whos widdit!

So what you been up to?

Dedication, passion and loyalty don’t mean shit anymore. I’m talking about someone who’s not afraid of looks opinions of others’ and just vibe their own groove. Someone who’s unique and defies the stereotype of our generation. I want to see more driven individuals who know the meaning of hard work, value the chump change and has a mindset ready to flip a dollar to a hundred. Someone who has heart when it comes to anything, everything, and everyone. I see people ready to fuck around and have fun, investing a significant amount of time and energy on short term gains. I wanna fuck with someone who’s widdit to become great - someone who’s about the big picture, the dreams, goals and aspirations. Together, we’ll be, do and see extraordinary things. I want to be this person’s favorite person, their boost of encouragement, and daily dose of motivation. This is what I’ve been up to if you ask me. I’ve been working to become this, a better version of me in order to attract a better him. You cannot expect to find qualities in another person, if you first do not achieve them yourself. I want one person to be about who’s been about me because whats a thousand rocks to a diamond? I wanna be high asf on life, choppin’ on success with my dude and making it my bitch.