I don’t know if y’all know, but NBC bought the comedy called Mail Order Family. (Source)

This show apparently “follows a widowed single father who orders a mail-order bride from the Philippines to help raise his two preteen daughters”. It is supposed to be a sitcom.

And let the fucking anger commence.

1. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS UGLY. Racist? Check! HUMAN TRAFFICKING? Check! Fetishization of Asian women? Check! There is not ONE THING funny about ANY OF THESE TOPICS. 

2. This is loosely based off of the writer’s life whose dad DID THIS. You can hear her talk about her experience DISGUSTINGLY here. (Source) Literally, listening to this alone made me so angry. She talks about how she wanted to connect with the mail order bride, so she basically tried to be Asian? She tried to flatten her nose to look “more Filipina”. She legit said that she considered herself Filipina. She talks about how the mail order bride her father BOUGHT wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH for her as a mother, and she defended her father through it all… HER FATHER ALSO HAS A SECOND SECRET FAMILY IN THE PHILIPPINES. Just a lot of ugly and a lot of fetishizing of Asian women. She also talked about it here in this article. (Source)

3. LET!!!!!!!!! PIN@Y!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give them roles. SE Asians are often seen as Not Asian by white people and East Asians, and we barely see them in media. REPRESENTATION FUCKING MATTERS.

4. Jackie was terribly RACIST in trying to defend her RACIST ideas on Twitter. I don’t have the Time to pull up every ugly thing she’s said today, but… it’s just ugly.

5. CANCEL!!!! THIS!!!! SHOW!!!!

I have more thoughts, but I’m pressed for time. I made a small thread on Twitter about why this whole thing is bullshit if you want to read more.

Fuck. This. Show.

My reaction to [Donald Trump]’s comments about Mexicans isn’t important. What matters is that the world reacted, and he saw that speech has consequences. You can say the most hateful shit you want, and you can be boisterous and loud and get attention, and that has worked very well, but it’s going to have consequences. If Trump performs the magic trick of making working-class people believe in a guy who spends his father’s money, more power to him. But it’s an illusion. This is not a working-class hero.

We’ve had characters like Trump in American politics forever, characters who trade on xenophobia. I don’t have to remind you of the “Irish Need Not Apply” signs at the end of the 19th century. This happens in waves, and I’m trying to take the long view.

Benchwarmers//Stiles Stilinsnki

Requested by Anon

(A/N): Reader, living out their college years away from their hometown, decides to visit their father the infamous lacrosse coach at Beacon Hills. During their stay they take an interest in a certain benchwarmer.

Warnings: None :)


The thin layer of fabric that wrapped around your frame did very little to stop your shuddering teeth. Sitting on the chilled metal of the bleachers probably didn’t help your cause much as you tried to rub your hands together for some heat. You grinned as you caught the eye of your father, who motioned you towards him. Standing from your spot, you dodge around the mass of people that surrounded your place, quickly approaching him.

“Dad,” you call out, running into his warm arms. He plants a quick peck on the top of your head before pulling away.

“Muffin, you came,” he remarked happily, flashing you a foreign smile. You rolled your eyes playfully at the nickname, letting a grin grace your chapped lips.

“Why do you seem so surprised?” you retort, stepping out of his grip. He shrugs his shoulders slightly, sticking his hands into his pockets bashfully. Even you were surprised by his odd behaviour.

“Well, you haven’t been around much lately and…” your dad began, while in the distance a pair of teenage eyes watched the exchange in awe.

“Whoa… Who’s that?” Stiles questions unsteadily, having trouble executing his poor excuses some might call push ups.

“Dude, that’s Coach’s daughter, (Y/N), ” Scott grunted in a warning tone, continuing to execute his own perfectly. “The one that graduated like two years ago… The one you tried to ask out freshman year, but all of her friends laughed at you, remember?”

“Oh, yeah,” he trailed off, picking himself off the ground. His eyes scan over your body, taking in every feature of your body. “She’s so hot.”

“Forget about it, man,” Scott chuckles, leaning against his knees. “You keep seating the bar way too high for yourself. I mean, if Lydia won’t go out with you, what makes you think a college girl will?”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Scott,” Stiles deadpanned, before rolling his eyes. “Do you really think she’s that far out of my league?”

