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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #37
  • Phil: *gets Dan a whisk for Christmas*

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lmao what about the MC reacting to the RFA members pooping? (i'm crying from laughing at your other one)

MC pooping post

◉ Yoosung

  • He was just sitting there reading his LOLOL game guide
    • “Hmm, so that’s where I can get that armor. Heh the guild members are going to be so jelly.”
  • Then the door opened and you walked in
  • Hits that high note so fast omg
  • All the dogs within a file mile radius have perked up their ears
  • Somewhere, a crystal glass is shattering
  • Yoosung falls off of the toilet
  • His pants are at his ankles
  • He’s sobbing in embarrassment
    • “I’ll….just…come back laaaterrr……” you slowly back out of the room and close the door.

◉ Jumin

  • You didn’t know which bathroom to use??????
  • And you picked the wrong one
  • Jumin was just sitting there on the toilet
    • “MC? It’s cute that you’re so eager to see me that you came here. But a schedule is a schedule. You know that 4:15-4:45 is my private time. I’ll see you promptly for dinner, my sweet.”
  • You grumbled back out and down the hall
    • “I just wanted to wash my friggin’ hands…”

◉ Zen

  • He had a heart attack when you walked in on him!!!
  • He’s grabbing everything within reach to cover himself
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand towels
  • Regular towels
  • The freaking shower curtain
  • You’re just laughing so hard omg
  • Whip out your phone at lightning speed and take a pic
    • “Jaehee HAS to see this omg!!!!”
  • You run out and leave him in the bathroom
  • All you hear is screaming and things falling on the floor

◉ Jaehee

  • You wanted to join her in brushing her teeth before bed
  • But when you walked in you found her on the toilet
    • “Oh! I’m sorry Jaehee I thought you were—Hey? What are you reading?”
    • “This? It’s the manuscript for Zens new role.”
    • “What?! You finally got it?! How is it?!”
    • “MARVELOUS, MC! I can picture him so perfectly saying these lines. Come here and I’ll read it to you from the beginning!”
  • She clears her throat as you sit on the tub
    • “Ahem…’In this city full of filthy scum criminals, I was the dirty cop who didn’t play by anyone’s rules…”

◉ Saeyoung

  • You were in the kitchen finishing up dinner
  • But Saeyoung kept screaming your name and distracting you from the stove
  • You almost burnt yourself once
  • Thats it
  • You threw off your oven mitts, stomped down the hall and kicked the bathroom door open
    • “WHAT!”
  • He was just sitting on the toilet smiling
    • “I love you.”
  • You threw the toothpaste tube at him
    • “You’re not getting dessert tonight. And I.Made.Pie.” you stomped back out
    • “Noooooooooooooooooo!”

◉ V

  • You had to pee pretty bad
  • You just came home from work and you didn’t expect V to be back yet
  • But the bathroom door was open and he was on the toilet
  • He didn’t even know you were there
  • And he was humming
  • It was so cute
  • His hum sounded so beautiful
  • Slowly you sat down in the doorway, facing away from him
  • And just listened
  • When he finished washing his hands you stood up
    • “Hey sweet-”
  • U scared him whoops

◉ Saeran

  • You wanted to shower and he was taking forever
  • You walked in
    • “Hurry UP!”
  • Wait a second
  • You doubled back
    • “Are you…painting your nails while on the toilet?????”
    • “It’s called multi-tasking. You should try it some time. Get out weirdo, stop watching me take a shit.”
    • “You’re painting your nails on the toilet and I’m the weirdo…Okay, babe.”
  • You both stuck your tongues out at each other for a minute
  • You flicked off the lights and closed the door
    • “I’m gunna get you for that, MC!!!”

A Wrong Answer parody video! (Ahh! I cringe at this video for some reason xD)

(Wrong answer belongs to @picklestand!) Hope you like it! :D

“But Cody–”


Marry me [c.h.]

pairing: calum x reader

word count: 1,050

last installment of the marry me imagines!! this one is for my bitch liz whos a major calum girl ((and moving next week im super sad about)) and this is basically how i would imagine cal proposing to her if when that may happen ;))

Shoving your phone deep in your pocket, you let out an annoyed sigh at how Calum was ignoring all of your calls. You rolled your eyes, stepping out of the elevator and fishing your keys out of your purse to open your apartment door, throwing the bag on the counter.

The light patter of claws echoed throughout the apartment on the hardwood floors, making a smile appear on your face. “Sheldon! Come here boy,” You said, using your high pitched voice you usually used when talking to your little puppy. 

