tbh random, but if you truly want to signal boost some current event or discovery by sharing an article i want you to do two things first:

1. check the date the article you want to share was written. if it’s long past then maybe don’t share it, since it’s old news and not updated w/ new information

2. put the day’s date on the post when you make it for the love of god so people know when the information was uploaded onto this site, i’m so tired of posts from 5 years ago being shared as if they happened in the past few hours

ppl on this site: don’t use the same username for multiple things ppl will use it to find you

me some day: living on goraturtle drive changes my # to 1-800-GORATURTLE changes my social security card to goraturtle gets goraturtle tattooed on my ass named my firstborn adopted goraturtle names my two dogs gora and turtle, respectively

nobody ships sasusaku more than sarada