geno needs all of the hugs in the world

The anatomy is kinda wonky b/c halfway through lining I had a gREAT IDEA for more mommacq fanart and…. I kinda rushed to get this done so I could start the other one. whoops.

He’s also wearing Fresh’s hat because yes


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It’s the little Pumpkin from the latest Steven Universe promo. The promo was really great! Lapidot now a a child! Whoop whoop! Happy Days happy days :)

Sorry for not posting in a long while, had a lot work to do for school, new teachers don’t understand that students need a break from school work for at least five minutes, but do not worry.  I have quite a few Lapidot stuff I’ve draw which are almost finished, hopefully I’ll be able to post it up in the next few weeks. I also have to do a post for all the new followers I now have, where did you all come from, I never expended to have over 100 of you. It makes me feel really honoured, that people like the stuff i do here. i also have to finish my Lapidot drawing for halloween which I’ll hopefully post on the day. so for now enjoy this little pumpkin of adorableness 

I am not sure if pain breeds poetry;
for I am overflowing with sorrow from an aching heart,
yet there is no poetry in my soul.

you told me that my words
took the breath from your kiss-ripened lips,
so I tried to stop breathing,
in hopes of finding my voice.

my highschool english teacher once told me that poetry pumped through my veins,
so I sliced open my skin
in hopes of finally discovering
the words I so desperately needed
to flow.

you told me that my words were stunning,
that they must have come directly
from the halos of the angels
and out of the tip of my pen,
so I tried to get to heaven,
but the bottle of pills was too empty.

my best friend once told me
that my writing brought her to tears,
so I cried a whole damn ocean,
yet my words crashed before even reaching the shores.

I once told myself
there was nothing in this world I couldn’t be,
I once told myself
no one would ever take my poetry
but the day you decided I wasn’t enough,
the very same day my writings could no longer get you to stay,
was the day I lost them; something so personal,
something I keep locked up in a chest but you,
you came in with the stealth of a burglar,
cracked open my chest, and stole my poetry,
and I can’t even begin to fathom
how to explain
how much you decimated me.

—  I guess just taking my heart wasn’t enough for you

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A wild Cosmog appeared!

A Wild Ask Meme Appeared - Accepting

“Oh, hi, little pal!” Lillie giggled. She was nearly screaming in panic on the inside, but didn’t let Cosmog see this. She didn’t want to scare the poor space puff, after all. If she did, it might run away and who knows what would happen to it then?

“Where did you come from?” she asked. “Come on, let’s get you to Aether so we can protect you. Can you get into my bag?”

Lillie set the bag on the ground and waited for Cosmog to float in, then very gently lifted the bag and held it as she started to walk to the docks. Taking a Cosmog to Aether felt…really, really bizarre. Even though she knew that the foundation under Gladion’s control would never harm a Cosmog, it still felt…wrong, somehow.

i was thinkin up scenes & in one of em blondie & legare were tryna figure out if roan was like, a first giant, but they didnt know how 2 tell cept to a) ask him and b) well they have some kinda elemental magic, so if hes one of em he must have that. so theyre runnin around the kitchen spillin things and making a mess tryna like, trick his magic into acting up, if hes got it. “OOPS spilled water on u, again, my bad” “OH NO ur ice cubes theyre all over ur the place, whoops” “OH GEEZ where did all this dirt come from. im so sorry” and roan is just “oh its ok… oh let me pick that up…”

and he leans down from his chair 2 get a teacup & as he sits back up to put it on the table he sees legare staring at him. and then looks down at his arm. like it was a total accident that she splashed some of it out of the kettle, honest 2 gods that wasnt planned, but he didnt do anything at all and shes just. dumbstruck. and blondie is staring too and roans just (clears throat loudly) “SO. WHATS FOR BREAKFAST”

Scribble-Doodle: Some Go Free

An ominous little story. This one popped up in my head while listening to Soldier by Fleurie on repeat…

“We don’t have the Mortal Cup and we don’t know where it is, I swear,” Alec says. “But I’m willing to do anything, anything at all, to save my sister.” 

Slowly, Inquisitor Herondale gets up from behind her desk; she’s never looked more ominous than in this moment. “Anything, Mr Lightwood?” she asks. 

Alec takes a deep breath, and squaring his shoulders, he nods. “Anything.”