“A girl like that? I don’t think even Jackson has a chance,” Scott says, pursing his lips together. Stiles sighs, gazing at you as you and Coach laughed. Your smile made Stiles’ heart race rapidly.

“Game on!” Coach screamed, clapping his hands together repeatedly. Much to Stiles’ displeasure, he was stuck on the bench with Greenberg. Although it was nothing out of the ordinary, Stiles wanted to impress you, or at least get your attention. He groans quietly as he stomps over to the bench, slumping over in self-pity. Embarrassing flashbacks of freshman year attacked his mind, making him cringe from the shock.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” your voice questions, snapping Stiles out of his thoughts. He looked like a deer in headlights as you motioned towards the empty spot by his side.

“Uh, yeah. Sure, of course,” he stammers, scooting over for you while clumsily sending a pile of water bottles tumbling over the edge of the bench. He smiles timidly as you sit down, mentally slapping himself across the face.

You glance towards him once again, attempting to remember where you had seen his face before. He looked so familiar, but it had been quite a while since you had visited your hometown.

“Oh, I remember you now!” you exclaimed suddenly, taking Stiles by surprise. “You were a freshman my senior year. Uh, Miles, was it?” You say, scraping your brain for anymore information.

“It Stiles actually…but no worries!” he reassures immediately. “You’re (Y/N), right?” A light shade of pink dusted his cheeks, but you brushed it off, deciding to blame the chilly weather.

“Yep, that’s me,” you smiled towards him. The game continued, and it was no surprise that the Beacon Hills Cyclones immediately jumped into the lead. With each score, you and Stiles jumped out of your seats,  occasionally bumping arms or letting your fingertips brush. Which would instantly be met by a flustered apology by Stiles, making your heart flutter each time.

Soon there was only thirty seconds left in the game, and it was obvious who the winner would be. Racing down the field was a player with the number 14 sprawled on their back followed by members of the opposing team close behind. Traces of tension full the air as the final countdown behind, but soon vanish as their opponents break away. The ball flies through the net with ease as the crowd bursts into loud cheers. You and Stiles scream as you fly off the bench, mirroring the roaring crowd.

Without thinking you throw your arms around his padded shoulders, bringing him in closer. Maybe it was because of the overjoyed feeling in your chest, or the romantic tension that had been building up between the two of you all night. Either way, the bone crushing hug sent butterflies to your stomach especially as his arms slowly wrapped around you. Closing your eyes in content as you find peace in his enchanting cologne, you seem to forget about the game. You hear a whistle, causing you to abruptly snap out of your thoughts and pull away from him.

“Oh my, God. I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to–”

“No, i-it’s fine. I actually really liked it,” Stiles blurted before throwing a hand over his gaping mouth. Your cheeks flushed slightly as a bashful smile curled at your lips. “I-I mean–”

“Good, because I really liked hugging you too,” you admit shyly, looking into his caramel eyes. You both stand silently for a moment, letting the words marinate in the cool air.

“So…” Stiles cleared his throat. “How would you feel if I were to ask you on a date? Hypothetically of course…”

“Then I would hypothetically say yes,” you answer with a smile. A gust of wind flows through your hair, sending shivers up your spine. A smile tugged at the corners of Stiles lips, prompting a warm feeling to rush through your cold body.

“Do you, maybe, want to–”

“(Y/N)!” your dad yelled, making you jump in surprise. You looks back at the coach, who was glaring holes through the poor boy. A sudden rush of adrenaline flows through your veins.

“Meet me here tomorrow around 5,” you suggest, more of a command than a question, but Stiles nods wordlessly. Smiling as you heart practically thumps out of your chest, you lean forward to place a spontaneous kiss on his blushing cheek. “Until then.”

As you turn on your heel, Stiles raises a hand to his cheek in disbelief, wondering if this was all just a dream.


This will be the last ‘Coach’s Daughter’ for a while. Sorry, guys I’m just running out of ideas and it’s probably getting a little old for you as well, but I appreciate all of your requests. Thanks for reading!


