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Bobby Fic Recs

↠ A compilation of all of my favourite Bobby scenarios (Fluff, Smut, Angst, etc.)

UPDATED: 02/02/17

(***) Favourites


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Morning // @yong-goon 

For Him // @ygsfamily ***

Allure // @kpopislife79 ***

★ “Sit on my face” // @oppafeels 

(Un)expected Guest // @idolsclub

Tempted // @yg-got7scenarios

The Gift That Keeps On Giving // @writeiolite ***


Somewhere in Neverland (Multi-chaptered) // @littlemissikonic (this series will save your life) ***

Secret Date // @littlemissikonic

Fairest of them all // @littlemissikonic

I love you to Neptune and Back // @kpoppin-dem-ships 

Long Time No See, Please Wait for Me // @very-important-army 

Jealousy // @we-gon-get-it-kpoppin 

Puns and Fun // @ikonislife ***


Ante Meridiem // @demscenariosdoe

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☾ I’ve Changed (Pt.1) (Pt.2) (Pt.3) // @semicutiepie

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For the boy whose eyes shine like stars // @jiwonized

The Writer // @jiwonized

Catherine of Braganza: Poems

Catherine arrived in Portsmouth on 13 May 1662. It had been a long and stormy crossing, and as soon as she arrived she asked for a cup of tea. So rare was it at this time that there was none available; the princess was offered a glass of ale instead. Not surprisingly, this did not make her feel any better, and for a time she was forced by illness to retire to her bedchamber. Eventually though Catherine and Charles II were married, on 21 May 1662. Initially Catherine, a deeply pious Catholic who had been schooled in a convent, found it difficult to fit in at the bawdy and fun-loving English court. But over time she established herself, and as the pre-eminent woman in the kingdom became something of a trend-setter. Although she adopted English fashions, she continued to prefer the cuisine of her native Portugal - including tea. Soon her taste for tea had caused a fad at the royal court. This then spread to aristocratic circles and then to the wealthier classes. In 1663 the poet and politician Edmund Waller wrote a poem in honour of the queen for her birthday:

Venus her Myrtle, Phoebus has his bays;
Tea both excels, which she vouchsafes to praise.
The best of Queens, the best of herbs, we owe
To that bold nation which the way did show
To the fair region where the sun doth rise,
Whose rich productions we so justly prize.
The Muse’s friend, tea does our fancy aid,
Regress those vapours which the head invade,
And keep the palace of the soul serene,
Fit on her birthday to salute the Queen.

Edmund Waller dedicated another poem to the Portuguese Queen after she recovered from a serious illness, which sadly caused the death of her first unborn child. The poem also shows Charles devotion and love for his Queen.

In the month of October 1663, Catherine was attacked by a dangerous illness. In the wanderings of her delirium she imagined that she had become the mother of a son; a circumstance which ( as it would have rendered her of considerable importance, both in the eyes of her husband, and of the nation at large,) was naturally at the uppermost importance in her thoughts. Among other morbid fantasies, she expressed her wonder that she should have been delivered without pain, but seemed afflicted at the notion that her imaginary child was ugly. Charles, who stood vigil at her bedside, insisted, with a view of soothing her, that he was very pretty boy.

“Ah!” she replied, “ if it were like you it would be a fine boy indeed, and I should be well pleased.”

The disorder gradually gaining force, Charles is said to have been affected, and even to have wept over his injured wife.

Waller, in his verse to the Queen on her recovery, alludes to the unexpected sympathy of her husband in the following lines:-

Farewell the year! which threatened so

The fairest light the world can show.

Welcome the new! whose every day,

Restoring what was snatched away

By pining sickness from the fair,

That matchless beauty does repair

So fast, that the approaching spring,

(Which does to flowery meadows bring

What the rude winter from them tore)

Shall give her all she had before.

But we recover not so fast

The sense of such a danger past;

We that esteemed you sent from heaven,

A pattern to this island given,

To show us what the blessed do there

And what alive they practised here,

When that which we immortal thought,

We saw so near destruction brought,

Felt all which you did then endure,

And tremble yet, as not secure.

So though the sun victorious be,

And from a dark eclipse set free,

The influence, which we fondly fear,

Afflicts our thoughts the following year.

But that which may relieve our care

Is, that you have a help so near

For all the evil you can prove,

The kindness of your royal love;

He that was never known to mourn,

So many kingdoms from him torn,

His tears reserved for you, more dear,

More prized, than all those kingdoms were!

For when no healing art prevailed,

When cordials and elixirs failed,

On your pale cheek he dropped the shower,

Revived you like a dying flower.

During her sickness, and in the belief that her days were numbered, the Queen affectingly appealed to her husband’s feelings, imploring him to give his support to her native country in its contest with Spain, and, when she was dead, to allow her body to be interred among her own relatives, and in her own land of Portugal. Charles, at this moment, is said to have fallen onto his knees, and to have bathed his wife’s hands with his own tears.

There was also another poem dedicated to her, although perhaps in the most unsavoury of ways. The poet’s name in question was John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester - so, there can be no stretch to the imagination as to the contents of this certain poem.

One day, we are told, the King and some of his courtiers were drinking some “Lisbon” (Portuguese white wine) and were trying to think up a rhyme for Lisbon. The Earl of Rochester coming in… Now, says the king, here’s one that will do it.

“None of us can make a rhyme to Lisbon” the King tells Rochester.

“No!” says the Earl. “That is strange! If it please your majesty?”

“Why! can you do it?” the King asks.

“Yes, Sir.” the Earl nods. “In a stanza, if your majesty will grant me your pardon?”

“You’re thinking up some mischief now.” The King says, smiling upon Rochester, “Well, I grant you my pardon.”

Upon which, Rochester, taking a glass of wine in his hand, said;

A health to Kate!
Our sovereign’s mate,
Of the royal house of Lisbon.
But the Devil take Hyde,
And the bishop beside
Who made her bone his bone.

At which the king, biting his lips, and frowning at Rochester, bid him be gone.

