Even The Most Beautiful Have The Darkest Secrets. (Fanfic)

Chapter 1

“Look at all these girls” Harry thought, sniffing the aroma in the cafeteria.

“Ugghh”, Liam said in disgust, pointing towards a group of blond girls with their boobs practically popping out of their tank tops.

“Look at those girls over there, they all smell like sex, just gross.” he said, with every ounce of disgust dripping off his tongue.

They sauntered towards their usual table, not even bothering to acknowledge the hundreds of girls checking them out.

“I smell……a very, very pure girl”, Louis snarled looking around puzzled. “I can’t recognize where the scent is coming from”.

“Maybe it’s the new girl?” Liam questioned, making a castle with his chicken tenders. “She seems inexperienced”, he laughed.

“I call dibbs!”, Niall replied fast, he hadn’t taken his eyes off of the new girl since he saw her at the library earlier.

“Now Niall, let’s play fair” Liam said. “Whoever she likes, they can ea- do whatever they want with her, kay mates?”.

They all agreed by doing their secret handshake that was created in kindergarten days. Those were the  days before they got bitten by that mysterious creature.