oh my god

there is nothing wrong with liking sherlock

there is nothing wrong with liking doctor who

there is nothing wrong with liking supernatural

i don’t care what tumblr says. there is nothing wrong with liking those tv shows. it doesn’t matter if you are 12 or 13, or if you’re 20 or 25. there is nothing wrong with enjoying 3 relatively harmless tv shows. tumblr loves to shit on people for enjoying these 3 shows in particular, but then turns around and goes “oh don’t make fun of people for what they like!! it could have saved their life!!!!!!!!!”

maybe to a 13 year old who’s just joining tumblr, sherlock DID make their life a bit better and is a lot more than ‘just a tv show’ to them

maybe a 20 year old who’s been on tumblr for 5 years still finds themself smiling while watching a supernatural episode, old or new, and gets excited about set photos and things of that nature

I’m sick of seeing people post things like ‘omg lol if u like sherlock still ur super dumb and obviously don’t know a good show when u see one lol’ or bullying 13-14 year olds on here who actively watch the stuff.

yes, the fans as a whole can be shitty sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you should treat individual people who still consider themselves fans of one of these shows as if they’re below you. they’re just a fan of a goddamn tv show. that really shouldn’t bother you so much.