Snow White & The Pretty Little Forbidden Fruit

Ever since we saw the video of little Charles with Jessica/Mary at Campbell Farms, I have been trying to figure out what the apple connection may represent. We have seen them many times throughout the show. I am definitely guilty of thinking everything is a clue, so of course my thought was, Is there an underlying theme here? 

I go into depth on the parallels of the stories of Adam and Eve and Snow White to Pretty Little Liars.

Before I get to the super significant connections, here are a few times apples have been shown/mentioned in PLL.

The name of the restaurant in Rosewood is Apple Rose Grill:

We see Maya talking to Jason before he picks an apple:

New York City, where the liars find Ali at Fitzgerald theater, is known as the Big Apple. Is this hinting something about Ezra??

Remember this?

Big A / Big Apple (shut up it’s possibly a clue haha!)

Wren tells Spencer that Houdini’s hat trick chair was inspired by an apple crate:

Lucas wore a shirt that said “Nerds love apple pie.”

Emily tries to make an apple flambe

pllsherlock posted this collage of what Talia says to Emily in the kitchen of the Brew

In 6x19 Emily asks Mona:

And of course I need to mention the obvious, apples are most associated with teachers…

EDIT: @s-u-n-s-h-i-n-enshowers made a great point linking apples to Dr. Wren Kingston. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Okay on to the really interesting connections…

Apples have significant symbolism throughout religion, history, and media.

Forbidden Fruit

  • The most famous use of an apple is in the biblical story. Adam and Eve were placed in Paradise by God, and told they could eat anything in the Garden of Eden except for the fruit on one tree. The devil, in the form of a snake, taunts Eve to eat the fruit, which she does, and mankind is doomed ever after. 
      • It’s interesting to note that it was the woman who took a bite of the apple. Could this parallel in PLL? Maybe Ali did something wrong, and Charles/A feels like Ali and the Liars need to suffer for it now. Just like God made mankind-specifically WOMEN- suffer for Eve’s indulgence. 
      • Does Charles/A identify as Adam? Having to suffer because of something a woman did, although he did nothing wrong himself? Look at this picture….
      • There is an apple core on top of the newspaper article about Ali in the garbage. I believe this is significant. This suggests that Ali did something bad and got what she deserved. The eaten apple is a reference to Adam and Eve in my opinion. Ali ‘ate the apple’ and had to suffer/be punished for it. 
      • A different possibility is that Charles was tempted by the devil, ‘bit the apple’ himself and became evil. You can see in the following picture, that Charles has taken a bite of an apple
  • A has also tried to tempt others to evil….
  • An apple has been shown on A’s desk a few times:

Who are the Adam and Eve of Rosewood? 

  • We know that Spencer and Melissa used to go apple picking at Campbell Farm as children.
  • So did Jessica/Mary and this blonde child, who at this point could be anyone but I think it’s Ali.
  • And remember this weird scene where Spencer is creepily looking at a bowl of apples and other fruit?
  • As a metaphor, the phrase “Forbidden Fruit” typically refers to any indulgence or pleasure that is considered illegal or immoral, or any object of desire (especially sexual desire) whose appeal results from the knowledge that it should not be obtained. 

This reminds me of a few things:

  • Ali & Ezra’s relationship: He fell for her, but then found out she was only 16 years old
  • Aria & Ezra’s relationship: They fell in love but he was her high school English teacher.
    • CeCe & Jason’s relationship: We still don’t know what the truth is here, but if CeCe is really Jason’s sister or cousin, it would be incest.
      • Jenna & Toby: Jenna was in love with her step brother
      • Ali bullying/threatening/blackmailing so many people
      • Interesting use of the apple analogy…

      Snow White

      • This fairy tale has a lot of similarities to PLL
      • Aria was dressed to look like Snow White at prom, she even has the red bow in her short hair cut.

      The story goes….

      Once upon a time a queen sat at a window sewing and looking at the snow. She pricked her finger with the needle, and three drops of blood fell upon the snow.  She had a little daughter, who was as white as snow, her lips as red as blood, and her hair was as black as ebony, and she was therefore called little Snow White. When the child was born, the queen died.

      After a year had passed, the king took another wife. The new queen was a beautiful woman, but could not bear that anyone else could surpass her in beauty. 

      • There are a few possible connections that can be made.
      • Ali is Snow White and her mother Jessica died, and now her evil ‘step mother’ Mary is torturing her
      • The second Drake child was adopted by someone and treated very badly
      • I have always felt like the Queen of Hearts could possibly represent the real A, because Mona was holding that card in Radley. Is A the evil Queen who is jealous of Snow White (who could be represented as Ali as she is the one most tortured by A)?

      The crown on the Queen’s head looks so similar to the Queen of Hearts costume.

      The Queen had a magic looking-glass. She stood in front of it and asked…

      Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the fairest one of all? 

      And the mirror said that she was the most beautiful in the land. But when Snow White grew up she became more and more beautiful than the Queen. One day the mirror told the Queen that Snow White was the most beautiful.

      The Queen was shocked and angry. She hated Snow White. Envy and pride grew in her heart like a weed, so that she had no peace day or night.

      • Who is always shown looking into mirrors?
      • Was Aria jealous of the attention Ali and the other girls always got? She wanted to be the most beautiful, the most popular? Is she the evil queen? 
      • Or is Mona the Queen?? Remember this scene? 
      • Did Mona want to be the fairest of them all…? 

      The Queen called a huntsman, and said, “Take the child away into the forest. I will no longer have her in my sight. Kill her, and bring me back her heart as a token.“ 

      The huntsman obeyed, and took her away but when he had drawn his knife, and was about to pierce Snow White’s innocent heart, she began to weep, and begged for her life in exchange for running away into the forest and never returning. Because she was so beautiful ,the huntsman had pity on her and let her go. He killed a pig and took its heart to the Queen as proof that the child was dead. 

