whosdownforstickball1017 replied to your postany year where the redskins aren’t the biggest…

dont forget the vikings, rams, cards, and dolphins!

the rams got unlucky with their injuries and they play the redskins next week so anything could happen

the cardinals had the redskins beat but somehow they fucked it up. they also have larry fitzgerald. plus they’re in the best state in the union

the dolphins are some ass.

the vikings are some filthy ass. took a shit but didn’t wipe properly - that kind of ass. donovan mcnabb is the scrub of all scrubs

whosdownforstickball1017 replied to your post: Shows I’m Currently Watching

American Horror Story, The Wire. Ummm…did you finish Mad Men? The Walking Dead too if you’ve never seen it. Just had it’s midseason finale. Not that many eps.

See, now you KNOW I’ve watched the wire already.

I never did finish Mad Men… not too sure why… 

Yeah I don’t know why I haven’t been watching the Walking Dead, I’ve seen episodes here and there and I loved em, I just haven’t been able to dedicate myself to it.