Emmet and Ingo answer!

Emmet: “I am Emmet and I love everyone in town!  They’re all verrrrry cool!“

Emmet: "I love meeting new people and this biiiiiig town has lots of people to meet!”

Emmet: “The best part is no one’s mean to me!”

Emmet: “So…I don’t dislike anyone at all!”  

Emmet: “Sorry I couldn’t answer your question properly…”

Aww…all right, Ingo, same question to you!

Ingo: “Emmet.”

whosplayerthree asked:

Wait, how do they enforce this law in Russia? Does that mean russian citizens could get in trouble for reblogging this thing on tumblr?

i don’t really understand how this mess even happened, but i looks like now peeps can’t make fake accounts or sites of celebrities, and it literally says you can’t use a face of a famous person as a part of a popular meme if it has no connection with the person itself

i mean i’m russian and i don’t even quite understand what it says

it also says that they can sue the site with said meme if the site won’t delete it after a warning