Whoops my hand slipped I accidentally drew my D&D character

I started with an eye and then somehow I got here haha

Anyways this is Fenris Avalos, a half-elf sorcerer who would much rather charm you out of your pants then fight you and it’s totally not because you could probably kill him on accident he’s so weak poor bby

Hurrah for lazy flat colors!

Merlin Circus AU » Pendragon Circus was a sight practically every child dreamed of seeing. Every young boy would come to see the daring Arthur preform stunts and risk his life. The young girls would stare in awe at the lithe acrobat Morgana. And who didn’t love the talented Gwen’s tricks with the animals? But when the ringmaster, Uther Pendragon, decides to bring aboard a young and talented magician named Merlin, he seems to steal everyone’s breath away, especially Arthur. Amidst impossible performances, unbelievable illusions, and secret love, it’s a show you can’t miss.