A sneaky little peek from a very sexy secret photoshoot this weekend | photo by @pollyhanrahan | makeup by @mariebruce | styling by @elleb1 | modelling by Sonja at Leni’s | bodysuit from @madebyniki | #instalingerie #bodysuit #sneakpeek #photoshoot #whosthatgirl | available at MADEBYNIKI.CO.UK (at MADEBYNIKI.CO.UK)



It’s always amazing to see a new face on the fashion runways who actually delivers. That was the case when I was pleasantly surprised to see Dominican born Lineisy Montero grace the Prada Fall 2015 catwalk in Milan. Lineisy was one of several black beauties in the Prada show, but what stood out to me was her short natural. Yes! Even in the often times insulated world of high fashion, a gorgeous brown woman with natural hair was included in the mix. Lineisy is represented by Next models and managed to become one of the new “It Girls” of the season appearing in Prada, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Mui Mui, Loewe, Celine and Stella McCartney. No small feat for a new model, especially one of color with natural hair. “I only thought before walking out, I can do anything since God gives me strength,” Lineisy told Style.com about her first star turn on the Prada catwalk. Her first love is fashion and she hopes to one day become a designer. Somehow, I don’t think this will be a problem. Keep walking THIS way and dare to dream!

Who’s That Girl? | Fan Edition

In this week’s fan edition of “Who’s That Girl” we are speaking with this lovely cat from Nashville that I, AV Christensen, met during a trip I took down there in the winter. She was my Lyft driver and got really excited when she saw my profile photo was me executing a flawless Boston Cream finisher and asked if I was truly “a bad ass lady wrestler”.

Let’s check in with Audrey and her obvious obsession with a certain faction within the dubya dubya eeee.

Name: Audrey Killawatts (a.k.a Khaos Reigns)

Age: 21

Location: Nashville, TN

Describe your ringside style: Chaotic Neutral

How did you become a wrestling fan? My best friend introduced me.

Fave Wrestler: A toss up between Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler.

Fave Promo Cut: That’s a tough one, I really loved Dean’s “Ice Bucket Challenge” on Rollins.

Fave Move: Scorpion Crosslock

Fave Match: Um, dude, I have no idea, there are seriously too many. But Rollins v Ambrose early on in the break up of the shield. Ambrose looked so torn over having to take out Rollins. Brilliant.

Dream Tag Team: I miss the Shield…

If you had to choose your own entrance theme, what would it be?

Huge thanks to Audrey for taking part! Can’t follow her on social media since she’s not a twitter gal. But if you’re ever in Nashville she’ll cut your hair, or maybe drive you around if you order something on Lyft!