a dupla whopper azért drágább, mint a sima, mert költsége van annak, hogy a whopperben lévő húst így két vékonyabb szeletre tudják vágni


I want to see dancin’ Boobies… @jigglin n’ @wigglin in all their glory ! One day, i will see a @boobiebird!? I would also like to see a @redbreastedbird (Wren) & the Blue Tit bird (& start a @bluetit-blog). Maybe when i go back to uni, i will see many Boobies & Tits ? ! Afterall, we have lots of @treesandstix to house such beautiful @birdsonly . We also have a @mcdonalds nearby. I am @vegetarianvampire. For research purposes, i could ask @mcdonaldsstaff how much @whoppers are ! ? As the uni and @mcdonalds is close by, i may see many @whoppers-everywhere. I shall stay @abreast of this and @drink from jugs ! ? If it rains, maybe i could watch @birdlifevo or @ellendegeneres while i wait for class to start.

What did you expect from this post ? Blatant crudeness ? I am more dignified than this.

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Weiss feeds Yang and Blake 10 whoppers and some chocolate milk.

Yang and Blake both whimper out as their weight increases tremendously. Washing down the whoppers with chocolate milk also made their breasts expand out, being the final nail in the coffin that tore through their clothing. 

(This is based pretty much entirely on @mchanzo-whopper‘s headcanon number 25, so credit to them for the idea to write this! Enjoy this little thing I made based off of that headcanon)

Jesse McCree was not an idiot. If he was, he most likely would have been long dead. People didn’t come and save his ass very often, so he learned to save it himself. Hanzo Shimada assumed McCree was an idiot. Hanzo was always calling him various names insulting his intelligence, and due to this, Hanzo made an assumption that Jesse did not know Japanese. McCree gained much amusement from this when Hanzo first joined Overwatch, as he could very much understand Hanzo’s private mutterings.

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The brand #BurgerKing admitted that they have been used #HorseMeat in the #burgers and #whoppers. In the past, the Burger King, denied these accusations. The fast food chain, in Thursday has give up and #admitted that the tests were wrong and gave an #apology to its honest costumers. It was said that the firm which was producing horse meat for Burger King was called #Silvercrest. This company was delivering meat for #Tesco, #Asda and the Co-op too. The substances that this company was supplying were banned already for a year. #4biddenknowledge 😷😷😷😷😷

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Jonathan Groff on "Looking" and What's Next
The actor, who received a Tony nomination for “Hamilton,” is working on a David Fincher series for Netflix and saying goodbye to HBO’s “Looking.”
By Erik Piepenburg

Jonathan Groff showed off a photo on his phone. It was him, a baby faced and smiling fan meeting Sutton Foster at the stage door during her Tony Award-winning run in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” more than a decade ago. He swiped right, and there they were again. This time they were backstage — with Mr. Groff in a “Millie” wig — headlining a concert at City Center this month. The smile was still there.

And for good reason: Mr. Groff, at 31, is having a whopper of a year. He received a Tony nomination for playing King George in “Hamilton,” leaving to shoot a David Fincher series for Netflix.

Right now, Mr. Groff is smiling about “Looking: The Movie,” a 90-minute film-cum-finale with an HBO premiere on Saturday, July 23. Directed by one of the show’s creators, Andrew Haigh, the movie brings to an end a drama about a group of gay friends in San Francisco. The series divided viewers with its talky storytelling, go-there sex scenes and spotlight on Mr. Groff’s character, a narcissistic video game designer.

Despite lasting just two seasons, Mr. Groff said “Looking” would be remembered as an empowering way for gay men to see themselves on television, not “living vicariously through a woman,” as he did as an avid fan of “Sex and the City.”

Mr. Groff recently talked about the legacy of “Looking” and the church of Fincher. Following are edited excerpts from the conversation.

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And in case you are wondering

Vietnamese is vegitarian. I mean you can mess it up if you want but I just get the noodle bowl with veggies.

Yeah. When I eat sushi, I eat eel but that’s another issue I have. Eel is so tasty…but anyway.

I don’t eat BBQ anymore. Which sucks.

I don’t eat hamburgers anymore even thou whoppers are always on my mind.

I will fall back for Cuban sandwiches and street tacos.

But I never run into those out here.

So I’m down to like 170 pounds which is not what I wanted.

I wanted to gain weight. It’s like you can’t do it eating healthy. I used to eat whoppers all day and complain about my gut. Now I can see my ribs.

Damn I want ribs….


That One Rainy Afternoon | 7th of July

So my parents, my sister, and I drove around town to bring home some Mac n’ Cheetos and some avocados. It was mom’s idea and I chimed in immediately when she wanted to try the new bait from Burger King despite the stormy weather—I know. Bad Pia.

Surprise, surprise! We ended up getting none of those things. Nada. 

So instead of wasting the time and gas it took to get uphill to BK, we just punched in for some 4 cheese whoppers, a long chicken sandwich for my brother, some onion rings and fries. In an instant like Flash would, we dug in and shoved onions and potatoes in our mouths while dad’s the pilot, and mom who’s riding shotgun occasionally feeding him. 

I kept on looking at the window beside me, dreading the coldness. It was indeed snuggle weather but in the little hellhole where I come from, such thing doesn’t exist.

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They've used so many babies (and dolls) someone's bound to fuck up (again) at some point. I will never get over the tiny, wrinkly baby turning into monster whopper baby Freddo at 3/4 months. Not to mention all the different ears and birthmarks I've stared at in the past 6 months.

yeah people can get on my case about the doll thing (i still think they used them at some point) but people have to admit that every freddie that has been posted is not the same kid. and even if there’s only 1 photoshopped pic or 1 other baby used, that makes you wonder why! 

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I just want to watch Rhett eat something really tasty and watch his reaction ;___;

-gmm 224 (rhett takes a bite of a quadruple whopper whenever he gets a question right .. and broccoli if he gets it wrong … i mean those things are both tasty imo !! LOL)
-gmm 343 (THE MCRIB GMM !!)

ofc there have been much more instances but those are the ones off the top of my head …… i agree tho i would like MOREEE footage of him eating something he loves qvq
HOW ABOUT in season 10 every friday instead of a gross food episode we get a tasty food episode AYY mythent should just hire me already ..