      • This has similarities to the twin story. One twin tries to kill the other because of jealousy. 
      • It also is similar to the night Ali went missing. Someone tried to kill her, but she lived and ran away.
      • It is interesting that the huntsman killed a pig. 
      • Pigs have shown up a few times in PLL
      • Ali used to call Paige pigskin

      • A sent “Hefty” Hanna pig cupcakes
      • There was a dead pig in Wilden’s car trunk, which is a derogatory term for a cop

      • And we can’t forget about Pigtunia, Aria’s favorite stuffed animal PUPPET…

      • A once wore a pig mask

      Snow White was alone and terrified in the forest. She ran as long as her feet would go until it was almost evening, then she saw a little cottage in the woods and went in to rest.

      • After Grunwald brought Ali to the hospital, she ran away to the Lost Woods Resort with Mona. The LOST WOODS Resort. To me, this is a direct reference to Snow White, who was LOST in the WOODS until she came across the cottage.

      Snow White entered the house and could tell that 7 people lived there. She ate some food and fell asleep. When it was quite dark the owners of the cottage came back. They were seven dwarfs and they saw that someone had been there, for everything was not in the same order in which they had left it.

      They woke the sleeping girl, and once she explained that her step-mother had wished to have her killed, the dwarfs agreed that she could live with them in exchange for her doing chores around the house.

      • This makes me think of the various people who helped Ali stay hidden after that night when everyone thought she was dead. 
      • This also could be a reference to the children’s ward in Radley Sanitarium because before she met the dwarfs, Snow White thought 7 children lived in the house because everything was so small.

      The song the dwarfs sing when they are mining for diamonds is “Whistle While We Work.” That song was played in a PLL scene when A was cleaning a switchboard.

      • After watching, “The Wrath of Khan” last night and finding out that Noel was in the dollhouse and performed psychological torture on Spencer by pouring blood all over her, I wonder if this A ending was of Noel. It would relate to Snow White because Noel used to be one of the ‘dwarfs’ that helped Ali stay hidden, and now he is one of the bad guys.

      Back at the castle, the Queen asked her magic looking-glass: “Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose the fairest one of all?” 

      To her horror, the mirror replied: "Oh, queen, thou art fairest of all I see, But over the hills, where the seven dwarfs dwell, Snow White is still alive and well, And none is so fair as she.”

      • This relates to A realizing that Ali is in fact alive, and not the dead girl in the grave. So A devises a plan to get her back to Rosewood and kill her once and for all, by putting the liars or ‘dwarfs’ in danger so she would reveal herself and save them. Mona could be the Huntsman in this situation. A told Mona to dispose of Ali, but in exchange for making her beautiful, Mona let Ali run away and hide. I wonder if A forced Mona to be caught and take the fall by going into Radley and then being locked in the Dollhouse.

      Furious that Snow White was still alive, the Queen devised a plan.She went into a quite secret, lonely room, where no one ever came, (HER LAIR) and there she made a very poisonous apple. 

      When the apple was ready, the Queen disguised herself as an old lady and headed to the cottage.

      • The Queens disguise looks EXACTLY like the A hoodie….

      The Queen goes to the cottage when Snow White is alone, and offers her one of the apples, saying that one bite will make all her wishes come true.

      • This obviously parallels the Adam and Eve Story. The dwarfs warned her not to let anyone in the house or talk to anyone, like God warned Adam and Eve not to eat fruit from the forbidden tree.
      • Was A offered something from the devil that he/she could not resist? Or is A the devil themselves?!
      • We have seen A do this in PLL:

      At first, Snow White refused, but she could resist no longer, the apple looked so RED (red coat) and delicious, and stretched out her hand and took the poisonous apple. She hardly had a bite of it in her mouth when she fell down dead.

      As Snow White falls asleep the Queen proclaims that she is now the fairest of the land. The dwarfs return as the Queen leaves the cottage and chase her by trapping her on a cliff. She tries to roll a boulder over them but before she can do so, lightning strikes the cliff, causing her to fall to her death. As the Queen falls off the cliff, the vultures fly down after her to pick at her remains.

      • This could parallel Charlotte being on the edge of the belltower and falling to her death.

      The dwarfs return to their cottage and find Snow White seemingly dead, being kept in a deathlike slumber by the poison. Unwilling to bury her out of sight in the ground, they instead place her in a glass coffin trimmed with gold in a clearing in the forest. 

      • The Dollhouse could be an analogy of a ‘glass coffin.’ They were constantly watched by A and held captive. This picture of the girls is very similar to Snow White in a death-like sleep.
      • It could also be an analogy of Ali being in jail, having zero freedom.

      A year later, a prince, who had previously met and fallen in love with Snow White, learns of her eternal sleep and visits her coffin. Saddened by her apparent death, he kisses her, which breaks the spell and awakens her. The dwarfs and animals all rejoice as the Prince takes Snow White to his castle.

      I will finish this post with this last apple reference:

      In “Game On Charles,” Ali gets a phone call from A. She puts the call on speaker and everyone hears a song playing. Toby says, “My mom used to play that song on the piano. It’s called “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree.”  These are the lyrics…

      I wrote my mother, I wrote my father,
      And now I’m writing you too.
      I’m sure of mother, I’m sure of father,
      And now I want to be sure of you.
      Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me,
      Till I come marching home.
      Don’t go walking down lovers’ lane with anyone else but me,
      Till I come marching home.
      I just got word from a guy who heard
      From the guy next door to me,
      That a girl he met just loves to pet,
      And it fits you to a “T”.
      So don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me
      Till I come marching home.
      Then we’ll go arm in arm, and
      Sit down under the apple tree,
      Baby, just you and me,
      When I come marching home.

      Don’t give out with those lips of yours
      To anyone else but me,
      Lots of girls on the foreign shores,
      You’ll have to report to me
      When you come marching home.
      Don’t hold anyone on your knee,
      You better be true to me,
      You better be true to me, you better be true to me.
      Don’t hold anyone on your knee,
      You’re getting the third degree
      When you come marching home.
      You’re on your own where there is no phone,
      And I can’t keep tab on you.
      Be fair to me, I’ll guarantee
      This is one thing that I’ll do:
      I won’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but you
      Till you come marching home.
      I know the apple tree is reserved for you and me,
      And I’ll be true till you come marching home.