The bulldog appeared from behind the wall, and that’s when you noticed a red rose tucked beneath his collar, contrasting against his chocolate hair. He ran up to your excitedly, nuzzling his hand into your hands. “Hey buddy,” You cooed, running your hands over his ears. 

You stood back up, a bright red blur catching your attention in the corner of the kitchen. You walked up, realizing it was a bouquet of red roses, matching the one in Sheldon’s collar. Calum never really surprised you with flowers like this–it’s usually smaller things like cooking you breakfast, except for the one time he surprised you with Sheldon on your 2 year anniversary. But roses? That was too cliche for Calum’s style.

You walked over to the beautiful bunch of flowers, taking the note which was tied to the vase in your hands and reading it:

hey, gorgeous. thought you might like these. sorry for not being home earlier, i decided to take a stop at the coffee shop down the street after working in the studio today. care to join me? oh, and bring sheldon :) i love you baby

Raising an eyebrow at the suspicious note, you looked down at Sheldon who in turn, was staring up at you with awaiting eyes. “Are you in on this too?” You asked, to which the dog wagged its tail faster. You sighed, a stupid grin crossing your face as you walked over to where his lease hung, kneeling down and clipping it to his collar. “You ready to go find Cal, buddy?” 

You fled your apartment, slinging your purse back over your shoulder and making your way to the sidewalk, crossing the street and heading towards the coffee shop you and Calum spent a lot of your time together. The two of you loved to share a late brunch occasionally there, and whenever he wasn’t at the studio, you would always find your way down the block for a quick cup of coffee. That was also the place where you and Calum had your first date over 4 years ago, so to say it was a special place to you two was a fair statement.

The second you walked into the coffee shop, the barista whom you’ve become friends with over the many years of coming here called out to you. “Hey Y/N!”

“Kelsey, hey,” You said, walking up to her, and glancing around the small shop. “Where’s Calum? He said he was here.”

She just pointed to a table up against the window of the shop, where a coffee cup stood–it was the table you and Calum had sat at during your first date. You walked over to it curiously and looked at it, seeing yet another note scribbled on the white cup in black sharpie. 

hello again, you’re welcome for the coffee. you and i both know this is where we had our first date, but do you remember where we had our first kiss?

You looked back at Kelsey suspiciously, but she just gave you a nod of reassurance. Taking the cup in your hand and tightening your grip on Sheldon’s lease, you fled the coffee shop and as quickly as you could, made your way a few block’s down to the library in which you studied for your exams while you were still in university, finishing the cup of coffee in the process. 

The large wooden doors opened and you walked inside, wondering if it was alright to bring Sheldon inside. You assumed he wouldn’t be allowed, but the librarian sitting behind her desk just gave you a friendly smile.

Sheldon tugged on the lease, leading you towards the back of the library and sniffing around. Littered on the ground leading you to the section of books where you and Calum had your first kiss were rose petals, identical to the ones from the bouquet and Sheldon’s collar. 

Your breath hitched in your throat at the sight of them, but out of curiosity you followed them, practically being dragged by Sheldon as he yearned to sniff the petals. He stopped at the first one he came to, trying to eat it, so you bent down and picked him up and continued walking, turning the corner where the petals led and saw Calum there, on one knee.

You nearly dropped Sheldon. “Calum?” You asked breathlessly, bringing your free hand up to cover your mouth in shock. 

“Y/N,” He said, his voice cracking slightly making you giggle. He cleared his throat and shook his head, clearing the nervousness out of his voice. “Y/N, it’s been a crazy 5 years being your best friend as well as your boyfriend, and I have never loved anyone else more than you. You’re all I want in life, baby, you and me against the world.”

You swore you could’ve fainted as he reached into his back pocket, tears blurring your vision at the sight of the small box in his hands. He opened the box and the surreal moment had tears streaming down your face. “Y/N?” He asked, taking one of your hands. You nodded. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes,” You said, shooting him a bright smile. “Yes, of course I’ll marry you, Calum.”

He smiled, gingerly taking the ring out of it’s box and sliding it onto your finger. You threw your arms around his neck and crashed your lips onto his, passionately kissing him right there in the back of the library. You couldn’t stop mumbling i love you so much against his lips, and Calum couldn’t help how exciting he was getting, not only at the fact that he was going to marry the love of his life, if you know what I’m saying *winks devilishly.*