The past two nights in Maine and Hartford have been wild! @zedsdead_dc & @zedsdead_hooks land in Boston tonight to alter states along w/ @tommiesunshine @the_m_machine @branchezbeats and @bamboora! TIX avail online & at the door. #winterwhitetour #zedsdead #whoszed #kapow


Zed’s Dead - Rude Boy

Dat bass guys. Dat bass. They were fantastic last night <3

whoszed asked:

your blog is wonderful and i want a constant update of your feed projected onto my wall somewhere

that is the best compliment I think I’ve gotten on here. : )

for the full effect I suggest listening to R+7 while viewing my blog


One of the best moments of my life @zedsdead_dc #whoszed #zedsdead #ncmf14

DC and Hooks in their duo Zeds Dead is one of those shows that you hear about. Their name was taken from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. They’ve hit the Brostep scene hard with their heavy bass drops and unique, gritty synths. Many native-Canadian artists have embraced the North American invasion of Dubstep. Big EDM festivals like Shambhala are headliner hotspots for veterans like Zeds Dead. The group started with a weekly venue they called “Bassmentality,” in which they would play along with the Killabits. Bassmentality eventually became an incredible song by the two (which if you haven’t heard, check the bottom link). Not long after, people stopped asking “Who’s Zed?” and started saying “Zeds Dead, baby.” DC and Hooks breaking new ground in the world of EDM and bass music. They drop a mix every season or so, so check them out on SoundCloud. I would also HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you watch the music video. Professional dancing and production.

Music Video via YouTube: http://smurl.ws/99er76

Bassmentality - Zeds Dead and the Killabits: http://smurl.ws/r9kurl