      There are some very interesting parallels in that song…

      I had so much fun writing this post, I really hope you guys liked it! Thanks for taking the time to read :)

      Unrequited Love; Suga x Reader

      Title: Unrequited Love
      Pairing: Suga ( BTS ) x Reader
      Genre: Angst.
      Snowwhite!AU Prince!AU
      Warnings: This has a completely different plot compared to the fairytale, snow white but it’s slightly similar.
      (A/N): Hope you enjoy my first writing! Also the dash symbolizes as a time skip!

      Petals from the cherry blossoms pattered onto the earth, the wind wisped past swirling around lifting stray leaves off the ground momentarily. The sun bore its way through the thick canopy of leaves, birds chirping in sync along with the whistles from the wind.

      A girl below her twenties twirled around, carrying the fallen petals into flight as they would lift off centimeters off the petal covered ground. Her hands outstreched while on her toes - adding on, she was barefooted.

      Locks of auburn casaded down freely, her locks wavy and light and would follow her whenever she jumped. Full of energy, she’d find spending majority of her time in the woods was entertaining enough for her as the animals would accompany her if called in.

      Stopping, she slumped onto the pile of light pink petals surrounding her. She called out with a whistle and by command the animals of the forest came one by one. The birds fluttered in perched onto the thin branches while deers would file in in groups. Different animals came as her whistle kept going for a few more seconds.

      Unknown to her, there was a figure standing behind the trunk of a tree distanced two trees away from her. A small smile crept up its lips, genuinely smiling while silently observing her.


      Forest animals filed in, each gathering in before comfortably settling down onto the grassy patch. Sunlight streaming in from above, the circular patch exposed to it’s gleam as its surrounded by cherry blossoms.

      I’ve stopped whistling for awhile now, a soft melody escaping my lips, a song which I sung since young. The eyes of the animals zoning in towards me, attentively listening. All’s well until a crack echoed from the south.

      Startled, the animals fled the scene only leaving me behind. In response all I could do was comfort them but instead they refused to listen until the area was filled with silence. The wind grew silent and eerie, the clouds looming above grew a shade darker. The patch of grey spreading across the sky like wildfire.

      Turning towards the direction of the noise, a male emerged. He continued to advance forth nonetheless I remained posed and still, never giving into fear. Appearancd wise, he looked like a godly figure, with a defined jawline and sharp eyes. His eyes gleamed with mystery as he ascended forth, eye contact never leaving. His ebony hair tousled and swaying along with the breeze.

      He stood before me, fringe covering his forehead and slightly masking his eyes. His hand ghosting over mine but I still made no intention of moving. It was until his hands firmly had its grasp on mine that I flinched backwards.

      He brought it up towards his lips giving a chaste peck onto the knuckles of my hand before smoothing it with his thumb,“I’m sorry to have startled your company I was just passing by,” he softly spoke.

      Oblivious to her, the male was lying.

      “It’s fine, Who are you though?” I asked.

      “Yoongi,” He calmly replied.

      “Nice to meet you Yoongi, I’m [Y/N] ,” I smiled in reply.

      Many weeks past, Yoongi and I met up at the same place we first met. The cherry blossom fields. Gradually we learnt about each other. He was a huntsman and I was just a regular maiden. We knew each other at the back of our hands. Jokes and mild critisms flying back and forth each day but it wasn’t meant to be taken to heart.

      Each passing day as we see each other I’d feel a unaccustomed thumping at the centre of my chest. The rapid feeling of fluttering butterflies growing continuously at the pit of my stomach. I’d also tend to stare and wander off, thinking about his raven locks and dark umber eyes. Cliché? Definetely.

      However, despite putting away these thoughts they’d come back like a rebound, sliding into my mind once again, haunting me with those feeling of unrequited love.

      Now laid alone on the patch of soft grass under the stretch of ink, the night sky sparkles with speckles of white. The moon risen to its peak casting down a gleam of light. I lay down, the thoughts of him resurfacing yet again. I just couldn’t help but fall effortlessly into deep sleep with the soft brushes of the breeze. I couldn’t help but fall deeper into love.


      “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?” A voice loomed loud and deep through the hallways of the castle.

      The queen, Baek Shin Ah, mother of Yoongi the crown prince, stood before a mirror. The round mirror hung on the brick walls of her room. Its reflective surface glowed in a shade of green before a anonymous voice boomed with a deeper octave.

      “She is the fairest of them all,” It said. The cloud of green fog building up beside the queen much like a pathway leading towards the mirror, she took another few steps forth to see her results.

      Immediately the face cleared, the vision of a young girl prancing around the blossom fields emerged, smile prominent in her face while her eyes slightly curved into cresents. Her hair twisted into a simple braid while her dress cascaded down, past her feet. Everything about the girl shined with simplicity.

      Nevertheless the anger within the queen boiled up to its maximum. Her hands clenched into a fist while eyebrows arched downwards. She wasn’t pleased with the mirror’s results. Moreover, this has been the second time this week that the mirror has shown up with the same results.

      Her face still adorned with anger, she swung open the oaken doors of her room proceeding into the throne room just a floor below where she stood.

      Calling out for her son, she waited, legs crossed while her expression hardened before he strolled in.

      “Mother, you called?” He asked.

      “Yes Yoongi, remember my orders? I’d like you to do something…” The queen paused motioning for the crown prince to come forth.

      He obliges as his mother gave him his orders.


      A small stalk of daisy twirled between my fingers, legs crossed I sat down on the pile of blossom petals still waiting for Yoongi’s arrival. The afternoon breeze whistling and calmly brushing past pattering on the surface of my cheekbones. Sunlight shining on the exposed circle uncovered by the trees.

