March 21,2012

Yesterday was our last day in school wearing our uniform. Well, it’s been eleven years since I’ve been wearing that and studying at a all girls school. Our batch seems to be known as a ‘radical batch’ because we cost a lot of problems. As a batch we assure that we try our best to prove that they are wrong. We may hate some people in the batch but when you come together as one you’ll feel their presence. I’m not that friendly enough to have friends that is known to the other batch as well. I don’t need friends like them, (why?) cause what will I do to those people who wants be known without doing anything good in the school. I hate those people who are 'pa-cool’. Some of the time you’ll think that the school is unfair, think also the other side they’re doing that to the students to learn something from it. As a Scholastican, I learned a lot of values not only the 'Ora et Labora’ but some benedictine values that you will be bringing in the future or I must say in everyday life? I will also never forget our hymns that describes us Scholastican. You might be wondering why I’m saying all these things, well unfortunately I’ll be graduating this year! hooray! But I’m not be in the top of the batch, I’m still happy that I survived 4th year HS or should I say St. Scho Manila.