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Hi, I’m Knives from the UK! I like to play video games, on steam mostly with my toaster. So any video game blogs, anything tv and film, so the walking dead, mr robot, game of thrones, bates motel, fargo, Doctor Who, Rick and Morty. Also, memes hells yeah. I also post/reblog this kind of content, also, I dig fan art !!!!

anonymous asked:

Hey, how does one manage a gainer bear blog? How to start? What to expect? How does it work really? I'm still in the closet but I really love this community which I discovered recently and I want to be part of it but I don't want to show my face or be identified too so.. It's kinda troublesome, any advices? Thank you! Big fan BTW.

Oh, I’m not sure if I’m the best person to ask that question. I didn’t start my blog as a “gainer bear blog” at all, so I don’t really know how to start one off the bat. I started as a Whovian blog in 2013, moving onto Elder Scrolls for a long time (hence the username). I think though, I started to post more LGBT stuff, and bear stuff when I started to come out.

I’ve been hovering around the fringes since 2007 or 2008, but I didn’t actually accept I was gay till I was 20 in early 2015. I think being around the community helped though, and seeing there were others like me helped build my confidence, as you don’t see a lot of the bear community image in media.

I think I dipped my toe, you know?

Until I accepted myself, I just watched as an observer. Then as I started to come out, I posted and reblogged a couple things on tumblr, like a rainbow flag. This evolved to reblogging a man or two. I started posting a couple of innocent selfies with gay bear in the tags. You know, taking it a step at a time. It’s all about being comfortable with who you are.

I think tumblr has helped me massively in making me proud to be who I am. It’s helped with body positivity, body image, and sexuality. And I’m not 100% comfortable with everything yet, it takes time to become comfortable with your sexuality, with what you like, and then being comfortable to outwardly display it too. For example, I’m still not always comfortable with saying I’m a gainer blog, I don’t think I’m there, I may not go there. It’s just an evolutionary process really.

So advice: maybe start light, like really light. Start a blog about anything, and don’t go in full bear blog if you’re not comfortable yet. Dip your toe in like me, and you’ll know yourself when you’re ready - everyone’s different. Take it gradually if you’re hesitant. Heck, it took me two years. But well done for making that first step and reaching out! That in itself is great. 😊 I wish you best of luck, and let me know how you’re doing if you want!

21st Birthday

Word Count: 1057

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Drinking, language

A/N: Part 13 of the backstory for the series rewrite. Reading Part 1 of the Pilot is recommended but not entirely necessary. Reader is 21. Dean is 25. 

Written for @teamfreewill-imagine ‘s 20th birthday challenge. The song I was given was “Hollywood Nights” by Bob Seger. I had such a problem with this and this is what came out of it. Thanks to everyone who tried to help. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

This was probably a bad idea, but you honestly didn’t care. It was your 21st birthday and nobody was around to celebrate it with you. Bobby was off on some hunt, Sam was at Stanford, and Dean was probably out prowling for some random barfly in some city far away. It was Valentine’s Day after all. Dean’s favorite holiday. He sounded super thrilled about it when he’d called in the morning to tell you happy birthday. He asked what you were up to and you told him nothing, not wanting the hypocritical lecture about screwing random dudes in bars.

You dressed in tight jeans and a tank top. Simple. Not to revealing, but revealing enough. Taking one last look in the mirror you gave yourself a nod of approval and ran out to your car, driving to the closest bar you could find.

You’d been sitting there for less than an hour when a guy caught your attention, sitting next to you and buying you a drink. He had piercing green eyes and dark black hair. Tall and muscular. Definitely worth the one night stand. “So you’re all alone on Valentine’s day?”

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