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isn’t james still taking cat’s place at catco? what did he think about kara getting fired? would he be able to do anything in his position? would he even want to? does james even know??? does kara ever talk to him anymore? didn’t they agree to be friends? where is james 87% of the time when we don’t see him? why are the writers forgetting who james is and what his role in the show is? who is this monk elk and why is he in my house

Sun in the Astrological Houses

Your sense of identity & purpose is directly related to: 

 ☼ Sun in the 1st House: Your behavior, personal concerns, interests and style. Your Self-image is a main theme in your life, so you’re very careful and/or self-conscious when it comes to projecting yourself. 
☼ Sun in the 2nd House:  What you’re able to maintain, build or achieve (esp. materially). Security is a main theme in your life, so you may be overly possessive, materialistic or eternally unsatisfied.
☼ Sun in the 3rd House: Your communication skills and your ability to understand concepts, ideas and people’s behaviors. Your mental abilities and intelligence are part of who you fundamentally are.
☼ Sun in the 4th House: Your private life, home (literal or not) and your roots. Personal fulfillment comes as you lay foundations and form bonds. You feel complete when you know where you belong.
☼ Sun in the 5th House: Your unique qualities and ability to demonstrate them. You need an outlet for your personal potential and thus strive to express yourself creatively and freely.
☼ Sun in the 6th House: Your daily work, to being busy and productive, organizing and fixing things, and not wasting your time. Being useful and efficient is part of who you are, just like helping others.
☼ Sun in the 7th House: Your partnerships and relationships, so you may care too much about how others feel about you. You dislike being alone, and you enjoy life better when you’re with other people. 
☼ Sun in the 8th House: Your experiences, discoveries and the fulfillment of your deepest desires, but also to the grasp you have on your inner hidden self. You’re anything but superficial.
☼ Sun in the 9th House: Your thirst for learning as your desire to get in touch with the different, the foreign and unknown helps you attaining higher consciousness, the truth and pure knowledge.
☼ Sun in the 10th House: Your public image, your social position and recognition. You seek personal fulfillment above all, and achieving your goals is of the utmost importance.
☼ Sun in the 11th House: Your connections and groups you fit in, but also to your hopes for this world and personal dreams. You feel complete among like-minded people in terms of interests/goals/ideals, but you praise diversity and tend to avoid bias.
☼ Sun in the 12th House: Your inner world, but you fear expressing it, so you hide. You’re highly introspective and your will is directed inwards making you feel isolated and passive. You daydream away your life.
-crystal melbourne | within the zodiac | “where’s my sun?”

The Stereotypical Types as Siblings

ENFJ: The elder sibling who’s sort of popular but like not sports/cheer popular and hates everyone else’s siblings

ENTP: The bossy elder sibling who intimidates the shit out of their younger sibling’s friends but their younger sibling loves them because they’re actually really fun to be with

ESTP: The (probably younger) sibling who never leaves the house unless it’s to play Pokemon Go and their parents are “kinda” disappointed in them

ESFJ: The “cool” sibling who /is/ the popular kid at school and does cheer and is really sweet and nice and does anything they can to get away from the annoying little play dates their younger siblings bring along

ENTJ: The elder sibling whose younger sibling’s friends are constantly intimidated by and always avoid even though they [entj] dont always mean to be that scary

ENFP: The younger sibling who everybody likes because they’re so outgoing and nice but secretly they’re emo shits

ESTJ: They’re like the second mother and annoys the shit outta their younger siblings because c'mon, why have a second mother when you have a real one yknow

ESFP: The younger sibling who’s cooler than the elder sibling (and they know it) and they have a ton of friends and wakes up with new things to talk about during breakfast every day

INTP: The sibling who their parents are the most disappointed in because they’re nothing like what their parents hoped to be like they’re good siblings but they’re just not what was supposed to happen

INTJ: The sibling who never leaves their room and has a shrine of their obsession in a corner and they always cry over their grades even though they have like straight A+’s

INFP: They’re the hippie of the family and they probably have peace signs painted in pig’s blood on their wall but they love their family so much even though they complain about them 24/7

INFJ: The elder sibling who actually hangs out with their younger siblings and watches the same tv shows as them and goes to cons n stuff probably the perfect elder sibling

ISTJ: The sibling who has their fifty friends over all the time one by one but they lowkey hate them all so they shove their friends to their siblings to deal with and their siblings are better friends with them anyway

ISTP: They’re their younger siblings’ model but also not because they’re so uncomfortable to be around at first but otherwise they’re the sibling you want to become but not have yknow

ISFP: The sibling who sorta disappears a lot but always comes back alive with some new story to tell. Most likely to become a vagabond lmao

ISFJ: The really distant sibling who’s always worried about the future and seems like they don’t really care about others but those who are close to them know that they care a whole whole lot and that they just get caught up in their work a lot

6 Sarcastic Guys’ Conversation.

6 SARCASTIC GUYS’ CONVERSATION (SEVERAL FANDOMS CROSSOVER): Fanfic? (because I wanted to write this ever since I saw a post similar to this)

Who’s in the house?

