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matt and pidge reunion

Pidge: Matt!

Matt: Katie?!?! Its been so-

Pidge: fight me  (ง'̀-‘́)ง

Matt: W-what? Wait, are those my glasses?

Pidge:  fight me  (ง'̀-'́)ง  arm wrestling. Right here, right now.

Matt: I win, you give them back. No holds barred, one round.

Pidge: You’re on 

Shiro: Nice… to see you too…..

Too late…

Dedicated to certain members of the skk discord group (you know who you are) who have been screaming for crying Dazai since weeks ago

p.s. I made my own insta (yulicechan) so don’t repost my art without permission anymore T_T

mbti as magical creatures from harry potter

quotes from fantastic beasts and where to find them (the book)

infj: augurey

the augurey has a distinctive low and throbbing cry, which was once believed to foretell death. wizards avoided augurey nests for fear of hearing that heart-rending sound, and more than one wizard is believed to have suffered a heart attack on passing a thicket and hearing an unseen augurey wail.

entj: basilisk

the basilisk is a brilliant green serpent that may reach up to fifty feet in length. the male has a scarlet plume upon its head. it has exceptionally venomous fangs but its most dangerous means of attack is the gaze of its large yellow eyes. anyone looking directly into these will suffer instant death.

intj: centaur

the ways of the centaur are shrouded in mystery. they are generally speaking as mistrustful of wizards as they are of muggles and indeed seem to make little differentiation between us. they five in herds ranging in size from ten to fifty members. they are reputed to be well-versed in magical healing, divination, archery, and astronomy.

enfp: crup

the crup originated in the southeast of england. it closely resembles a jack russell terrier, except for the forked tail. the crup is almost certainly a wizard-created dog, as it is intensely loyal to wizards and ferocious towards muggles. it is a great scavenger

estj: erkling

the erkling is an elfish creature which originated in the black forest in germany. it is larger than a gnome (three feet high on average), with a pointed face and a high-pitched cackle that is particularly entrancing to children, whom it will attempt to lure away from their guardians and eat.

infp: erumpent

the erumpent will not attack unless sorely provoked, but should it charge, the results are usually catastrophic. the erumpent’s horn can pierce everything from skin to metal, and contains a deadly fluid which will cause whatever is injected with it to explode.

istp: griffin

like sphinxes, griffins are often employed by wizards to guard treasure. though griffins are fierce, a handful of skilled wizards have been known to befriend one.

esfp: fwooper

the fwooper has long been a provider of fancy quills and also lays brilliantly patterned eggs. though at first enjoyable, fwooper song will eventually drive the listener to insanity

entp: imp

it does, however, have a similar slapstick sense of humour. its preferred terrain is damp and marshy, and it is often found near river banks, where it will amuse itself by pushing and tripping the unwary.

estp: jarvy

it resembles an overgrown ferret in most respects, except for the fact that it can talk. true conversation, however, is beyond the wit of the jarvey, which tends to confine itself to short (and often rude) phrases in an almost constant stream.

isfj: kneazle

a small catlike creature with flecked, speckled, or spotted fur, outsize ears, and a tail like a lion’s, the kneazle is intelligent, independent, and occasionally aggressive, though if it takes a liking to a witch or wizard, it makes an excellent pet. the kneazle has an uncanny ability to detect unsavoury or suspicious characters and can be relied upon to guide its owner safely home if they are lost.

istj: knarl

the knarl is usually mistaken for a hedgehog by muggles. the two species are indeed indistinguishable except for one important behavioural difference: if food is left out in the garden for a hedgehog, it will accept and enjoy the gift; if food is offered to a knarl, on the other hand, it will assume that the householder is attempting to lure it into a trap and will savage that householder’s garden plants or garden ornaments.

isfp: niffler

fluffy, black, and long-snouted, this burrowing creature has a predilection for anything glittery. though the niffler is gentle and even affectionate, it can be destructive to belongings and should never be kept in a house.

