whouffle confessions

This might seem less coherent to me tomorrow but...

It’s really bothering me that people are giving Eleven shit about his treatment of Clara.  I know that some people wanted Clara and Eleven’s last episode to be fluffy Whouffle, but you’re missing out on the grander themes and, quite honestly, the fact that it was so much deeper than that.  So much more poignant, and that hello – Eleven’s been around for practically seven hundred years, it’s ok for him to think about someone else on occasion.  Also, Hello, when has he ever been tactful?  This guy jumped out of a fake cake and announced to the groom that he’d just snogged the bride.

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Hey fellow Whoufflepuffs! 

I’ve been trying to get back on track and I think I’m pretty caught up. If I’ve missed any of your confessions, no problem, just send them again & I will get on it:) 

I’ve had a lot go on in the last month and a half, and it’s been very hard. But, everything is getting better now, so I have more time to make graphics and have fun with photoshop. 

So if anyone wants to send any confessions, send them here:)

I hope to see lots of confessions tomorrow:P

Oh and I changed my theme and I changed the music to the Impossible Girl - Doctor Who Proms 2013 song bc OMG it’s so beautiful:)

Well, tell me what you think of the new update!

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AND OMFG COMIC CON! fhdkjsahfkjsdah 

*whispers* I wish I was there….*cries*

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