-  House

-  Jack Sparrow

-  Tony Stark

-  Sherlock

-  Dean Winchester

-  …?

What do they have in common?

(You don’t have to know all of the characters)

Narcissism, sarcasm, some are genius’, most are experts in their work, all of them have drinking/drug dependencies, most have childhood issues and are secretly full of angst, etc.

Summary: This is just them, trapped in a room together, with no idea how they got there or how to get out. There may be more characters to come…

Warnings: Not much, a bit of swearing.

Comments are well appreciated (nice comments, helpful comments etc.)

Part 1

Jack: Now, the real question remains: Where is the rum?

House glared at him.

House: That’s not the real question, dumbass. I wanna know what the hell we’re doing here.

Tony: Maybe it’s a house party.

Sherlock is bent down by the door, his nose alarmingly close to the floor.

Tony: Ok, curly, what’re you doing now?

Sherlock looks up frowning, realising he’s being addressed.

Sherlock: I’m checking to see what substances there are in order to determine where we are, which is a lot more than any of you lot are doing.

Tony: *huffs* Well, excuse me, princess-

House: There’s no way of getting out of here.

House is sat by the window, and everyone looks up to him. He motions to the window with his cane.

House: These windows are fake. That door is impenetrable, the walls are made with considerable strength, as we’ve found out, and none of us geniuses have any idea why we’re here, where we are, how we got here, or who sent us here.

Everyone was quiet.

Jack: Well, I for one, am not a genius – just to clarify.

Sherlock sighs and sits up against the wall.

Tony: Find anything?

Sherlock: No. There’s no evidence, no substances, no clues – just nothing.

He looked sullenly ahead.

Tony: Well, my Iron Man suit should be here anytime now.

Sherlock: It’s not going to work…

Tony screwed his eyes at him.

Tony: Well, I don’t think your ‘sniffing around’ is exactly doing to much to solve this problem either-

Jack: Ok, ok, ladies, lets settle down, shall we? Look, we only have each other in this neat room of ours, and if we start fighting, it all goes downhill from there, and frankly, I think we’d all know who would be the only one standing after that.

Jack smiled smugly to himself.

House sighs and mutters something like ‘imbecile’.

Jack: What was that now?

Sherlock looked over as House sighs, and rubs his leg with his hand, his cane to the side.

Tony: What happened to you?

House looks up and replies sarcastically: I tripped.

Tony: Well don’t get your knickers in a twist, Doc, I was only asking.

Sherlock: He got shot.

House looked over to him.

House: How the hell do you know that?

Jack: Oh, God, don’t ask him for an explanation, I’m beggin’ you.

Sherlock: Well, it’s clear from the way he holds his leg that he’s in obvious pain-

Jack: Here we go..

Sherlock, ignoring the interruption: and he’s used to it according to the heavy bags under his eyes from sleepless nights, and he’s bitter, a sign of long-lasting pain, so why wouldn’t you do something about it? Well, it’s obvious he’s tried drugs-

House: Shut the hell up.

Sherlock: – takes one to know one – but they didn’t work out, did they? Got too dependent on them, so now you just have to take the pain – and by yourself – I mean, it’s obvious that you’re lonely.

House stands up with his cane: I said SHUT UP!

He went over to Sherlock and squared up to him.

Tony and Jack looked at each other wide-eyed.

House: You think you’re some big genius, who can just figure everyone out by one look-

Sherlock: Well, yea, pretty much-

But suddenly there was a big BANG as the door came flying inwards.
They all shielded themselves as the door was smashed down and smoke covered them, some of them coughing, as Sherlock quickly walking over the new body that was now on the floor, coughed through the smoke and went through the door, just to see another door a few feet behind it.

Sherlock: Dammit.

House looked around.

House: Everyone alright?
Jack: Just dandy

House grimaced as he put his cane down and knelt to the man on the floor, turning him onto his back so they could see him, Tony kneeling next to him.

Tony: You know him?

House: Nope.

House leant down to check the man’s breathing, when suddenly he snapped up and looked around frantically, his golden necklace swaying across his chest.

Man: What the hell – oh, son of a bitch.

He held onto his head, wincing slightly and cursed to himself.

House: What’s your name? Do you know how you got here?

Sherlock and Jack crowded round to listen.

Man: Name’s Dean Winchester. And I have no clue, man.