enfj: merpeople

those wizards who have mastered the language of mermish speak of highly organised communities varying in size according to habitat, and some have elaborately constructed dwellings.

intp: runespoor

each of the runespoor’s heads serves a different purpose. the left head (as seen by the wizard facing the runespoor) is the planner. it decides where the runespoor is to go and what it is to do next. the middle head is the dreamer (runespoors may remain stationary for days at a time, lost in glorious visions and imaginings). the right head is the critic and will evaluate the efforts of the left and middle heads with a continual irritable hissing. the right head’s fangs are extremely venomous. the runespoor rarely reaches a great age, as the heads tend to attack each other. it is common to see a runespoor with the right head missing, the other two heads having banded together to bite it off.

esfj: jobberknoll

it makes no sound until the moment of its death, at which point it lets out a long scream made up of every sound it has ever heard, regurgitated backwards.

Underneath the Same Sun ☼

Okay so this fic is inspired by the amazing headcanons @t0ziers​ wrote. And encouraged by a comment on said post by @richietoaster. Honestly I fell in love with the idea of a long distance Reddie AU and knew I had to write it. But I wanted to write it from Richie’s point of view. And some other facts are different. whoops.  Also huge shoutout to my name twin, @buttercup-irwin for inspiring me in general to write fics. This is my first official one. Here goes nothing ~

Words ;; 1,824 ・゚ Pairing ;; Richie Tozier / Eddie Kaspbrak  & some hints of Stan Uris / Bill Denbrough (It)  ・゚  Warnings ;; Strong language, Talk of penises, 18 y/o boys kissing (omg)  ・゚

❝ — Richie Tozier knew he wasn’t internet famous. In the grand scheme of things, his shitty meme blog and dead vine account were nothing compared to all the models on Instagram paid to post pictures of their abs. But damn, 4,000 followers and some change was nothing to sneeze at in Tumblr terms. And he did it all without posting porn. His best friend, Stan, might not understand just how big of a deal that it is, but his followers knew he was top tier. If you weren’t following ‘trxshmouth’ - you were causing yourself a disservice.

Out of all those 4,000 followers Richie had, he almost never spoke to any of them. He had mutuals that would sometimes tag him in their posts or follow forevers. But no one really, honestly knew the man behind the memes. That was until ‘pastelgazebo’ followed him. 

As soon as the notification on his phone popped up, Richie had to stop what he was doing and open the link. The boy literally stopped walking to quickly scroll through the soft pink aesthetic filled page, his mouth plastered with a wide grin the whole time.

“Earth to Richie…We’re going to be late to class…RICHIE?!” Stan was rolling his eyes now - a usual occurrence when your best friend is Richie - vape naesh - tozier. Stan waved his hand in front of Richie, but the boy just kept typing on his phone, not looking up for a second.

“Celebrity stuff, Stanley, you wouldn’t understand.” Richie finally lifted his head taking the time to push in his pop socket of the dancing snapchat hotdog and shove the phone into his back pocket, before beginning to walk again.

“You’re not famous, Richie. I have a blog - So does Bill. We all do. You’re no different.”

“Wow okay - your blog is all pictures of birds. Literally no one cares about birds except for you. You can’t possibly compare my blogging experience to just you sitting on your bed looking at pictures on the internet. It’s not even on the same level and fairly i’m concerned that you would ever think you compare to me.” A ding goes off in Rich’s pocket, and the boy slapped his ass before pulling the phone from it and transfixing his gaze on the screen once again.

“You forget, Richard. I’m the one with boyfriend now, and you are the one stuck having to look at pictures on the - Are you even listening to me insulting you ?? No you’re not - Of course” And the eye rolls were back.

“Haha yeah - you and Bill make out all the time and all I do is watch porn - ha ha very funny Stan the man - but not for fucking long !! ‘Cause this trashmouth might’ve just found the love of his life !!” Richie was talking like a schoolgirl raving about JTT. He was making no sense at all. And then he was shoving his phone into Stan’s face.

