Fic: Solace (Eleven/Clara)

Summary: Clara receives a knock on her door. Before/After The Time of the Doctor (here be spoilers)

Author: Rebecca 

Rating: R (ish)

Author’s Notes: I hope this isn’t a terrible mess, but I needed to write this because of reasons.

- - - -

You know that feeling you get whenever months seem to fly by in the blink of an eye and hours stretch on for what feels like days? That’s what it’s like when when you return to your life after travelling with the Doctor. Clara had never wanted to abandon her life on Earth or disrupt her own timeline, which was why she had restricted their travels to certain days of the week. Granted, her Wednesdays sometimes lasted a month or longer, but she really tried to keep in sync with her life. Her travels with the Doctor were a part of her life, not the other way around, and she liked it like that. She wished it had never changed.


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Fic: Happy Endings (12/Clara - M)

Prompt: 12/Clara smut 


Rating: M 

Author’s Note: Dedicated to the nonny who requested 12/Clara smut with a unique scenario. I may have gotten distracted by like ten tonnes of fluff along the way… Oops? It’s not extremely smutty, I’m afraid… I tried but I don’t think I was in an extremely smutty place. Oops, again. I hope you still enjoy!

- - - -

“I feel like a prostitute.”

The Doctor was fiddling with his tie when he glanced to where Clara was standing in the doorway. He did a double-take when he saw how much of her skin was showing. “Blimey.”

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                       On the misty fall night, Tangie sat on a bench and wrote in her diary. She wrote of her day, the people she saw passing by, and how much she dreaded going to work the next morning.

           The woman took out a piece of gum from her pocket, and began to unravel the paper around it, but was startled by a peculiar and alarming sound. “What the heck is that?” She whispered, turning around in her seat searching for where the noise could have came from. 

The IT Guy (12/?)

Summary: After the Maitland kids outgrow their need for a nanny, Clara Oswald lands a job at TARDIS Industries, the world’s leading company for technological research. It is there that she meets a man they call ‘The Doctor’, and the next chapter of their lives begins.

Author: Rebecca (whoufflepuffsanonymous)

Rating (so far): T

Author’s Notes: Sorry for the gap between updates. Life, man. Just… life. Thanks once again to everyone who has sent encouraging comments! They mean a lot.

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- - - -

Chapter Twelve

Clara awoke slowly at first, and then her eyes snapped open and a sinking feeling filled her gut.

“Doctor,” she said with a gasp of alarm. “I’ve missed my train.”

He stirred and Clara sat up and tried to ignore the spot of drool she’d left on his shirt. She didn’t even remember falling asleep.

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