      Footsteps pattered onto the cold earth, soft but audible. Head turning to the source, Yoongi emerged behind, his raven locks tousled like before as he was clothed in his usual clothes the only difference was the colour being a dark onyx.

      A small box held with his left hand peeked out from his back, its size able to put a fist inside. His eyes darkened unlike his usual bright ones. Dark circles formed underneath his waterline, his expression sombre, blank.

      Discomfort struck my back as a nostalgic feeling rushed up my spine. Figuratively, it was as if the scene has turned uncanny. My eyes shifted around, prespiration glossing over my palms. He continued to walk forth. Flashes of our first encounter surfaced up. However instead of sitting still, paranoia took overtook my body. The only thing my subconscious could mutter out was.


      Quickly pushing myself up, I dashed across thd opposite side of where his facing, taking note of his reaction. As predicted his face flashed with shock. Nonetheless my feet never failed to stop. The familiar scenes of the forest switch, instead of the calming and serene environment it changed to a much queer and spine chilling one. Everything flipped like a lightswitch. The scenery played before me turned daunting, a sense of fear and intimidation pumped nto my bloodstream as the feeling of being chased struck my mind.

      My legs burning up and breath faltering, but I couldn’t stop and I mustn’t, at least not until i found a calming and safe place.

      Just like always, luck wasn’t on my side - in fact it never was.

      A long slab of rock shot up from the earth, its slope steep and uneven, usuitable for climbing. I couldn’t do anything but to stay flushed against the rocky wall. The sense of comfort never coming. I tried recollecting my breaths and steadying my pounding heart. The sound of uneven breaths and thudding pulsated through the veil of silence looming around.

      Tears pooled at the corner of my eyes, there wasn’t a need to feel frightened since he displayed no signs of threatening or harm. However, he brought upon a different feeling and without actions had gave me doubts. Paranoia took its toll on me.

      Distinct footsteps tapped onto the ground, louder than usual. My body froze, he stood in front. A few steps closer and he’d stand right before me. His hands now full, the left which was still holding the box and in the other was…

      A knife.

      The blade gleamed, the silver reflecting off light. The only thing that captured my attention while panic raised from the pit of my stomach. The taste of bitterness prominent as I continued to stare at the metallic blade which could potentially take my life.

      “W-what?” My voice croaked out, it turned hoarse and quiet wavering in fear.

      Yoongi however showed no sign of pity, his postured still before speaking out monotonously,“It’s the Queen’s orders.”

      “You work for the queen?” I said, my voice sounding slightly stable and firm.

      “No, I’m her son,” he bluntly stated.

      Disbelief was the first initial reaction that coursed through my mind. Unanswered questions played over and over. I was confused but didn’t dared to seek the answers knowing that he would refuse to speak up.

      So i allowed him to continue.

      “What are you going to do to me,” I questioned.

      Yoongi couldn’t help but release a slight chuckle. My naive self bringing him a strand of amusement before stopping to say,“Why sweetheart, I’m going to kill you of course.”

      My breaths caught inbetween my throat. Weeks passed and I thought we made progress with our friendship. He showed different sides of himself and entrusted me with his information, vice versa. Could this mean that all of that was just an act and he had an ultimate motive which was to take my life? Regret and frustration came kicking in next, I cursed myself for being naive and trusting.

      I was a fool to fall for him too.

      Previous tears which was caught up at the corner of my eyes finally streamed down my cheeks, the sense of betrayal stabbing me right through. It never hurt like this before. The pain never leaving as it built up. My lips quivered as a soft inaudible sob escaped. Eyes locking with Yoongi’s, he seemed to show no remorse or any emotion in fact.

      My vision started blurring with the tears clouding around. Time passed slowly, his body now moving. I was too slow to back away as the cold blade plunged deep into my stomach. Blood rushed up as the taste of metallic bitterness coughed out. Yoongi stepped back, eyeing my choking figure.

      Hands barelt supporting, splatters of blood adorned the earth. The red seeping into the dirt. Oxygen slowly dying down, I laid on my side, the pain now numb as the patches of black appeared and slowly clouded my vision.

      Tears have stopped, while blood pooled out. My windpipe constricting as I struggled to breath. Yoongi knelt down with one knee, blankly staring at my dying form. His hand pulled out the knife embedded below my chest without any hint of hesitation.

      The pain swung back like a rebound, as I started to cough. Despite this, I still had to do one last thing before I could give in to the darkness welcoming me with arms wide open.

      I had to tell him. In order to relieve the burning ache applied onto my shoulders.

      But should I?

      His onyx eyes continued to stare while I barely croaked out,“Yoongi… I only have one last thing to say…”

      “Say it then,” His tone was sharp but still remained still.

      “I…thought…you.. cared,” I breathed out, my voice completely hoarse and barely audible with the lack of air circulating around. I couldn’t say any other words, my voice box clogged up preventing me to speak, series of coughing came after. The tears shed earlier had dried up. My eyelids grew heavier before it fluttered shut while I drifted off into endless sleep not before I heard his last words.

      “I never cared about you in the first place.”

      Originally posted by bwiseoks

      Hello! This is my first time writing an angst and drabble. I hope you guys enjoy it. Apologies in advance if it’s not good enough or if it isn’t considered an “angst” I’ll try my best to improve :)

      The Inbox is open! Please do request if you have any suggestions! I’ll be happy to write what y’all suggest. Any groups will do!

      Again thank you for reading!!

      -Admin Rin

      Once Upon a Time: Ginnifer Goodwin Talks Dark Snow vs. Evil Queen, Teases Cruella De Vil's 'Perfect' Introduction

      Love has never, ever come easy for Once Upon a Time‘s Snow White and Prince Charming, whose marriage will again be put to the test this Sunday (ABC, 8/7c) as the Snow Queen’s Spell of Shattered Sight brings out the very worst in everyone — the fairest of them all included.

      Here, Ginnifer Goodwin previews the return of “Dark Snow” and her clashes with both David and old-school evil Regina, shares the trick to being “mad” at husband Josh Dallas and teases the introduction of another iconic Disney doyenne.