The blog was ‘Pastelgazebo’ An organized studyblr with the description written in bright pink font. ‘Eddie ✧ 18 ✧ pre-med at NYU ✧ Bev made me do this.’ The icon was not of the boy’s face. Instead of a bunch of lilacs scattered around a cup of tea. The most recent post was a public answer from none other than trashmouth himself. In all caps the question read ‘SO DO YOU LIKE MEMES?’ with a simple ‘uh yeah’ answer from the other blog. “Wow yeah - you two are a real modern day Romeo and Juliet” Now Stan was sure he should start charging his roommate for all these eye rolls.

❝ — It’s been two months since Richie and Eddie became mutuals. Sixty days since the boys began to talk every day through tumblr messenger. Giving Stan the Man a run for his money when it came to Richie’s coveted best friend slot. A spot that Stan has said many times he did not sign up for and would very much appreciate someone taking. He was everything Richie wasn’t. Clean, organized, short. But he was sassy and not afraid to call Richie out on his shit. Richard Tozier was in love. It was real. He wanted to marry this kid. It was really fucking unfair that all Richie could do was text Eddie when Stan was across the dorm just first basing his boyfriend right in front of his glass covered eyes. Rubbing salt into the hormone filled wound of Richie’s.

↪ trxshmouth - They’re doing it again 

↪ pastelgazebo - Leave your roommate alone. He’s allowed to kiss his boyfriend if he wants to. 

↪ pastelgazebo - Shouldn’t you be studying ?? I know I am.

↪ trxshmouth - The least they could do is invite me to join. It’s only fair after being forced to listen to Bill stutter his way through dirty talk

↪ pastelgazebo - BEEP BEEP RICHIE!

↪ trxshmouth - I regret telling you about that every fucking day

❝ — Three months now. Three whole months of friendship all built on an ask about memes. Richie now knew that Eddie accidentally followed Richie instead of exiting his blog. And although it sort of hurt - he couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that only Eddie Kaspbrak would meet his best friend by accident. 

Richie was officially calling Eddie his best friend now. Stan lost that privilege when Rich had to wake up to a nearly naked Bill trying to sneak out of his dorm at five in the morning. Honestly the audacity !! Like, really ?! The Uris/Tozier residence was a place of fucking high class. He gave the culprit the stink eye to let him know that he saw everything. ( and damn he meant everything - those boxer briefs were not leaving anything to the imagination. No wonder Stan is keeping him still. ) All Billy could do was giggle as he pulled up his jeans and darted for the door. From then on Richie only referred to his roommate’s boyfriend as ‘Big Bill’ and Stan knew right away where the name came from and  - oh boy, he was not happy about everyone knowing about his private life. He didn’t seem to care about privacy before ; when he was letting his boyfriend walk around their dorm dong practically out.

So now Eddie was Richie’s official best friend. But Richie was lying to himself if he didn’t admit that he wanted so much more from the east coast boy. The two had finally exchanged Skypes and tonight was going to be the first time Richie would be able to hear Eddie’s voice - see Eddie’s face that wasn’t in a blurry snapchat with a filter. The trashmouth was actually freaking out. The whole day he was shaking and his ADHD was off the charts. He’s wanted this for three fucking months. And it’s finally here. The skype ring blared through the UCLA dorm and Rich was sure it sounded like the wedding march for a second. He answered the call and had to hold back from gasping. “Wow Eds, you’re really cute.”

The boy was in a pale yellow polo, cross legged on his dorm bed. His cheeks flared as red as his short shorts. Oh did Richie not mention his short shorts ?? Because wow this boy was not afraid of showing some leg. “Thank you. You’re not too bad yourself - Oh and don’t call me that.” Richie couldn’t help but laugh at how easily embarrassed Eddie got. He deserved every compliment in the world.

