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Now that I have provided the requisite hard-to-read graphic to announce this contest, let’s get down to business, shall we? Do you have a Transformers OC/FC? Do you like robot smack downs? Do you enjoy writing? Do you enjoy art? Do you enjoy other mediums of artistic expression? THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU.

I am going to be hosting a TF OC OCT. If you don’t know what that means, let me provide you with an explanation. An OCT is an Original Character Tournament. People who are entered are paired off and have to write/draw/interpretive dance/whatever-floats-your-boat their character beating the crap out of the other character. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. REALLY, IT IS. I’ll be acting as judge of the pieces that are entered and deciding who-beat-who each round.

Think of it like a sports bracket. Just with more robot whoop-aft.

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For threefeettotheleft who asked for Speedster!Iris Snowest AU: Iris wasn’t supposed to be in Barry’s lab that day, but she can’t regret it when it gives her strange new powers and friends, among them Caitlin who’s she grown to trust and also, fallen a little in love with.

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O Macbeth: I will write about how my character kills yours.

He had never like Stiles Stilinski a lot, but to say that he had been ready to kill him, was definitely not true. He had never been ready to kill, except perhaps when they had him locked in that vault, when they killed Erica, when everything turned bad and dark and evil.

Stilinski however, had not been bad and dark and evil. He had been annoying at best, with his inability to sit still, and the constant, incessant talking about the most inane things.

That had been then, but now he’d become something vile, a perversion of what he had been, dark, angry, a danger to everybody Boyd loved. 

If that hadn’t been the case, he would’ve let him go, if there had been a way to stop whatever it was that had made this skinny, mostly harmless white boy not threaten his friends, he wouldn’t have done it, but as it was, he took great pleasure in tearing out Stiles’ throat.

υɴαdυlтerαтed loαтнιɴɢ;;

   If he didn’t know better, Hans would have said karma had finally punched him in the face for all the times he’s been even somewhat unkind or rude. Why else would his incompetent science teacher pair him with such a detestable oaf as Kristoff Bjorman

   Of course he had never actually spoken to the young man in question, not since elementary school anyway. Nevertheless he doubted this would make any such difference to his opinion of him. Hans had seen enough of the blonde from a distance and what with his shabby clothes, his blunt and dull tones in his voice and worst of all his great dog he frequently brought to school with him.

    Oh, he was surely to fail this project now. Which means in no time he’ll be receiving an earful from his father for letting 60% of his final grade go down the toilet. Maybe if he was lucky he could pay his science partner to simply bugger off and he and one of the house staff could finish the assignment.

     But he might as well try to see if his classmate could actually be of any use to him. It had been his father’s idea to invite his partner to their large and luxurious estate. Hans was in no disagreement with this at all really. He’d rather not study at the school’s library or worse visit Kristoff’s home. Hans shivered just imagining it.

    Though now as the watch upon his wrist read 5:30, a  half hour later than they’d scheduled to meet, Hans’ low expectations of Kristoff manage to sink even more. His brows twitched in irritation, tapping his fingers upon the dining room table impatiently.

    He was just about to get up to fetch himself a sandwich when the doorbell rings. “Well it’s about time,” the junior muttered darkly, striding across the halls until reaching the entryway. With a seemingly effortless pull, Hans opened the great wooden front door, an irritated expression across his face as the form of thickly built Kristoff and his dog was revealed through the doorway.

     “You’re late.”

marriedtojbiebs replied to your post: someday I am going to force you all to listen to…

Is he bi in it? Cause in my head he’s bi.

He is definitely bi in my headcanon, but I’m like 99.9% sure that he’s bi in Chord Overstreet’s headcanon too, it is literally the only thing that makes sense sometimes. I see him as bi with a preference for boys, actually, but a need~~ to make people happy and avoid conflict as much as possible so, while he wouldn’t hide his attraction to other boys or be ashamed of it at all, he goes out of his way to be attracted to girls and make a big deal out of his attraction to girls because that’s easier, that’s safer.

        Name: Amelia Amy Pond
        Age: 22
        Sexuality: Hetrosexual
        Role: Quartite working as an art teacher at Raingrove Elementary 


       Amy’s lived in Quarter for most of her life, moving
       from Inverness, Scottland when she was seven
       when her parents passed away in a car accident.
       Since then she and her Aunt Sharon have been
       living in a small house in the quieter part of town.

       Sure life in Quarter isn’t half bad; the beds are warm,
       she’s got a great job, and the folks here are wonderful.
       But Amy has always had a sort of longing for something
       more than a small town. To go to far off places and have
       some spectacular adventure. But realistically Amy’s nowhere
       near to fulfilling her dream. What with no family ( save for a
       no good aunt who wants nothing to do with her ), hardly any
       money, and no window of opportunity — it’s not looking too good.

