(tw; rape)

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” I find posts about wanting to “tie up and rape” Cillian far, far more inappropriate than anything I have ever posted” This! You don’t get to make rape jokes just because you’re a girl and not traditionally seen as the aggressor by society

Yes, EXACTLY. It is never, EVER acceptable to make a joke about rape. It’s a horrible thing that happens to people every single day and it’s not okay to make light of it. 

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Most of us "ship" John and Sherlock as a joke, if any of us even ship anything with a straight face that is :p

idk which ‘us’ you’re referring to but i’ve seen some pretty awful fetizhization from people, i think the big deal is that exchanging glances, even touching each other is SO HOMOEROTIC OGMOGMOFMOM i think the term is 'not canon’ in fandom [i literally bothered to learn what this means like a few weeks ago]. dudes are allowed to be friends in real life and in representations in the media, and stupid terms like 'bromance’ have been coined for this shit. meanwhile, women are urged to compete with each other and can’t possibly be good friends, otherwise they’re SHOCK LESBIANS!!1! biiiiig double standard. i don’t really mind the whole BBC sherlock shipping/not-shipping/being a big fan/being a casual fan/hating the show/apathy, WHATEVER. just know that the show is not that great because it’s not written very well but the wardrobe and cinematography is nice. also at this point i’m just like a cumbercats’ face apologist because WOW WE GET IT PEOPLE THINK HE’S UGLY BUT GUESS WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK HE’S NOT WOW WEIRD HOW ATTRACTION WORKS


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    girl…………….. yes…………………. yes yes yes yes yes. i felt the same way and then no this show is actually really really fantastic.

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    I’d say watch it since there are only 6 episodes.

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    Watch it. Barring one or two things, it’s a really good adaptation.

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I resisted for a quite a while, but it’s really good. I was quite a fan after one episode.

Ok I’m convinced, I’ll watch the first episode this weekend and see if I get hooked. Only 6 episodes though?