They spoke for hours about classes and their lives before college. Turns out both were from different towns in Maine. They were so close before - and it took Richie moving all the way out to California for them to be driven together. It really was a small world. Eddie opened up about his mother and how she was driving him crazy now that he wasn’t living at home. Mrs K. makes Eddie get tested like every other week - making sure he wasn’t being slowly killed by the filth of New York. Richie shared that his parents haven’t called him since he moved out. And how when December break comes up, he was probably going to stay with Stan’s family in San Diego. Eddie had this destroyed look on his face when Richie talked about his home. He looked crushed on the other boy’s behalf. And all the freshman wanted to do was jump through the screen, hug Eddie and never let go.

❝ — Four fucking months had gone by since Richie made contact with the love of his life. They skype nearly every night. They know everything there is to know about one another. ( Okay. So Eddie didn’t know Richie smoked. But the boy was willing to cross that bridge when they got to it ) It didn’t matter that a whole country was separating them. When the two spoke - it was as if they were in each other’s laps. 

Except Eddie wasn’t sitting in Richie’s lap. He wasn’t running his thin fingers through the boy’s curls and telling him that there was no where else he would rather be than right there. All of that was in Richie’s dreams. He was too afraid to make a move and actually ask Eds out. Stan, Bill, Bev, even Eddie’s roommates Mike and Ben have started to get on the pair for how flirty they were.

Richie was doodling in his notebook as Eddie was telling a story about how his psych professor misspelled professor on the first day of the semester and now no one can take him seriously. Eddie’s voice was like music to Richie’s ears. It inspired him to be better. It made his crazy nerves calm for once. It was like nothing else existed when he spoke. The brunette looked up to his mac and couldn’t help himself but to mutter. “I really wish we could date.” A second went by before Richie heard what he had actually said out loud. He covered his mouth and turned bright red.

Eddie was matching in blush to the cross country boy. He chuckled for a moment and asked “Richie will you be my boyfriend?” And now Richie was covering his whole face because holy fuck, was this real ?? Did his actual dream boy really ask him out. And he said it so calmly. Richie thought he was going to be sick. He could feel his stomach churning.  Then it occurred to him that he actually hadn’t answered the boy yet. He’d been waiting for this day for four fucking months and for the first time ever - Richie trashmouth Tozier was speechless. His mind was racing and to stop himself from breaking down and crying there and then, he revealed his flushed face to the webcam, with the dumbest smirk on his features.

“Sure, Eds - but only if you answer this question - Do you like memes ??”

Note ;; This is like half of the headcanons. So let me know if I should write chapter two !

RFA: Accidental Turn On

MC accidentally turning on the RFA boys? ;3

Sorry no Jaehee, I just couldn’t think of a scenario for her.. Sorry if some of these seem repetitive, I was kind of running out of ideas ㅠㅠ


-  You sat on the edge of Yoosung’s bed, licking a popsicle while watching him play LOLOL

- But you didn’t know that he wasn’t focusing on the game

- His purple eyes were staring at you as you licked the popsicle

- Up, and down, up, and… down…. My face must be turning red now… 

- “Yoosung? You’re losing right now…” you tell him, and he flinched 

- “O-Oh, of course!” He cried out as he frantically reached for the keyboard, nearly making it fall 

- “Um… You have um… Something you should deal with…” While he fixed his set up, you noticed that he was a little… excited

- “M-MC…?” He avoided your eyes “W-Why don’t you help me deal with it?” His face was bright red now 

- The popsicle began to melt onto the floor, your attention focused on only Yoosung 


- Zen was practicing his script when you walked into his living room

- “What’s this one about?” You asked, sitting next to him 

- “It’s just another one of those overly complicated love stories,” Zen sighed.