Here is the colored and cleaned up version of my bdReset josuke!

Joel Higashikata is a 19 year old kid from Morioh, Japan. While back home Joel competed in several Japanese Draft Horse races ( Ban'ei racing ) but has since quit the sport. His experience with horse races gives Joel a pretty good shot at winning it all.

Not only has Joel come to America to win the SBR prize money but to track down his biological father who’s also entered the race!

Though his father has no clue of Joel’s existence, Joel is determined to meet the man. Not knowing what his father looks will be tricky but according to his mother Joel’s father has the same star birthmark as he does.

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For translation, from my father. He had taken my iPod from me as a joke and I was talking to me my girlfriend (who my father is unaware of) and I thought saying that I was talking to someone cute would make him give it back to me. He replied: "what's her name? I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I know you wouldn't date a girl."

I know I should translate this but for some reason I can’t stop laughing. I’ve been in a few situations like this and I nearly always give away that I’m gay. I’m just remembering them and all the looks the people gave me afterwards. I’m always just like “crap, these straight people probably think I fancy them now. UGHHH”

It’s always horrible though when they just assume. Like being straight is a baseline and anything else is just absurd.

(Also, I didn’t translate cos I just can’t find the right words but I did want to reply)

I firmly believe Azula’s behaviour is mostly a result of her paranoia, the mistreatment/misunderstanding she had to face. I know she is very young and her behaviour, although alarming, could be based on the very militaristic and success-demanding surrounding she grows up in. Especially her father, a cold and cruel man, expects a lot from his child prodigy, since he basically chose to ignore his first-born son, Prince Zuko. Because Zuko seeks the love and protection of Ursa, Azula orients herself more and more towards her father, who is incapable of truly loving neither his wife nor his children nor anyone else. It’s Ozai’s severe lack of conscience, his cold-heartedness and his hard, unforgiving demeanor, that rub off on Azula and eventually shape her personality from a very early age. She herself turns into a very hard, unforgiving and success-driven woman (“almost isn’t good enough”), whose aggressions not only turn towards others but also against herself and who has completely abandoned her capability for empathy. If anything it’s Ozai who suffers from a severe form of psychopathy and his mental condition causes a lot a pain and chaos among the people he lives with.

| “She is evil!”

See, this is something I never understood. Nobody is born evil -not even Ozai, remember that picture of him as innocent baby play by the beach- and actions can’t be solely labelled as good or bad. It’s a tremendous oversimplification and ignorant to say the least. I personally think Azula is a multi-layered and three-dimensional character, and not considering her sociocultural background is, in fact, wrong because we do have to consider it to form sufficient conclusions in which we take the context into account. Is it really a mistake on her part that she follow the Fire Nation rules, although said rules are right and for enlightenment by the Fire Nation doctrine?

  • Level 11 of Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS:You shrink yourself and enter the bloodstream of an olympic athlete so you can encourage his blood cells to fight off a disease, also his blood cells are sexy nurses with giant syringes
  • Level 12 of Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS:You help a small girl cope with the loss of her father, who died in a car accident
  • Level 13 of Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS:LET'S DANCE, PUT ON YOUR RED SHOES AND DANCE THE BLUES

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The woman in the cloak walks up to Jamie and kisses his forehead. "What a lucky child you are, darling!" She smiles, her face not revealed. "You are so lucky to have such a talented, and beautiful mother, and a father who has a daycare of his own. You have two loving parents, isn't that just wonderful?" She asks.

CTPJ: *Smiles and holds Ania close* Thank you Miss~

Ania: *suspicious of this woman* thanks

INFINITE Takes 1st Win For "The Eye" On "M!Countdown," Performances By GOT7, APink, Dal Shabet, And More | Soompi
INFINITE has taken home the trophy for their latest track! On September 29's episode of Mnet's "M!Countdown,” Red Velvet's "Russian Roulette" was up agains

INFINITE has taken home the trophy for their latest track!

On September 29’s episode of Mnet’s “M!Countdown,” Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” was up against INFINITE’s “The Eye” for the win. INFINITE ends up taking first place with a score of 7,714 points to Red Velvet’s 7,665 points. The group thanks their agency staff, each other, their families, and their fans. Dongwoo especially thanks his father, who passed away recently.

