP fandom: positive propaganda
  • Portlandia fandom: idk some warlike hippie ****
  • Firefly fandom: take their land
  • Spread the word
  • We are taking them down

nigitsunestiles  asked:

What does tardisandhooves mean?

I’m glad you asked!

Because my blog is both a my little pony and doctor who fandom blog, I wanted a name that would represent both fandoms.

Tardis obviously refers to everyone’s favorite blue box

And hooves refers to the my little pony fandom.

Weird combination perhaps? Well actually, there are a lot of doctor who crossovers in the brony fandom; there is actually a pony on the show that the staff actually named doctor whooves/time turner. A lot of people thought he resembled the 10th doctor. This canon pony sparked a lot of artists’ imaginations.

Now, there are a lot of fanon Doctor Whooves youtube shows, fanfiction, etc. 

Sort of like the Super Who Lock, we also have a unique crossover fandom name, Whovian Bronies!  So my name pretty much  pays homeage to both fandoms. :)

Food for thought that just came to me-

So many other fan bases out there have catchy nicknames- Bronies, Whovians, Gleeks, Sleepy Heads, Trekkies, Little Monsters, etc.-

Yet I don’t think a name exists for Welcome To Night Vale fans? At least I haven’t seen any? And Night Valeans just sounds dopey. 

I propose…

Listeners. With a capital L, of course.

Any thoughts?