- “Oh, can I see?” You bent over him, accidentally pressing a little too close as you leaned over 

- You were absorbed in reading a few lines of the script, but Zen’s mind was completely somewhere else as he noticed what was pressing against his arm

- MC… MC..!! Gah, I need to keep myself controlled… 

- You leaned back into your seat, and looked up at Zen, who had tensed up a while ago

- “Zen, are you feeling alright?” You asked, and reached out a hand to cup his forehead

- Worried, you lean over to scan the script again, causing him to lose his self-restraint

- He put the script away, and roughly smashed his lips onto yours. “Looks like the beast got out, what are you going to do?” 


- You were sucking on a lollipop, while looking at your phone on the bed. when Jumin came in

- He was assumably typing away for work, but you could feel his eyes staring at you

- You ignored it, assuming that you were just imagining things, and continued to browse Tripter with your lollipop

- But Jumin really was staring at you  

- That seems pretty vulgar… Do people usually eat that in public? Certainly not… MC doing that is making my pants- I should stop, it’s getting worse…

- “Jumin? Don’t you need to do some work instead of just staring at the screen?” You ask, trying to see Jumin’s screen

- “The only thing I need to do is you” He pounced on you, pinning you down onto the bed and kissing you, lollipop and all 


- You were sitting on Seven’s lap as he played games, his arms reaching out on either side of you 

- You watched how quickly his hands were moving, glancing up at the many screens to check on his game 

- Seven was very good at whatever game he was playing, but he constantly kept messing up on purpose, just to annoy you

- “Oh whoops I didn’t see the huge gaping hole in the wall” Seven grinned at you, running a hand through his hair

- “Seven you avoided the hole at least three times already!” You hit him gently, but continued to watch as he opened up yet another game

- Because you were watching the screens, you didn’t notice that Seven tensed up every time you fidgeted

-  Oh god, oh god, MC PLEASE STOP MOVING ON MY LAP I CanT coNCeNtRaTe 

- You saw that his hand movements were slowing down, and occasionally stopped altogether 

- He then turned you around, leaning you onto his desk with a sadistic smile, “Shh, the microphone is still on. You wouldn’t want my teammates to hear you, right?” 

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“So, my question,” the fan started, smiling wildly as Jensen locked eyes with her giving her his full attention. “Hi,” she blurted out.

“Is that a question?” Jensen smiled sweetly.

The girl giggled before she started talking again. “No. Sorry. My question,” she cleared her throat. “It’s about Y/N, actually.”

Jensen bent over in laughter. This happened so often at conventions that she couldn’t make that he had almost come to expect it. He loved that this family loved her so much. It made his heart soar.

“Of course,” he laughed, rolling his eyes playfully.

“Sorry,” the fan giggled. “So we’ve heard rumors that she might be coming back to the show, but we all know she just gave birth to your second child, Lincoln.”

Jensen smiled at her as she continued.

“Anyway, having just had a baby, it seems a little quick for her to be coming back to the show. So my question is, can you substantiate these rumors in any way? Give us a little glimmer of hope that our favorite Dean girl is coming back? We miss her so damn much,” the fan finished with a sigh.

Jensen bent over in laughter again, the corners of his eyes crinkling perfectly.

Before he could answer, you stepped out from behind the curtain carrying Lincoln and holding hands with your six year old, Jaslyn. The crowd gasped and then immediately erupted into wild, enthusiastic cheers.

Jensen turned to look at you, a smile on his face.

“Daddy!” Jaslyn squeaked and darted toward him. She jumped into the air, right into his arms.

“Hey bean!” he answered, kissing her forehead. “So these ladies want to know if mommy is going to be back on Daddy’s show soon. Do you know the answer to that question?” Jensen asked, handing her the mic.

“I do,” Jaslyn giggled, eyeing the crowd mischievously.

“And are you going to tell them?” Jensen prompted.

She shook her head swiftly. “I’m not,” she laughed handing the mic back to Jensen.

The crowd died with laughter. You couldn’t help but smile at her as you stepped beside Jensen and leaned into him, your mouth hovering over the mic as you pressed yourself against him.

