I made a p large watercolor thing with poth (=´∀`)^ plus a practice with designs?? Maybe??

Palette roller belongs to @angexci
Goth belongs to @nekophy

Kidge Week - day 2 - Secret

Pidge and Keith get arrested over a silly misunderstanding during a diplomatic mission/vacation of sorts. Lucky for Keith, Pidge is none the wiser over a particular secret crush he happens to have for her. Unlucky for Keith, Lance and Hunk do (and don’t waste any time exploiting that… the bastards).

quick sketch thing done in photoshop

(I was working on some perspective angles and thought, eh, why the heck not? enjoy! <3

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Okay, but what about a vampireDark! X reader AU please!! Thank you!

Hope you don’t mind if I do a bulleted list for this one also. I can organize my thoughts on AUs better with bulleted lists

  • His skin was certainly already pale before, but it’s especially pale in this AU. Like he just looks dead. Or like someone who donated double units of blood at a blood drive and nearly passed out and is in need of medical attention.
  • He tries not to grin too terribly much. Some people don’t take kindly to seeing large fangs in someone’s mouth. But if they don’t seem to scare easily, he will give a devilishly captivating grin.
  • He still doesn’t have mind control, but he is definitely better at charming. In certain vampire lore, they have thralls.
  • That being said, I’m not entirely sure if he’d be in the business of having a ton of human servants. It might draw a bit too much attention to himself.
  • He’s the world’s smoothest talker, probably. Voice like honey, with sickly sweet words. Very comforting.
  • Unfortunately comforting, actually. If he can convince you to return to his home (and he usually can), then he’ll probably also convince you to let his teeth near your neck.
  • He doesn’t bite out of nowhere. Don’t wanna scare anyone, of course. If you scare them, they could scream, drawing unnecessary attention. So he gets the closest to permission as he can.
  • Speaking of biting, he doesn’t bite to kill. No, he just drinks enough blood to leave you dazed and disoriented. Make you question if it even happened at all.
  • He tries not to leave too visible of a mark. Actually, he doesn’t bite directly onto the side of the neck. It’s probably right where your shoulder meets your neck. Still good blood access, but easy to cover up with just a shirt.
  • He rarely turns people into vampires also. Too many people that could steal his prey.
  • He probably meets the majority of his victims in… shady venues. Or just happens upon them on a nightly stroll. Somewhere he can work his charisma to his advantage.
  • I already headcanon him as lacking body heat, but not cold. As a vampire, though, he’s as cold as a corpse. Vampires are undead, after all. No blood flowing through the veins. Because of this, he’s kinda weird about physical contact. He tries to stay in cooler areas so that it’s less noticeable and he could just say he’s a naturally cold person instead of seeming unnaturally cold.
  • Also avoids rooms with mirrors like the plague when he’s with someone who’s human. It’s hard to keep up his appearance that way, but he makes it work.
“Your first fight- Part 2!” Supernatural One shot

Part 1! Requested by Anonymous! 

You barely got outside of the building when a hand firmly gripped your forearm. 

“What the hell does that mean?!” Dean snapped, halting you in your tracks. You huffed out a breath of irritation, and resisted the urge to rip your arm away and storm off once again. 

“It means you’re a whore, Winchester.” You snapped, tugging your arm nonetheless; even though you knew you wouldn’t get anywhere. 

“Why are you acting like this?” He snapped right back, and you scoffed. 

“Why the hell do you think I’m acting like this?! After a hunt that we got our asses handed to us on a silver platter the last thing I want to see is my boyfriend flirting with some two dollar hooker.” You hissed, jerking your arm away. You didn’t bother looking at his face because you couldn’t stand the surprise or the teasing remarks he would tell you about being jealous right now. 

You glanced over at where Castiel was waiting, and glared at him too. 

“Don’t ever use your angel bullshit to track me again. There’s a line, and that crossed it.” You snapped, and at the look of surprise on his face you almost felt bad. 

Shaking your head you turned the other way and headed into the darkness of the city. 

