Okay but, Can we appreciate how much the BBC Doctor Who team ships whouffle? They made the most amazing fan video ever. 

So I don’t think Clara was really mistreated in this ep, not by the Doctor.

He was protecting Clara by lying to her and sending her away, and I would probably be mad if he’d done it to me, but I’d quickly forgive him. He was doing “the right thing”, and no matter how strong and clever you are, you still need protecting sometimes.

I do kinda wish he’d talked to her and asked her to stay those times, because I feel like Clara listens when the Doctor tells her to stay, more so than other companions have. She’ll go to him and save him and yatta yatta, like in Akhaten and in Trenzalore, but when she has an inkling of how to help. She wont just fling herself out there and hope that that helps him. So I wished he’d have asked her to stay like he did in the end, and that he’d given her a chance to think of a way to help, but I can understand him not wanting to risk it.

As far as him seeing Amy and taking time from Clara’s goodbye, this was The Time of the Doctor, not a whouffle ep (though I would totally watch that) and he thought of his best friend in his final moments. It was about Eleven’s closure, and that’s what he needed.

I did feel like he was about to address Clara, to say goodbye, but then SUDDEN CAPALDI happened, and it was great and hilarious and I already love him, but I do wish Eleven had said something to Clara. Anything. Just for Clara’s closure, my closure. But just as he looked into Clara’s eyes, their hands reaching for each other, he vanishes.

It felt cut short, Whouffle in general feels cut short. Jenna and Matt only had half a season together. But that’s the beauty of it, in a way. It’ll be the romance that never was. The almost lover. And I can live with that, if bitterly.

So I guess be mad that there wasn’t a proper goodbye, that final romantic kiss or whatever, but please don’t hate on Amy’s appearance, on the mention of River, or on any of the other things that were important in Eleven’s life in his final episode.

Clara was very important in the Doctor’s later life, but Amy was still with him in his hearts, and he needed to say one last goodbye to her.

Breathe in and out, guys.

And R.I.P. Souffez. Fanfiction awaits.

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i've seen some of your tags saying the doctor remembers clara and i was wondering, do you really believe that or is it just a wish? thank you x

Both. I want him to remember her, of course, but I really think he does and I’ll tell you why. 

  • [9x12. Hell Bent] Have you seen the way he looks at this *totally strange woman*? Or the way he laughs when he’s in her presence?
  • “Are you looking for her?” / “I’m trying.” / “She could be anyone, right? You don’t know who you’re looking for. I mean, she could be me for all I know.” - Clara knows they must be apart because their love is dangerous to both of them and to the whose universe, but a little part of her has hope that he remembers something from her. Anything. But hope is a powerful thing and the Doctor knows it and he can’t let her have it, so he says something to “cut it off”. And there’s no way to do it without breaking her heart (and his). “There’s one thing that I know about her, just one thing. If I met her again, I would absolutely know.”
  • When the waitress (Clara) shuts the door behind her and leaves, THE WHOLE DINER DISAPPEARS WITH HER (Clara, you show-off). The Doctor looks a little confused, yeah, but other than that he’s fine (‘cause it’s *such* an ordinary thing to happen, right?). And then he sees a painting of her on the TARDIS door and he’s not like “!!!”?? Instead, he enters the TARDIS, sees her message, put on his velvet coat and closes the door, like he’s ready to move on and go on new adventures. All of that means he remembers, but he’s going to move on for their own safety. He understands that and he accepts that.
  • Ashildr. The Doctor keeps an eye on her, right? And now she’s Clara’s companion…….. I can see the Doctor talking to her about Clara. I can see him asking her how Clara’s doing, if Clara talks about him from time to time (oh, their ego)… Sometimes he stares at Clara from a distance and smiles a little smile, eyes so tender. Sometimes he helps her when she’s in trouble — but Clara doesn’t even know he’s there. “Can’t see me. Doesn’t see me. Can’t see me”, he thinks to himself.

Whoufflepuff out.

Just funny

I can’t help I just find funny that after Listen, when people was talking about Whouffle as a sinking ship, whoufflepuffs exploded of feels, souffez shippers who still didn’t ship whouffaldi started to ship them and whovians who didn’t ship souffez started to ship whouffaldi.

Oh, just funny things



“Shut up and kiss me Chin boy!”

Summary: Whouffle AU. Clara and the Doctor are at Amy’s leaving do, but neither of them seem to be getting what they want. Intentional one shot however if it gets good reviews and/or I like it, I may do a morning after thing.

The Doctor was on his way to pick his best friend Clara up so they could go to Amy’s leaving party. He was worked up. He didn’t want them to leave. Mainly because he will miss her greatly but also because recently Amy has been helping him tell Clara how he feels. He wasn’t ready yet. He’d decided that much, but since she was leaving he wasn’t sure how he was going to do it. He cared greatly for Clara and he didn’t want to jeopardise their friendship if she didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

Clara was sat at her vanity table getting ready for the party. She applied her perfect wings of eyeliner along her lids and puckered at her reflection in the mirror. Slipping into a flawless little black number, she wondered what the Doctor would think of her outfit. Her brunette hair delicately curled bounced as she shook her thoughts away from her head. She knew to well that the Doctor did not care for her the way she did for him.