“She’s good at keeping momma’ secrets, this one,” you winked at Jaslyn then smiled at the crowd. “But I’ll tell you this. You guys will want to pay SPECIAL attention to Ep. 21.”

The crowd screamed.

You laughed and held up a hand to stop them. “I’m not saying you’ll see me. I’m not saying you won’t. But you’re in for a big effing surprise,” you winked. “And it may involve…”

Jensen cut you off. “Okay. Okay. Shut up before you get us fired,” he laughed elbowing you.

You looked down at Lincoln with a smile then back at Jensen. “They wouldn’t fire a woman who just had a baby. That would be cruel.”

The crowd erupted.

You covered your mouth and raised your eyebrows, feigning innocence. “Whoops,” you giggled, winking at Jaslyn who was watching you with a huge grin. “Maybe you’ll hear more about it soon. Guess you’ll have to wait and see,” you shrugged.

Jensen pulled you and Lincoln close, kissing you firmly. “Love you,” he whispered against your lips.

“You more,” you responded, kissing him back.

“Mommy can I tell them the OTHER secret?” Jaslyn giggled in Jensen’s arms as she watched the two of you exchange a kiss.

“The one about Lincoln?” Jensen asked, looking scandalous.

Jaslyn nodded her head.

“Do it. They’ll go crazy,” you laughed.

She stole the mic from Jensen causing everyone to laugh. “Lincoln is gonna be on Daddy’s show soon. And it’s a big shock for daddy,” she giggled.

The crowd was stunned into silence before they started talking excitedly amongst themselves.

“Good job bean. That’ll keep em guessing for a while,” Jensen winked, fist bumping his daughter.

The crowd was buzzing with excitement at the possibilities that the end of the season might bring.

I apologize in advance. This is utter nonsense. I don’t even know. *facepalm*
Starved pt 3

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If I missed anyone on the tags, my apologies. If you would like to be added, please send me a message directly, as it’s much easier for my disorganized brain to keep track of! <3 

Chapter Notes: This one will be heavy angst, guys, and probably pretty upsetting, but it is the dark night before the dawn, I promise. I will do my best to have Chapter 4 up as quickly as possible, too. <3 

CW: Yelling, anger, graphic descriptions of panic attacks, self-loathing, self-deprecating thoughts, depression, crying, swearing

Part 1  Part 2 

The doll worked.

The others were still being weirdly affectionate with him–still giving him the occasional little touches that made his chest ache and set his skin on fire–but the doll soothed them. When he crawled into bed and snuggled into its embrace, the ache eased. Not all the way, but…well, that was always going to be true. He’d grown to accept that there would probably never be a perfect substitute for a real hug, but as far as he was concerned, this was close enough. 

And besides, he’d never have to know the difference.

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You’re not sick anymore? I got bored. What game is this? It’s fun, can I borrow it? Sure, take it. I made this for you, you want some? If not, I’ll eat it myself. You sure you made this yourself? Yeah! I’m chef Noh, haven’t you heard? I think you’re the only one who does. You’re the first one to learn about him. It’s hot! Blow on it, jeez. This is instant porridge. Yeah, I added pork and an egg, too. Is it good? Yeah. You’re kinda talented. If it’s good then why the hell did you just add that? Did you eat anything yet? Nah, I’m waiting for my ma and pa and I’ll eat with them. For lunch? Yeah. Have some of this? No. Eat this so we both can be sick together. All the more reason I don’t wanna eat that. Do it! Shit, I almost died! Sorry, sorry, sorry! You’re so unruly.


knk + mbti types

“So, despite being completely thrashed in a battle, the bad guy opens up an interdimensional portal to try to suck everybody inside.”

Carl the Animator: “Y’know. Like you do.”

Ted the Animator: “Which *does* make the audience wonder why they didn’t just open one in the last fight, but I think the audience is well past the point of questioning this stuff anymore.”

