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How does one make those gifs/videos of the game, like you do? The answer eludes me on google.

THIS IS A LOADED QUESTION HAHA. I’ll break down the basics into steps for anyone who’s interested! It’s something that takes a lot of trial and error.

Install video-capture software / Fraps

I use Fraps to screencap & videocapture. It’s free software, but you can get better quality imagery if you pay! The website kind of looks like a giant virus, but it’s a GREAT program. Once you install, I suggest flipping through the tabs and adjusting the key commands as you see fit. I use F12 for screenshotting and F9 for videocapture. Press F9 to start recording, then press it again to complete the capture.

Install an image-editing program / Photoshop

There are obviously many other image-editing programs out there, but Photoshop is probably your best bet. Once you’ve got your video, you need to import the clip into Photoshop.


To import the video go to ‘File > Import > Video Frames to Layers.’ From there, you need to select the clip you want to use. Keep in mind, the longer the clip, the more difficult to choose the precise moment you want.

When the clip is selected, you will need to decide the Range To Import. Click on ‘Selected Range Only’ and make sure to limit to every 2 frames, otherwise there will be too many frames. (Also make sure ‘Make Frame Animation’ is checked) Using those two gray arrows to the right, select a small slice of that clip to import. Try to keep it short because Tumblr won’t allow uploads of gifs over 2MB.

Press OK an it will make the frame animation for you!

The rest of the tutorial is under a read-more because I went overboard:

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Aw. :( They really shouldn’t have taken them out of the department store. I think I have one if you still need it.

Taking them out of the department store has been a terrible idea. I guess they didn’t want us players to abuse the evolutions… and I did receive a Firestone from a newly-made friend on here, but I realized that I would need another; I didn’t want to be greedy with that person, but if you are willing to part with one, I’d be more than appreciative. Is there anything you’re looking for that I can maybe compensate with?