“You’re free to go,” Lydia says as she walks into the room where Isabelle and Magnus are kept waiting. “The Inquisitor let the charges drop.”

Both Izzy and Magnus whoop and hug excitedly. “Really?” Isabelle asks. “Did Jace and Clary come back with the Cup, then?”

“No,” Lydia answers quietly. “Your brother made a deal with the Inquisitor.”

Only then do they notice her somber expression, and Magnus’ breath catches in his throat when he sees that Lydia’s holding Alec’s bow and quiver in her hands. 

Isabelle steps forward anxiously. “Alec? Where is he? What did he do?” she demands.

Lydia shakes her head. “I don’t know. He left with the Inquisitor and her guard. But he asked me to give you this, Magnus,” she adds and hands him the bow and the quiver. “And to tell you that you were right, about everything.”

Izzy and Magnus stare at the weapons in dismay.

Several hours later, Clary and Jace bring the Mortal Cup back, after all. 

It’s several hours too late.

They ask and ask and ask - they never find out what happened to Alec.

Finn wakes up long before Rey gets back. He’s still confined to bed for at least a week, though, so Poe keeps him company. They talk about missions past and future, ships, Han Solo, and how scary General Organa can be when she’s mad. But mostly Finn talks about Rey. 

He talks about how badass she was on Jakku, taking out those those thugs who tried to steal BB-8. How she insisted she didn’t need him to hold her hand (that was really more to make him feel better anyway). How incredible she was behind the controls of the garbage ship that turned out to be the Millenium Falcon. How great their teamwork had been. What an amazing mechanic she is. How she escaped from captivity on Starkiller Base. How her face lights up when she smiles. How strong she is, how smart, how kind. 

Poe listens to it all ruefully. Finn is obviously head over heels for this girl, absolutely lighting up with happiness when he talks about her. And he deserves it, Poe tells himself. He’s a good man. Poe can’t begrudge him that happiness just because he was hoping Finn might light up like that over him. So he puts on a brave smile and claps his buddy on the shoulder, carefully. 

“Sounds like you’re in love,” he says gently. And then he has to watch the realization and the concern war across Finn’s face as he tries to figure out what to do with this revelation. Love isn’t exactly something Stormtroopers are trained to deal with. Poe can’t help but chuckle at the lost expression Finn turns to him. 

“Just tell her, when she gets back. You can figure out where to go from there.” 

When Rey gets back, Finn runs across the tarmac and greets her with a hug not unlike the one he’d given Poe when he saw him alive for the first time after their crash. Poe watches, feeling his heart break just a little bit, but manages a smile. After weeks of listening to Finn’s descriptions, he feels like he even might be a little bit in love with Rey, too, so how could he begrudge them what they so clearly deserve? 

After debriefing and dinner, Finn drags Rey out onto a patio and insists that she tell him everything. Her megawatt smile knocks him breathless as she tells him about flying the Falcon with Chewie, the island on which they found Luke Skywalker — “ THE Luke Skywalker, Finn, can you believe it!” — the journey home, what Luke had told her about her family, the Force, the Jedi, all of it described in excited detail. 

“ But what about you? How have you been? What did I miss whike I was gone?” So Finn tells her about the week he spent in recovery, and the following weeks of slowly getting back into routine and fighting shape, but mostly he talks about Poe. 

He talks about how badass he was on Jakku, hiding the map in BB-8 and then standing up to Kylo Ren. How calm he was escaping from Starkiller Base. How incredible he was behind the controls of the TIE fighter, even though he’d never flown one before. How great their teamwork had been. How Poe gave him his name and his jacket. How he swooped in to save the day at Maz Kanata’s place. How he had been the first face Finn saw when he up after his injury and had kept him company in recovery for a whole week.  How he’d helped Finn adjust to life at the rebel base and get back into fighting shape. How strong he is, how smart, how kind. 

Rey listens carefully, smile growing wider and wider as Finn talks. His happiness is absolutely infectious. He notices her expression and stops talking. 

"What’s so funny?” 

"You’re in love with Poe.” 


"You are head over heels for that pilot! I think I might even be a little bit in love after hearing you go on about him. How do you not see it?” 