Carl the Animator: “Maybe the bad guy just felt kinda tired last time. It’s exhausting, being an all-powerful interdimensional demigod.”

Ted the Animator: “Either way, everyone stops the girls from getting sucked in, but then the bad guy tries again, and this time Shaggy & Scooby are the targets.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh noes!”

Ted the Animator: “Er, well… to be fair, I’m only guessing they’re the new targets… not really sure why the portal stopped affecting the others, actually.”

Carl the Animator: “Because Scooby-Doo, Ted.”

Ted the Animator: “Alas, Scooby didn’t opt for the extra-traction KISS boots, and they get sucked in.”

Carl the Animator: “Whoops.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s this huge, spooky thing, and the gang freaks out….”

Carl the Animator: “Oh noes twice! How’re they gonna save them?!”

Ted the Animator: “…I’m not sure, but seconds after, this guy seems adamant that they ride the ferris wheel right now.”

Carl the Animator: “…oh.”

Ted the Animator: “I guess the gang is gonna put rescuing Shag ‘n’ Scoob on the back burner for a while.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, when you feel like riding a ferris wheel, you really feel like riding a ferris wheel.”

anonymous asked:

you've read the Star Wars EU? :) who's your favorite character from it? and do you think Kylo and Rey are based off of Jacen and Jaina? and we might see/hear Luke talk about Mara in The Last Jedi? :)

I have indeed read some Star Wars Expanded Universe books.

I’m going to talk a lot down here under the cut, but spoilers, my favorite exclusively EU character is Mara Jade, so here’s a li’l sketch:

with her being like “Hold my space flower, Skywalker” and Luke being all “I got your flower, Mara, and also this bouquet I picked you from the jungles of Yavin 4 as a token of my respect and devotion.”

(For anyone who’s never read any EU books, basically imagine crackship Luke Skywalker/Natasha Romanov as a slowburn enemies-to-allies-to-friends-to-lovers relationship, and that’s Luke and Mara in a nutshell.)

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Your Number One

Your steps were light as you made your way through lunch rush toward Dudart Café. You’ve just done four go-sees in the morning and booked all of them. But you were more excited to tell Jay about your biggest runway booking yet.

As you neared the café, you could see a bunch of fan girls surrounding someone, asking for photos and autographs. You peeped the blond top of his head and saw Simon joking around with his fans. He was teasing them about how they should all try not to cry when he announces his marriage.

You signalled him that you were going inside the café when he loudly called out your name. You stopped on your tracks and scrunched your face at him. The fans all simultaneously turned around and were now approaching you. They were asking you for photos and autographs as well and Sam used this as his cue to enter the restaurant.

When they were done taking photographs, they started a conversation with you which made you happy. You must’ve been talking to the fans for a quite a while because Jay had started to hover near the café’s entrance to try and lure you inside.

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Aaand three hours later- three layers of spots, each freezing for an hour… we combine the ingredients, stab that candy with a swizzle stick and LOAD UP THIS FANCY-ASS GLASS.

I did a double-batch because WHOOPS I chose a huge glass when I probably should have gone with a shorter one, but I didn’t want to just fill it up halfway and have the spots be less impressive.

Seriously. Look at the presentation of this drink. This is incredible. And the taste… EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE. It’s strong, but sweet. Like Spock. Like Rusty. This is the perfect tribute to my fur son… and I’m so sorry I didn’t make it when you could still reblog it and scream at it, Rusty.

Oooh man the chocolate spots are melting a little bit and sipping it right over one of those big melty spots… MMMM. THIS IS SO FRIGGIN DELICIOUS. I can see myself having many of these in my future. Making me wait three hours between each spot really built the anticipation for the drink. It’s like a longstanding test of patience. How dare you, Rusty. Continuing to teach me lessons through chocolate and alcohol.

Thank you, Rusty. For this. For everything. For being the coolest dude.

(Try the recipe for yourself heeeere)