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A Doctor Fit for You: a whouffle fanfiction

It’s probably definitely too soon. But I needed closure, and a way to vent, and this actually really helped. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Clara struggles with accepting the new Doctor as hers, and vents her feelings about regeneration. Twelve x Clara. Fluff, angst. Not necessarily in that order.

“Dad? What are you doing in there?” Clara asked, moving through the house to the room where she’d heard bustling about. “I told you to let the Doctor-”

She stopped in her tracks. There he was, bending over, looking like a deer caught in the headlights - a familiar expression on an unfamiliar face - and rummaging through the drawers in the spare room.

“Sleep,” she finished quietly.

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Can we just talk about this???

The Doctor told Clara:

“Do you think that I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”

Can I just point out that he did NOT say care about you, he very specifically said care for.

The two dictionary definitions of this verb are to love someone, or to look after and provide for someone. Only one of them applies in the context the Doctor used.



anonymous asked:

I decided to re-watch most of the doctor who episodes, and it got me thinking of the mystery of clara. Am I the only one who. Finds her snapping her fingers to close the TARDIS door crazy?! I'm not saying she is or isn't anyone, but c'mon that's uber odd!

Listen I’m not saying that I’ll be mad…but I’ll be mad if they waste the opportunity to finally establish The Doctor’s wife. If one of Clara’s echoes (or maybe Clara herself because of some Timey Wimey thing) doesn’t turn out to be his Gallifreyan wife I’d actually be surprised and quite disappointed tbh. 

In my endless list of Whouffle headcanons, one of the reasons the Tardis doesn’t like Clara is because there’s this weird “I know that I know you from somewhere and haven’t quite figured out where from just yet and I’m supposed to be brilliant and it’s bugging me so I’m going to take it out on you” sort of thing. After TNOTD the Tardis has this “AHA!“ moment and then stops being a mean old twat and welcomes Mrs. Doctor home every day like she should.