"That can’t be right,” Finn all but whines, completely confused now. “ Poe told me I was in love with you!”  Rey’s eyebrows almost reach her hairline. 

“Are you?” she asks quietly. 

"Yes? I think so. I mean, it’s not exactly like I have a lot of experience with this stuff, but it made sense when Poe explained it to me. Now I’m confused though. Why are you laughing again?” Rey’s smile was as warm as the sun on Jakku. 

"I don’t have a lot of experience with ‘this stuff’ either, but I’m pretty sure you’re allowed love more than one person at a time.” Finn’s confusion turned to cautious hope. 

"You really think so? What will Poe think?” Rey reached out and took hold of his hand. 

"Let’s go find out. We can figure out where to go from there.”

Parenting 101

“Molly, do you think I’d make a good parent?”

Molly stared at Sherlock, who was draped over the back of her sofa like a human afghan. She struggled to make sense of his out-of-nowhere question while at the same time struggling to come fully awake from her nap. Last she’d seen, Sherlock had been happily ensconced in her spare bedroom, tapping away on her laptop with Toby purring on his lap. And now this - “Where did this come from?” she asked groggily as she sat up.

“John and Mary are parents now,” he not-explained, his face now only inches from hers. 

“So, what, you’re worried about what kind of a god-father you’re going to be, then?” Molly asked, just as confused as before.

Sherlock gave a huge, gusting sigh, rolled off the back of the sofa and nearly squashed her as he landed next to her. “No, I’m not worried about god-fatherly duties, Molly, I want to know if you think I’d make a good father or not.”

“Um, I don’t know, you seem to be good with kids from what I’ve seen.” She wasn’t lying, even though her mind was doing a bit of a happy dance at the way Sherlock was snuggled up next to her, seemingly oblivious of their proximity. She’d seen him with Archie at John’s wedding, and he’d learned how to feed, burp and change a baby well enough that Mary was happy to let him watch little Adelaide unsupervised.

“So you think that, in spite of my many flaws, I might actually make a passable parent?”

Why was he pressing her on this? Why her in particular? “I dunno, why don’t you ask John and Mary what they think?”

Sherlock rolled his eyes and gave her his patented ‘isn’t it obvious’ look. “Because I don’t want to have a child with either John or Mary, Molly. If I’m going to be a father, it seems logical to discuss it with said potential child’s potential mother.”

It took Molly’s muddled mind a moment to parse his meaning, but when she did she backed away so suddenly that she fell off the sofa with a thud.

“Molly! Are you all right?” Sherlock asked, leaning down with a concerned expression on his face. “What’s wrong?”

“Sherlock, are you asking me…are you saying…what exactly are you saying?” she demanded from her supine position on the floor, wedged between the sofa and the coffee table.

“I’m saying that I would someday possibly like to have a child or children with you,” he replied, as calmly as if he were describing the weather. “Isn’t that obvious?”

“Um, it is now,” Molly replied, finally allowing him to help her back up to the sofa. Where he immediately wrapped his lanky form around hers and snuggled his head on her chest. “But maybe next time you want to talk to me about things like this, it can be after we’ve had a first date? Or become engaged or even married?” 

He waved a hand dismissively before draping it back over her shoulder. “Details. Moriarty’s been dealt with, I’ve been pardoned, I’ve discovered that parenthood isn’t nearly as boring as I thought it would be, and, what else?” He raised his head so that he could look her dead in the eyes. “Oh, yes, of course. I love you.”

It was hands down the most confusing conversation Molly had ever had, but the way Sherlock kissed her immediately after saying those three little words was impossible to misconstrue.

Judging by the way he pulled her even closer, her enthusiastic response was just as easy to understand. 


Peter had worried that something might go horrifically wrong as they’d leafed through the faded pages of the old book, rescued from its hiding place under a loose flagstone in the passage that led to Hogsmeade. Sirius had asked him if he was a coward, and the boy had flushed crimson and muttered something about not wanting his friends to get hurt.

But whatever that old and ancient spell had been for, it doesn’t seem to have done much except whisk him away to the Forbidden Forest, where he is now completely and utterly lost. Not that he’d ever admit it.

He catches a flash of red hair as he strides in what he hopes is the right direction to get him back to the castle, and whistles through his teeth, obnoxiously loud.

“Oi! Evans!”

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