      TVLINE | The Spell of Shattered Sight has just been cast. How would you typify what is going on in Mary Margaret and David’s heads as they let go of each other’s hands? Spell or no spell, what beef could they possibly have?
      We know that they both have dark sides that have been addressed in the past, and now that they are seemingly cursed again, that darkness is going to reemerge. It might really be the little things in a relationship, the little annoyances and points of frustration, that are magnified, but those are the very things that can destroy a relationship. Like, how he brushes his teeth can be a “final-straw” thing.

      TVLINE | Of course you’re an actor, but when you have to look at Josh in a seething way, is there anything you channel in particular? Like, the time he blew off one of [6-month-old son] Oliver’s middle-of-the-night feedings or something?
      [Laughs] To be honest, Josh makes me laugh so much on set that I often have to ask him to, like, step away. When I was in fact looking at him that way, there were takes where I just looked at, frankly, a tape mark that we put on a stand instead of him. And then there were times that I did look at him, but I would crack up after just a couple of seconds. They had very little footage they could use, because he does make me laugh so hard. There isn’t actually anything I can channel from real life, so it becomes a technical thing where I’m, like, tilting my head a certain way and trying to make my eyes do something physically to look angry, because I can’t really be mad at him. But that’s also what’s so fun about “going at each other” — we couldn’t really take ourselves seriously, and somehow that made us actually able to go further.

      [Read the rest of the interview at TVLine.com]


      Once Upon a Time: Ginnifer Goodwin Talks Dark Snow vs. Evil Queen, Teases Cruella De Vil’s ‘Perfect' Introduction.

      External image

      Love has never, ever come easy forOnce Upon a Time‘s Snow White and Prince Charming, whose marriage will again be put to the test this Sunday (ABC, 8/7c) as the Snow Queen’s Spell of Shattered Sight brings out the very worst in everyone — the fairest of them all included.

      Here, Ginnifer Goodwin previews the return of “Dark Snow” and her clashes with both David and old-school evil Regina, shares the trick to being “mad” at husband Josh Dallas and teases the introduction of another iconic Disney doyenne.

      TVLINE | The Spell of Shattered Sight has just been cast. How would you typify what is going on in Mary Margaret and David’s heads as they let go of each other’s hands? Spell or no spell, what beef could they possibly have?

      We know that they both have dark sides that have been addressed in the past, and now that they are seemingly cursed again, that darkness is going to reemerge. It might really be the little things in a relationship, the little annoyances and points of frustration, that are magnified, but those are the very things that can destroy a relationship. Like, how he brushes his teeth can be a “final-straw” thing.

      TVLINE | Of course you’re an actor, but when you have to look at Josh in a seething way, is there anything you channel in particular? Like, the time he blew off one of [6-month-old son] Oliver’s middle-of-the-night feedings or something?

      [Laughs] To be honest, Josh makes me laugh so much on set that I often have to ask him to, like, step away. When I was in fact looking at him that way, there were takes where I just looked at, frankly, a tape mark that we put on a stand instead of him. And then there were times that I did look at him, but I would crack up after just a couple of seconds. They had very little footage they could use, because he does make me laugh so hard. There isn’t actually anything I can channel from real life, so it becomes a technical thing where I’m, like, tilting my head a certain way and trying to make my eyes do something physically to look angry, because I can’t really be mad at him. But that’s also what’s so fun about “going at each other” — we couldn’t really take ourselves seriously, and somehow that made us actually able to go further.

      External image

      TVLINE | But based on the promo, it looks like the bigger tussle is between Mary Margaret and Regina.

      Oh, yes. It’s really wonderful, because Regina comes back [to the sheriff station] as her full Evil Queen self. But instead of it being that they fall into their old dynamic, it’s more that the Evil Queen battles Dark Snow, from those episodes where Snow White was under dark enchantment. And those two energies together is kind of hilarious. I mean, I kept saying, “I could film this episode every day forever,” because also the dialogue was so meaty. There was just so much to play, because these characters have so much history, and yet so much has changed between them. For her to come back in her Evil Queen regalia is hilarious, because she’s so not that person anymore. And there’s something about being Dark Snow in Storybrooke that we also found very funny, because it’s so not the woman that she has become.

      TVLINE | Is it explained why Regina is brandishing a sword instead of just good ol’ fireballs?

      Well, Mary Margaret does call her on her B.S. and say, basically, “Of course you’re going to use magic, because you’re afraid to get your hands dirty.” She ribs Regina enough to put down her fireballs and go at it, man-to-man.

      TVLINE | Did you give Lana any pointers on swordplay?

      I cannot even express the high regard in which we hold our stunt doubles, who do all of the heavy lifting. But I didn’t even think about the fact that Lana has not had experience sword-fighting on our show, so she hasn’t gone through the sword training that the rest of went through the first season. But she very easily picks things up – I mean, Lana’s a pro at everything — so it ended up being seamless. But we did have our stunt doubles in there, a lot, because these women really take out all their frustrations on each other. They beat the s–t out of each other! I think it’s going to be one of my favorite episodes ever. I mean, I could not have had more fun.

      External image

      TVLINE | I recently wrote about my appreciation for the “quieter” moments on Once Upon a Time, like when Regina and Mary Margaret had that talk while tracking Emma. And you recently said on set that you relish those moments as well.

      They’re my favorite. And I have always written the [series creators] after every episode that’s like that. We had several episodes [this season] in which those heart-to-hearts were cut — and they shouldhave been, because while they were really beautiful scenes, I would see that they were really not right for the momentum of the episode. But they found a wonderful way to mash together all of those conversations that we had missed, in that walking scene. I cherish these scenes, because as an actor of course it is magical to swordfight and horseback ride and fight “curse clouds,” but you really feel like you get in touch with a different creative side of yourself when you have these heart-to-heart scenes, especially when the history between these characters is so complicated.

      TVLINE | That said, are you aware that Mary Margaret took some knocks, for basically “endorsing” adultery?