Allow me to suggest: childhood sweethearts Blush headcanon

  • Blink and Mush who grow up in neighbouring houses
  • They hold hands and toddle around sharing juice boxes. It’s adorable.
  • At school when everyone is getting ‘married’ they decide they don’t like any of the girls so they marry each other
  • At first all the adults think it’s cute but when they both start to get older (like 9 or 10) and they still hold hands, it’s suddenly 'inappropriate’ and their dads sit them down and tell them they have to stop
  • It lasts a couple of years, but then there’s a dance at school and Blink doesn’t want to ask a girl. He wants to ask Mush. They’re still friends, even if their parents put a stop to their cute lil fledgling romance, so Mush starts asking him who he’s interested in and he can only come up with vague replies for so long
  • Eventually he can’t keep lying so, one week before the dance, he buys a bunch of red roses from the corner shop with his pocket money and goes over to knock on Mush’s door. Mush’s mum answers and she gives Blink a knowing smile before calling Mush and retreating back to the kitchen, where she listens intently at the door as Blink stammers through a confession of his feelings and hands over the flowers
  • Mush gives him his first kiss in lieu of a verbal answer

No offence, but the only thing i care about is Colin stating that Killian’s the one who cooks in that house. Like…Killian Jones wakes up and cooks for his family every morning, and prepares dinner and maybe even meals to take away such as Emma and Henry’s snacks and lunches to take to school/work.

Can you imagine it?
No jacket, shirt cuffs rolled up and apron around his waist; smug grin on his face and eyes shining with love and happiness because he has a family and he’s glad he can take care of them.
Damn, i may cry.

nightmares end|| old man logan

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They shouldn’t end who you are. 

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Prompt - Requested by Anon: (Set before the events of Logan) You are one of the last living mutants - an empath, if you will. Your seclusion brought you into Logan Howletts life, and into his nightmares. 

AN: This is much shorter then stuff I’ve written in the past with very little dialogue to it. 

Rage. Guilt. Depression.

You quietly padded through the openness of the compound wearing nothing but sweatpants and a teeshirt, your hair pulled into a messy ponytail. It had been a particularly difficult day with Calliban and Charles but most of your available time was spent on your own. Replaying the Westchester Incident in your head over and over again, the visual images in your head so lifelike that you could almost hear the Xmens screams as they perished. 

Fingers curling around the doorknob, you silently entered the bedroom you’d been sharing with Logan for the past year. Your eyes flickered to the king sized bed shoved in the corner of the room where Logan was fast asleep on his stomach, his lips slightly parted and his face buried in the pillow. It was rare for him to get a full nights sleep, let alone come home to sleep with you. He’d retreated deeper into himself with the time you’d been in El Paso, so deep that those eyes you lost yourself in constantly were almost opaque. Lifeless, vacant, lonely. 

You sighed to yourself and peeled back the covers, lifting Logans arm and crawling beneath it while wrapping it back over your waist. Sighing deeply, you scooted backwards until your back was pressed against his chest. His body radiated warmth unlike any other man you’d been with, his arms a secure fortress, his lips your open gates to heaven itself. 

  “You deserve happiness.” You whispered, your voice carrying in the silence as you took Logans hand and slowly began tracing each individual scar that mapped his skin. “Ever since I met you I knew that deep down, there were remnants of the man you used to be before the Westchester Incident. A man made from loss and pain and tragedy, but who opened himself up enough to allow the beauty of what life can be rebirth the death that infested inside your heart. You are so good, Logan. The best man I have ever known.” 

It wasn’t twenty minutes later that you felt a shudder run through the bed, your eyes flickering open to see Logan was sitting upward with his arms extended, almost if he were trying to claw away an unseen predator waiting to pounce for the kill. 

  “Hey. It’s okay.” Your fingers ran up the veins in his arms and wrapped around his bicep, forcing him to gaze downward at you. Your eyes were thick with sleep but nonetheless you were smiling, your expression soft as you motioned him back down on the bed. “Another nightmare?” 

  “Another nightmare, another sleepless night.” Logan replied softly, pulling you flush against his body and resting his forehead in the space between your shoulder blades. “Makes things easier that you’re here.” You shivered as his breath ghosted over your skin, guiding his hands underneath your teeshirt to splay across your stomach. “Can you like-you know.. emit happiness or peace into my head.” 

You grinned widely as he peppered kisses against your skin, pressing your fingers against your temple and emitting peaceful thoughts into Logans consciousness. Your eyes grew heavy as you sank into his embrace, allowing the darkness of sleep to overtake you. 

  “Goodnight my angel.” 

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Have you read David Cantanese's article "Nancy Pelosi's Long Goodbye"? It's quite an interesting read. It's clear that the writer admires Pelosi, and writes about her in a sensitive, respectful way, while also lamenting the times we find ourselves in now. I'd recommend you give it a shot, and anyone who wants to learn a bit about Nancy Pelosi to do so.

No I haven’t, but I will check it out! Thank you 😊

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That's exactly why I never tell people I'm a Gryffindor... It's just who I am please don't make fun of my house...

I’m only goofing! Please don’t take what I say that seriously! Especially when I use emojis. I know that most people hear that so I just like to poke fun at it a bit!

all the houses are cool
But slytherin will remain supreme… B)


Hi! My names Natalie. I have a beautiful son called Michael who just turned 2. I am engaged and we just bought our first house :) I am looking for like minded mothers to connect with since being a stay-at-home mother can be tough and lonely at times. I am always open to talk to other mothers when they have no one else to talk to and need a shoulder to lean on or for extra support. It would be amazing to get to know some new people :)