#ShowMeYourPincha for @carsonclaycalhoun 😊 #WhoTaughtYouHowToPincha - I’d have to say @laurasykora & @beachyogagirl through her monthly challenge. I did my first one back in February I believe. Definitely one of my fave asanas of all time!😍😍😍 #PinchaMayurasana #ForearmStand #Yoga #YogaEveryDamnDay

#showmeyourpincha #whotaughtyouhowtopincha @carsonclaycalhoun Here’s a photo of the very first pincha I ever did, after seeing @gypsetgoddess do this one for #madaboutyoga! I had no idea pincha was done any other way. Her instructions were all about lifting one leg as high as possible and making a straight line from the elbows up to that foot, and then shifting more and more weight onto the forearms so it’s possible to hover or slightly hop the other foot off the ground and slowly bring it to meet the top one. All about control! The only way I could balance mine was tilted on an angle, but at least no huge 🍌🍌🍌!