      I very wisely, I believe, don’t read my own press, so no, I did not know that. But that was something we actually talked about [while filming] because it was a complicated line for me to say. My character actually was married to David, back when we were cursed the first time, and David wasn’t actually married to anyone else, so the only cheating that actually, technically occurred was between David and his sick wife [Kathryn]. We must have talked about it for 20 minutes, my making that comment to Regina — “Look, I’ve slept with a married man too” — and we decided that it had to be just a way of my trying to bring her out of her shell, to make her feel safe. It was not to be taken it as literally as it sounded.
      I’m not surprised that we got some s–t for it because good, we should, because these characters are flawed, and they’re real, and they’re, I think, relatable and fleshed out. If we were just the live-action incarnation of the Disney animated features, I wouldn’t watch us. I’d find that terribly boring. Instead, we have this really gray world in which we live.

      TVLINE | Before we started recording, you said that you, as a new, first-time mom, were OK with having less to do in this Frozen storyline. But do you know if you’re going to have more to do in Season 4B?

      Ohhhhh, yes — and it’s good. And it timed out very well, because I’m just at the point where I’m like, “OK, I’m not losing my mind when I have to leave Oliver with one of his grandparents and go to set for 16 hours.” Like, I can hold it together, where, frankly, even a month ago I couldn’t. I would get really emotional and upset, it was just too much for me. But now I understand that he’s going to be fine and actually benefit from spending time with his grandparents than time on set. And the storyline is really good. I’m really excited about it. I know that I’m not allowed to say what I’m doing, but I can say that it’s worth the wait, for sure!

      TVLINE | My only question is: How do you organically bring on Cruella de Vil (played by Dracula‘s Victoria Smurfit)? If only because there’s just the one Dalmatian in town.

      It, like everything else on Once Upon a Time, will make sense — to the extent that you’re like, “How was this not incorporated in the animated feature?” She’s a perfect Once family member, absolutely.

      merrykillian-deactivated2014111  asked:

      hi there! i just stumbled onto your blog and i love all the meta! i am curious though, about why you think Regina won't get a happy ending? i know you said you are antiregina (ish) but i was just wondering if you would (or have) said specifically why you don't think she will have a happy ending (i personally would like to think that she could/can have one with robin) thanks so much for your time xx



      Well, okay… Let me think about this for a sec…

      Okay, let me start off like this: the reason why I made my full disclosure (the reason for all those ish-es ), and the reason why I tag my posts with “Anti-Regina” and “Anti-Rumple” is because when I write these answers and theories and predictions, I try not to write them from the point-of-view of a viewer. When I write them, I try my best to write them from the perspective of a writer. So…whenever I talk about Rumple’s and Regina’s characters, I’m talking about their characters. You know what I mean? I’m constantly referencing back to their basic characterization within the show.

      Like, for example, if I were to talk about these two characters’ main motivation (that quality of the character that really drives them to do what they do), I’d say Rumple’s is based on self-interest, and Regina’s is based on self-pity. That means to say that Rumple’s actions are always due to him being selfish, and Regina’s actions are always due to her feeling sorry for herself. These core traits of theirs are quite consistent with their original characters from the classic fairytales. Referencing the classical Grimm’s tales, the character of Rumplestiltskin constantly refused to help anyone until they were able to strike a deal with him, and he only accepted if he had more to gain in the end; while the character of the Evil Queen was constantly driven to try to kill Snow White out of an all-consuming envy for her beauty, and a desire to be the most beautiful in all the land. The Evil Queen wouldn’t settle for second place. As long as there was someone out there more beautiful than her, her envious heart and her obsessive nature knew no rest.

      Now…these two observations that I just made aren’t subjective (from the point of view of viewers). They’re objective (from the point-of-view of the writers). If I were to make a subjective opinion regarding the both of them, I’d say they both annoyed me. Very much. But the fact of the matter is, talking and venting about how a certain character annoyed me serves absolutely no purpose in terms of understanding why a character is doing what they’re doing, and why the writers chose that particular course of action. When I write these answer and analyses and predictions, it’s because I’m using my objective observations and analyses of the characters and their actions to try to get into the writers’ minds. The writers’ plot is my prize. The characters and their actions are just my tools to get to it. So this is the reason for all of the “ish-es”.

      The reason for all of the “anti-s” is because of certain “fans” of those characters. You know who I’m talking about—the ones who send personal insults as a means of “defending” their favorite character, the ones who prefer to harass rather than discuss, the ones who don’t know their favorite character, in other words, and prefer to project their personal head character onto the person on the screen whose face matches their own mind’s creation. I stick “anti” in front of my Rumple and Regina tags in order to avoid having to deal with those kinds of people.

      So, in reality, I’m actually not Anti-Regina or Anti-Rumple. I just tag my posts as such to steer clear of unreasonable trolls. I actually love both those characters from a writers’ perspective. Rumple’s character is a little bit more intriguing than Regina’s, in my personal opinion. There’s a lot more avenues for a writer to go down when dealing with a character whose basic motivation is self-interest, more than there are avenues for a character whose basic motivation is self-pity. But that’s only a personal preference of an objective analysis (of Rumple and Regina’s core motivations).

      Now, given all of that… I’ve never actually said (or at least, I don’t think I did) that Regina won’t get a happy ending. I’ve said that I’m not convinced she will, which… Well… I mean, I guess it’s the same. But the thing is it’s arguable. I’m not giving a hard “no” in terms of whether or not she will. I’m saying it’s open for discussion. There are several reasons why I’m not convinced yet, though.

      When I make my predictions for a character, I take the writers’ general attitudes towards writing into account. In this case, Adam and Eddy’s general attitude towards writing a character is that “character trumps mythology” (a state of thinking they picked up from a mentor while writing for Lost). And what this can be translated into is “characterization is more important than redemption”, because when you concern yourself too much with your storyline and mythology and a phantom necessity to redeem every character, what happens is that that character that you created (their basic motivations and qualities and traits that you came up with) gets lost in the scramble to “redeem” them. Then all of a sudden you’re at the end of your story with a character that’s completely different from the one that you created at the beginning of it. So in your scramble to “redeem” your character, you ended up losing your character. It’s actually quite a good attitude to maintain while writing, in my opinion. It means your character maintains integrity throughout.