After walking for a bit you realized that you might have been a bit in the wrong, snapping at an Angel who doesn’t really know the etiquette of creepily stalking someone with your powers. (But really, is there etiquette for that? You’re unsure.) But those thoughts are quickly chased away by the fact that it took 50 minutes 50 to even call to check where you were. You had been gone for 50 minutes for him to notice that you were fucking gone. 

Huffing out a soft breath, you took a seat on the edge of some fountain and tucked your legs underneath yourself. Stupid Winchester. Making you feel all of these stupid emotions and other stupid things. 

You jerked a bit as a hand was suddenly on your shoulder, and you grabbed it, trying to flip them over your shoulder and into the water. But they seemed to be expecting that, and used the momentum that you were using to pull them to pull back and you let out a little sound of surprise. You turned a bit, and groaned to see Sam standing there with a sympathetic smile on his face. 

“You are angry aren’t you? Trying to dunk the first person that finds you.” He tried, and you just let go of his hand and turned away again. 

“I thought you were some creep.” You muttered under your breath. “Hoping that you were Dean.” You added. 

Sam sighed, sitting next to you. 

“Uh oh.” You said, painting a grin on your face as you low key tried to steer the conversation away from what you desperately wanted to avoid. “Mama Sammy boy is coming down to have a heart to heart. I can’t believe I left my soap operas at home.” You nudged him a bit and he just huffed out a little breath of amusement. 

“Dean’s sorry, you know.” 

You snorted, shifting your body discreetly away from his so your shoulders no longer brushed against one another. “And he sent his little brother to tell me that after he manhandled me in a parking lot?” You snapped, feeling a little bad once you took another breath. Sam didn’t do anything to you, it was Dean you wanted to deck. 

Sam winced. “You know him, he’s never been good at the whole.. Feelings thing. That’s not how we were raised.” He fished out. 

“So? That gives him the right to flirt with whatever chick flutters her eyelashes at him and pushes their tits almost right out of their shirt?” You sniffed, looking out at the park. 

“No.” Sam sighed. “But-,” 

“Sammy, I like you. I do. But if you say that’s how you two were raised one more time I will push you in the pond this time.” You snapped. 

Sam took a breath and took a minute to plan out what he was going to say. You felt another stab of guilt as you grit your jaw and clenched your fists by your side. 

“We’re hunters, Y/n.” He muttered quietly. “We’ve lost grasp of what genuine love feels like and when we do have it we almost sub consciously destroy it. We self sabotage because somewhere in the back of our head a voice is screaming no when all we want to do is say yes.” 

You turned your head to face him, and narrowed your eyes. “So I’m supposed to forgive the infidelity because he can’t accept that he’s got a good thing going for him?” 

Something shifted in the shadows over his shoulder and you caught it just in the corner of your eye. Letting out a huff of breath when you identified the unmistakable shape, you just shook your head. 

“Tell him when he can grow up and accept the fact that there are people willing to stay by him, to start counting his blessings you haven’t left him yet.” You said firmly enough that your voice would carry. “I’ll see you around, Sam.” You smiled at Sam and with one more look over your shoulder you tucked your hands in your jacket at headed back in the town. 

Because you were a hunter. No matter how many times you had to, you would always be able to look after your own ass. Pick up an old life, toss it right out the fucking window and start all over again. With only the phantom memories to keep you company. 

But that was alright. 

Because you were a hunter. 

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And for the people who still don’t know: Yes, Sans was planning this all along. He knows his bro, he knew he would explode like that.

The human being still alive is some extra. But hey, isn’t that great? Now Papy can play with them!

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Damian didn’t know what had gotten into him lately. Sure, he’d always had a high sex drive, but he also had a boyfriend ready and willing to take care of it for him. Obviously that wasn’t the case here at Bates, and the past few weeks without any sort of attention whatsoever had him going crazy now… not that he would ever admit to wanting anything of the sort anyway. Even though he had seriously considered approaching Chris about it, though when he finally decided to see him the guy was nowhere to be found. So here he was in the library, once again, trying to distract himself with the help of Harry Potter and unable to hold back from muttering out loud to nobody in particular.

“Fucking hell, I’d honestly kill for some dick right now…”