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Happiness x3: 8.25.16
1. Trail run with J this morning…and I fell. Whoops!
2. Awesome pool and hiking day at Squaw base camp. Imagine a huge pool, hot tub and restaurant at the top of a huge mountain.
3. Shrimp tacos and hot tub tonight. See how every night in Tahoe ends with the hot tub?

negativenox  asked:

Zel@Lafayette: "Hey, um... sir? I'm sorry to hear about the way you're treated because of the way you look. No one's worth should be measured by their appearance in any way." He fidgeted nervously. "I must ask you, though- why do you have an issue with the peaceful nature of the others here? Did it cause some kind of problem in the past?" Fearing Lafayette's temper, he drew back, hoping he did not worsen it.


    “Peaceful nature is the same thing that ended the Eastern Crestland!” Lafayette snapped rather harshly, turning his head towards the shrinking form that had asked such a question. After a moment the Sceptile exhaled heavily, shoulders sagging and expression softening a bit as his gaze drifted over Zel’s face. After a moment Lafayette turned his head away, casting his eyes out to the lulling ocean off the ledge of the mountain 

    “There used to be four Crestlands. North, South, East and West. The lands ruled under different thumbs; the Northern and Eastern Crests were the most peaceful and open, allowing other Crestlanders to reside within their villages and temples as long as they agreed to keep peace.

    “Peace is a foolish hope made by foolish Pokemon.” the Grass Type spat. “And the Eastern Crestland learned that the hard way. They were all killed, their entire land wiped out and left as nothing more than a rubble wasteland, a reminder to the Northerners of what will happen to them sooner or later.

    The edges of Laffy’s mouth twitched and he spun the leaf in his mouth by its stem. He closed his eyes, exhaling deeply, chest compacting a bit before the Grass Type let his eyelids flutter back open.

    “Primrose is so much like her adopted father. Kind, open hearted, merciful… and dense.” the Gecko snapped his mouth shut. “She’s blind to the fact that not everyone can be saved, and she’s going to get herself killed because of it. Turning a blind eye to obvious signs, trying to let a merciless pile of scum redeem himself after killing countless Pokemon, including two of her family members.” Lafayette shook his head with a growl ebbing in his throat, brows furrowing a bit.

    “Peace is going to get her killed just like the rest of her family, and I may not be there to stop it just like the last time…

i should probably make my bias list but

sketchygizzardnerves  asked:

A grounded level-headed pinto unicorn who moved away from his home and the family business of jeweling and has formed a successful career as an actor and performer on and off of Bridleway, he has done some film work and a couple of modeling jobs, but tends to stay close to professional theatre, where he started out.

well I tried drawing Center chubby and she came out disproportionately huge, whoops. too bad I can’t shrink her down in traditional art.

Anyway, Center Stage always follows who’s who in the theatre world, wanting to become a big-name star herself. So meeting THE Gleaming Opal would leave her ecstatic, she’d be one part star struck and two parts jumping at the chance to network. She just works in a small-town local theater, after all, Gleaming Opal is a Bridleway performer!