[ ;;&. starter for @esuricnt - mainly bc i miss these two horrible human beings; ]

it had been a month, a month since they’d left home and decided to travel the country. having seen enough crime shows, stephen had withdrawn thousands of dollars of cash thanks to his father who thought they were on a road trip, so every hotel they stayed at, they could pay that way and use different names so there was never a trail. it was exhilarating, being on the run, even though they weren’t actually being chased yet, no word of any murders being connected. that was another way he was careful though, he did every single one differently so they thought it was different people, and with how easy it was, stephen was getting off on it more as time went on. stephen had taken to robbing people too, stealing money to pay for hotel rooms, and it was how he was able to afford the penthouse suit for them for the night, instead of a cheap motel like they’d been staying in. in his eyes, they deserved it and they were miles away from where they had last murdered someone, a hire car getting them to their location. “wanna go and get fucked up at the local club tonight?” stephen asked as he pulled a shirt over his head, looking down at his step sister who was lying on the bed after he’d fucked her good. it wasn’t as exciting as doing it after they’d murdered someone, but it was still good all the same, definitely the best fuck he’d ever had. “we could go down, do some dancing, get drunk, see if someone pisses us off enough that we wanna kill them…” it was said so nonchalantly that it was almost second nature to stephen now, it was his life and he wouldn’t have changed it for anything. “wear that dress i bought you yesterday, the red one that stops mid thigh.”

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hey, who is benny?

Benny is the nickname of Bernice Summerfield, companion of the seventh Doctor, archaeologist from the future, mom, and all-around delightful character. She was introduced in Paul Cornell’s (the guy who wrote Father’s Day and Human Nature/The Family of Blood) 1992 Doctor Who novel Love and War, and since has had tons of adventures in books, comics, audio stories, and even animation. Hell, Steven Moffat’s first official work for Doctor Who was Continuity Errors, a short story with Benny and the seventh Doctor. Just recently she even met the Twelfth Doctor in a book called Big Bang Generation. She’s basically the queen of the Doctor Who expanded universe.

I was tagged by @wishiwerenothere (thank you 😽)

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1.How old are you?
 27 (some anons think i should die bc too old for tcc 😂)

2. Current Job. A corrector at the publishing house

3. Dream job?
 A writer of my own articles 

4 .What are you talented at? 
Making people frustrated and disappointed in me

5. What is a big goal you are working towards/ have already achieved? Control my anger and emotions, also go to sleep before 3am

6. What’s your aesthetic? Sleeping in cozy bed, then wake up in good mood and then wake up again and understand that previous thing was just a sleep

7. Do you collect anything? Actually i have a big collection of money from different countries but it was my father who started this, so i’m just keeping it

8. What is a topic you always bring up in conversation? “What did you eat?”

9. What’s a pet peeve of yours? I can’t stand people without sense of humor, ignorant people, religious, who get things very slowly and just very conservative

10. Good advice to give? Don’t try to attract everyone, even if 1000000 people will love you, 1000001 will hate you for nothing 😋

11. Recommend three songs!

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin - Je t'aime… moi non plus

Spooky Black - Without you 

Pearl Kyoudai - Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi 

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u read the new ch right? what're your thoughts on inasa now?

Mmmm I think it’s wrong of him to group Todo to his sorry excuse for a father. I mean I get  that he hates Endeavor (who doesn’t?) but to take it out on Todoroki is kinda messed up. Especially with0 all that Endeavor did to Todoroki.


I mean if this is gonna lead to some form of development where Todo shows Inasa that he’s nothing like his father than I’m okay with that. I know class a does it but I think everyone needs to see Todoroki for who HE is and not who his father is.

I have mixed feelings about Inasa now but I still think he’s a good character that might give more impact to the manga for as long as he’s shown. I’m curious yet excited for how his role is gonna play out

So the Townville, SC shooter is a white male who killed his father then went to a local school's playground to try & kill small children...

Let’s see:
- Already not called “terrorism” because yanno…not Brown.
- Countdown to “he was mentally ill” &
that’s why he was homeschooled
- “He was really a good kid, he just snapped”.