      Thus, keeping the writers’ attitudes in mind, we then break down the Evil Queen character as laid out by the Brothers Grimm in their Snow White fairytale. This was the original Evil Queen character, and it was her characterization that Adam and Eddy based Regina on. Snow White is a quick read, and what we find is a character whose end goal is to be the most beautiful person in all the land. It wasn’t enough for her to be beautiful. She had to be the most beautiful person out of everyone. This is what drove her to attack Snow White, who held the “title” of most beautiful, repeatedly. And even after she thought she had succeeded, she still kept asking her magic mirror every day, “Who is the fairest of them all?” So here was a woman who constantly needed validation on top of ensuring that she already held the position she strove for. So already we have three traits that define the Evil Queen character: she’s envious, she’s obsessive, and she’s insecure.

      Not surprisingly, these are the three traits that also define Regina. The envy and the insecurity sort of combine to form self-pity, which in turn drives the obsession.

      (Sidebar #1: The fact that Regina is getting sneakier and sneakier with her schemes as the show progresses is also a quality that comes from the Evil Queen character from the Brothers Grimm. Every time after the first that the Evil Queen came to try to kill Snow White, she only got sneakier and sneakier with her tricks.)

      So Adam and Eddy have remained quite consistent when it comes to Regina’s characterization over the years. They still remain consistent to this day. What you have to understand is that I’m not against Regina having a happy ending. But considering this character, with these base qualities (most especially her “envious heart”, which the Brothers Grimm took great care in emphasizing, because it drove her obsessive desire to have “it all”), it’s very difficult for me to see it.

      The Evil Queen’s actions throughout Snow White were driven by her desire to have “most”. She wasn’t content with having “it”. She wasn’t content with having “more”. She needed to have “most”. This is what drove her obsession with killing Snow White—her envious heart. So even if the writers do give Regina a happy ending, her basic characterization says that she won’t be content with it. She’ll always be envying something else that someone else has, and that will drive her obsession to get her hands on that as well. This is exactly what we’re seeing on the show.

      All throughout Season 2 and 3, all Regina wanted was Henry. She wanted him all to herself. Then she relented a tiny bit and settled for just being a part of his life at all. The 3A finale happened, and she lost him. But then in 3B, when Henry couldn’t remember her, she got Robin. Robin made her happy for a little bit, but then she saw Henry and remembered she wanted him too. Keep in mind that the Evil Queen’s basic characterization states that her “envious heart” knows no rest. So when she got Henry back at the end of 3B, but lost Robin to Marian’s return, her basic characterization, again, concludes that she would then obsesses over trying to reacquire Robin.

      The Evil Queen is a woman who is insecure, and driven by her envious desire to have “it all”.

      Do you know how many people in this world have “it all”?


      If the Evil Queen can never truly be happy without having “it all”, then she can never truly be happy.

      It’s as simple as that.

      The only person standing in the way of Regina and her happy ending… is Regina.

      So that’s what I have on that end.

      (Sidebar #2: There’s also an additional reason, from a structural perspective, as to why I’m not convinced Regina will get her happy ending, and it has to do with the fact that she and Emma are foils, and their conflict drives the plot of the show (half the time). For a more thorough explanation on that, see THIS post.)

      Now with regards to Robin… Listen, I don’t want to be discouraging here. That’s the last thing I want to be. And I’m not Anti-OQ. I’m pretty neutral to them in general. I thought they were cute together in the short time that they were, but the relationship never really felt “earned” to me, so I never really got on board with it. And the thing is Robin Hood is actually my all-time favorite fairytale character. I’ve seen a great many incarnations of Robin Hood (modern, classical, straight, parody, television show, etc), and I love nearly all of them. I got into archery because of Robin Hood. But here’s the thing…

      If the writers had planned an arc for Robin that spanned more than half a season, they would have made him a regular. That’s… just it. I mean, it could happen in the future, but that’s all I know right now. When Colin first came on the show, they immediately made him a regular as soon as they saw how 2.04-2.06 turned out. That means they had a major arc for him planned from the get-go. (Well, it’s a helluva lot more than a major arc now; he’s the leading man.) They didn’t make Michael Raymond James a regular until Season 3 (if I recall), which means that they didn’t have a major arc for him planned until that season, and when they did, they immediately cast him as a regular (to keep other studios from sweeping him up). That major arc spanned just a little over half a season. This year, they cast Michael Socha as a regular. That means they have a major arc planned for him that spans more than half a season (he’s in 4A, and he has a major storyline in 4B). So the fact that the writers didn’t make Sean a regular is kind of a red flag. It means that they’re not really concerned with other studios getting him under contract, which implies that the arc they have planned for him doesn’t span more than half a season. So…

      That may not have been something that you wanted to hear, and I’m really sorry for that, but I’m just calling it like I see it. The situation may change in the future, but from what I’m looking at right now, this is how things are. Don’t let this get you down, though. There are plenty more elements to this show that are thoroughly enjoyable. Okay? I hope I answered your question (as discouraging as the response might have been). Let me know if there’s anything else I can answer.

      Thanks so much for the ask! :-)

      PS: Okay! So I got a CS vs RR question, one about prospective Davy Jones storylines, 4-5 quick ones, which will probably be the ones that I get to today, as well as some private messages, seeing as how it’s Sunday and most everyone will be obsessing over the new episode (most likely). Then there’s a really good one about some visuals inside the “Honeymoon” house that I totally missed the first time, but caught after that, and it is awesome, so I’ll be filling that one up with screencaps and gifs. And then there are quite a number of asks after that, so… if any of you asked me a question in the last couple of days, I really, REALLY appreciate your patience. :-)