Suddenly Clara heard a knock and she ran to the door. The doctor wrapped his arms around her, engulfing her in his scent. Clara felt at home in his arms and didn’t want to let go. When they eventually let go of each other, the Doctors jaw dropped. “Clara you look…” She blushed profusely before raising an eyebrow at him and smirking “Down boy!” The Doctor rubbed the back of his neck nervously looking at the floor, Clara couldn’t help but think how adorable he looked when he did that. “I..I.. Just mean…” he began, she giggled and reached up on her toes and pecked him on the cheek, interrupting him and then continued past him out of her house towards his car. The Doctor just held his hand to his cheek where her imprint was and smiled, he then followed her suit and headed to the car.

When they arrived at the party Clara had slung her arm through the Doctors. The Doctor looked down at her and grinned; he couldn’t help noticing how much her arm seemed to belong there. “Are you going to fetch me a drink then Chin?” Clara asked interrupting his thoughts. “Of course, your wish is my command!” The Doctor walked away bowing playfully, causing Clara to giggle. He stared straight into her eyes soaking up her absolute perfection in that moment. She noticed his staring and bit her lip to stifle her laughs, the Doctors eyes darted from her eyes to her lips but when his eye went back to meet hers he realised he had being looking at her deeply and spun around on one foot clumsily attempting to avoid eye contact.

Clara dashed off then to find Amy; she was so confused by the way the Doctor looked at her. She didn’t want to believe that he liked her anymore than friends, she didn’t want to set her hopes up and she didn’t want to get hurt. Clara felt sorry for herself and decided then that she was going to drown her sorrows in alcohol that evening. Amy waved at Clara from where she was sat, the tall redhead leaping up to hug Clara when she reached her. “Someone looks hot tonight!” Amy squealed, obviously already been drinking for a while. Clara just laughed at her friend. “Trying to impress someone?” Clara stopped then, holding her self tight, she suddenly felt incredibly small, smaller than usual. “Course not” She attempted to laugh off but Amy saw right through it. “Hun what’s the matter? Do I have to bury someone? My shovels downstairs!” The scot getting edgy now. “No, no! It’s not like that! It’s just someone I like, they don’t know I like them but I don’t think they like me and I erm, well I just don’t know what to do.” Clara slumped next to Amy on the chair once she’d finished her spiel, looking beat. “Look Clara,” Amy began, “I’m sure whoever it is would be desperate to have you, look at you! You are gorgeous! But if you feel you aren’t attracting their attention enough why don’t you make him jealous?” Clara couldn’t lie, she had thought of that before but as sassy as she was she didn’t like flirting with someone that wasn’t the doctor. Could she even call that flirting? It was more her teasing and him blushing. Clara expressed this worry to Amy, without using the Doctors name, and then Clara saw a flicker in Amy’s eye. Clara was worried, that gleam usually meant no good.

“So you are clear on what you are doing?” Amy asked Jack and Clara after debriefing them for the hundredth time. “Yes!” they both answered eager to get going. Since jack arrived and Amy came up with the cunning plan of Jack and Clara flirting openly in front of the Doctor, Clara had barely seen him she presumed he must have been with Rose or Martha or Donna or some other girl. This only fuelled her fire, she had had quite a few drinks by now and she wanted the Doctor to realise that being his companion would no longer do.

In the meantime the Doctor was sat with John and Rose seeking help in what to do about Clara. He was sat at an opposite corner from her and he had clear view of the stunning brunette in between Rose and Johns heads and kept tilting his head to obtain a better view. He was smiling like a love struck teenager, sloppily grinning at the beauty before him sat giggling with Amy. Soon however, the smile was wiped of his face as he saw Clara beckon for Jack to sit next to her, when he did she stroked his arm. The doctor told himself she was just feeling his suit but then when her arm remained there he practically snarled. Jack then placed his hand under the table presumably on Clara’s thigh, the doctor was livid. “Er, what’s up Doc?”Rose laughed at her imitation of Bugs Bunny before realising that he was actually annoyed. “Anyway, you were saying about Clara?” John tried to pick up the conversation where it was previously to avoid tension. “She’s, she’s with Jack?!” The Doctor half shouted, making Rose jump. The Doctor crumpled his face in his hands before banging his head on the table repeatedly. “I was too late. I was too late” He repeated with each bang. “Look I’m sure she’s not, we’d know if it was Jack, they’re probably drinking, they are sat with Amy for gods’ sake!” Rose tried to reassure him. “But I love her!” The doctor blurted out, instantly regretting it as soon as he saw john and Rose’s faces’. It sounded new to him but once he said it, he realised what he had to do. He stood up brashly “if you excuse me,” he stated, “I’m going to go and sort something out” He slyly smiled at John and Rose, the Doctor was unsure of whether he was just so mad at jack or whether there was a slight hint of Dutch courage in regards to the amount of alcohol he had had but he decided he was ready to tell Clara how he felt.