I knew that he was going to be white tho. Shooting at innocents? Only tackled? Not murdered by cops?

Well, we know how it would’ve gone if he’d had a permanent tan.

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If your taking request still can you do a stilinski triplets and their sister(y/n) imagine using 57,73,99 ✨ps do you have a master list ✨

(By Stilinski triplets, I assume you mean Stuart, Stiles and Thomas. If it’s not then don’t hesitate to tell me and I’ll change it and I was thinking about making a masterlist, I’ll se what I can do)

Originally posted by elegantshadowwolf

If we die I’m going to haunt your ass” you hissed at your older brothers, tragically, you had three of them. “We’re not going to die y/n, you being over dramatic, like Stiles” Stuart giggled, his laugh being cut short when he tripped over something and toppled to the ground, alerting your father who was in his office.

“Awe, good going Stuart, we were supposed to be sneaking” Stiles sighed sarcastically. “Hey don’t blame me, y/n tripped me up” he said defensively, holding up his hands, forgetting the whole ’ be quiet’ rule.

“Shut up guys” Thomas shushed, “We might draw attention to ourselves and we’re supposed to be grounded, not snooping around in the Sheriff’s station, if dad finds out he-”

“Wont be happy” you father cut in from behind Thomas. “Oh, hey dad, funny seeing you here” Stiles laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck as you face palmed. “I work he Stiles” he said angrily, making Stiles gulp.

“We’ll be going now, won’t we siblings” Stiles rushed, quickly ushering all of you out of the station and into his jeep.

That wasn’t your night over though, you were planning on sneaking out and meeting your boyfriend and your favourite club, the Sinema.

“Ah, Ah, Ahhh” the boys muttered as they flicked on the lights, making you mutter a cuss word under your breath. “Looks like someone’s been cutting you’re skirt” Stuart said, his eyebrows furrowed as he looked a your outfit.

The skirts supposed to be this short” you stated obviously, jumping when you heard a knock at the door. You opened it to see your boyfriend, looking very displeased with you being late.

“Where the hell have you been” he asked gruffly, an angry glare resting on his face. “I was uh- I was just leaving” you stuttered nervously, trying not to let your brothers see how nervous your boyfriend made you, not in a good way either.

“Hurry up” he grunted as he turned on his heal and began making his way to his car with you in tow. Your brothers watched you sat in the passenger seat, they watched as you appeared to be yelling at each other.

You say the nastiest things when you’re angry, so yes, I’m walking away from you now” you spat angrily, though your voice was clouded with tears, the boys heard that loud and clear as you exited the car. He got out too and began chasing you up the path, sending your brothers into protective mode.

“We’re over” you called over your shoulder as you swung open the door, not even noticing your brother still standing there. “NEVER LIKED YOU ANYWAY, LITTLE BITCH” he yelled after you, turning around only to come face to face with and angry Thomas.

“Now, Now, Now, was there any need to talk to my baby sister like that” he said, squinting slightly as if he were actually asking a question. “She’s your sister, unlucky dude, feel sorry for you having to put her with that bitch” he laughed, Thomas was appalled that someone could think that of you, such a sweet girl and he wasn’t having it.

“Is that so” he hummed before pulling his fist back and landing it forcefully onto your ex’s face. “And I don’t want to see you near her again, you hear me” he growled, watching as blood dripped from the boys nose.

“Yeah, yeah I got it, just don’t punch me again” he rushed, quickly passing Thomas and running to his car in fear of another punch.

“You did that for me” you sniffled, a small smile on your lips as you fleet the presence of your other two brothers behind you in the door way.

“No body talks that way about my little sister” he said softly as he engulfed you in a tight hug and kissed the top of your head. You soon felt two more sets of arms wrapping around you. To people passing by, you must have looked weird, four siblings just hugging out on the drive way, but you couldn’t care less at that moment.

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FASHA IS YOUR MOM!?!?!?!?!? So Who is your father?

“Here’s an old Family photo! My mom is to my right, while my Dad is to my left! Mom calls him OT, but I don’t know his real name really”