At Amy’s table Clara was getting tetchy. “You hand doesn’t have to be so high Jack he can’t even see! Where is he anyway, Amy where has he gone!?” Amy just chuckled, “Clara, hun, calm down, and it would help if you told me who it was so then I could look out for him?” Amy tried to speak as soothingly as possible and squeezed Clara’s hand when she was shot a panicked look. “You’ll be fine, I’m sure all this is worth it, I bet he’s boiling up inside at Jacks hands on you!” “Who wouldn’t be?!” Jack winked quite impressed with the situation he had been placed in. In that moment, “DOCTOR!” Amy jumped up to hug him, “I haven’t seen you all night!” The Doctor returned Amy’s hug but his eyes were on Clara and Jack, she was straitening his tie and Jacks eyes were locked on Clara’s lips. “Clara, can I speak to you?” the Doctor powerfully questioned, he felt like he was letting Clara slip through his fingers, he didn’t want to loose her. “Of course” She smiled her hand dropping to Jacks leg, it was killing her keeping up with this act now he was in such close quarters but she wanted the Doctor to want her. “Privately” he nodded towards the hallway desperate now to get Clara as far away from Jack as humanely possible. Clara complied and stood up to leave but jack wouldn’t budge, she had to shimmy across him in order to get out. She felt incredibly exposed in that moment as she could feel jacks eyes burning behind her. The Doctors eyes were likewise burning at Jack but for a very different reason.

Once they had reached the hall the Doctor mellowed completely and Clara relaxed. Clara smiled up at him and the doctor was lost in her eyes, he examined every part of her face, every inch of beauty that made up Clara Oswald. He was planning on confronting Clara full force but he knew then by the way that she innocently and intimately locked eyes with his that she was nothing to do with Jack. Clara broke the stare by reaching up and wrapping her arms round the Doctor’s neck, burying her head in the crook of his neck, the Doctor welcomed this and wrapped his arms around her waist, he held on tightly not willing to give her up. “I missed you.” Clara blurted out, still not moving her head from his neck; he could feel the warmth of her breath and the tenderness of her cheek on his bare skin where his shirt was open slightly. He could have stayed there all day but he wanted answers, he pulled away abruptly moving so Clara was arms length away from him. She looked at him hurtfully and her eyes had welled up due to the stern look on his face. It broke him having her look at him that way, every part of his body ached to be touching her again, to tell her it would be okay. But he couldn’t. “How…” He began to shout but as he looked at her, a tear rolled down her cheek at his accusing nature, she went to turn around and walk away but as she spun he caught her wrist bringing her considerably closer. He lifted his hand, cupping her cheek and wiped her tears. “Clara…” he said softly now, he was ashamed of himself raising his voice so much so he had done this. She placed her hand on top of his but avoided his eye contact. “I’m sorry, it’s just, you and erm Jack, shocked me” he spluttered. He searched her eyes for that glimmer of hope that she understood, he didn’t want to have to explain himself. “Is that what all this is about?” She began to smile slightly now, trying to catch his eyes. He nodded looking down and was caught by surprise when her lips came crashing into his, her arms slunk back to their place around his neck. He was shocked by her rash action and didn’t comply at first but he soon wrapped his arms around her waist holding onto her hips pulling her closer so there was no space between them. Clara was full of fire and compassion she pressed every once of her feeling into the Doctors lips. He moaned and gripped her waist tighter as she bit his lower lip, allowing her tongue entry to his mouth. The kiss was lustful and passionate, the Doctor expressing his true feelings with every breath they shared. After they finally broke apart the Doctor still holding on to Clara not willing to let her go asked “Why were you with *cough* him, if you feel like that for me?” The Doctor questioned, still unsure as to what Clara felt. She looked up at him and smiled, “It’s always been you” but then she looked at their feet and quickly mumbled, “Amy told me to flirt with jack to make you jealous” Now it was the Doctors turn to surprise Clara, he tilted her chin up to his and kissed her gently this was not full of fire and passion but was to show Clara just how much she meant to him. When they broke apart he, pulled her tight again into an embrace, his kissed her hair, “Clara…” he started, still hugging her, ready to tell her what she meant to him. “I don’t know what I’d do without you and erm, that brief moment when I thought you were with Jack was the worst moment of my life, I felt every piece of me shatter at the thought of loosing you and I know you were never actually mine so I shouldn’t of got so protective but you are my universe, you are all I need, I guess I just presumed that you would always just be with me, but I can’t presume that any longer, Clara, will you be my girlfriend?” When she didn’t reply he broke their embrace up and searched her eyes for the answer.

She just smiled, “Shut up and kiss me Chin boy!”

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