       So she’ll hang around Quarter until she can afford
       a one-way ticket to a life of adventure. But who knows
       maybe she’ll find just what she’s looking for right here.

❝ I may look innocent, but don’t think for a second
                   I won’t scramble your brain until you remember nothing if you try anything.❞

Unpopular/Popular/Actually I'm not really sure Opinion

I don’t think we should have Confederate memorials and I don’t think we should be flying the Confederate flag. Anywhere. Period.

Slavery and the Civil War were the darkest parts of American history. The Civil War was our bloodiest war to date with roughly 750,000 deaths. None of the other wars even come close to that. And why did it occur? Not because of tariffs or “state’s rights.” And to continue to say that is not only historically inaccurate, it’s disrespectful to the truth. No, it was because 11 states refused to accept that African Americans are human beings and deserve to live as free people. 11 states felt that their rights were being denied because they were being told that they could no longer deny the rights of others. If you like, we can say that it wasn’t the only reason, but it certainly was the biggest reason why the Confederacy was formed and why this war was fought. There will be those that will argue that not every Confederate soldier believed in slavery and you know that’s probably true, but the flag isn’t a symbol for the personal motivations of a soldier. It’s a symbol for the army as a whole and the army was fighting for the Confederacy. And the Confederacy was fighting for slavery. This is not opinion. This is an ugly, horrible truth that Americans must face if we are ever going to advance as a society.

When I first saw the pictures of the vandalized Confederate memorial, I honestly didn’t see a problem with it. Actually, I’ll admit, I was a little bit happy about it. Why? Because I have been so, so angry. I’m angry that in 2015 people are still being killed for their race. I’m angry that in 2015 African Americans still don’t feel like they can trust their police officers, when it should be the right of every American to feel protected in their own communities. I’m angry that in 2015 we are still fighting a battle against racism in our country and it still seems like there’s no end in sight. But now that I think I’ve cooled down a bit, I realize that it may not have been the best way to deal with anger and grief. Despite that, I still find it completely understandable, mainly because I don’t think that building Confederate memorials and flying Confederate flags is the most respectful way to remember the Civil War.

Even though I am incredibly angry about everything I previously mentioned, the one thing I am angriest about is that the United States says that we are sorry for slavery and discrimination and yet we still act like we aren’t. Tell me, if we were truly sorry would Congress actually refuse to pass a joint apology to African Americans because of something as ridiculous as the wording? In our schools we teach that what the Confederacy did was wrong, yet we erect memorials in their honor and have holidays like “Confederate Heroes Day." The South betrayed their own country and killed their own countrymen all because they knew that abolishing slavery would radically disrupt their way of life. They aren’t heroes. They didn’t fight with honor. They were traitors. Traitors to their country and, frankly, traitors to humanity, as all racists are. What the South did was not only wrong, it was abhorrent and those states today should see it as a horrible stain upon their history. Yet there are those who still wear their Confederate heritage like a badge of honor. The South should view the Confederate flag the way Germans view the Nazi flag. Yet it still flies in the name of "Southern Pride.”

And now here we are. 9 people have been killed simply because of the color of their skin. The man who murdered them wrote a 2,500 word manifesto about how he viewed black people as inferior. He believed they were taking over the country and raping white women, a mindset that has historically been popular among racists. He had pictures of himself at Confederate heritage sites and waving the Confederate flag. The very same flag that is currently flying outside the South Carolina capital. Even if you don’t share my opinion about Confederate memorials, you have to at least be able to understand why someone would be angry and frustrated enough to spray paint Black Lives Matter on a Confederate memorial. They just watched 9 people die because they were black. They just watched their government refuse to take down a flag that symbolizes an army who fought to try to keep slavery legal. So they spray paint Black Lives Matter on a memorial for people who died because they wanted black lives to be disposable.

I absolutely love the people who say that taking down the flag would just be “political correctness” because you know what? It absolutely is. And as much as I think political correctness has a tendency to go too far, particularly on this website, if there was ever a time for it, that time is now. I applaud the Southerners who recognize the shamefulness of the past but as a whole, the South needs to stop glorifying the Confederacy. It’s not something to be proud of. But I’ll compromise a bit here. If South Carolina wants a memorial for its Confederate dead, it should at least be a memorial that recognizes that what these men did was not honorable. It should recognize that the true tragedy of their deaths was in the cause they died for. And it certainly should not be proudly flying the flag that represents that repulsive cause.

hanged man secrets


Raven tended to steer clear of Sector 003 whenever she could. Never would she go out of her way to nose around there, really. It was a sketchy place. One would be just asking for trouble if they were to wander through without watching themselves.

There was something Raven knew very well of though: when looking for the nitty and gritty information, a sketchy looking environment was a fair candidate.

And that is what eventually led her to a tavern named The Hanged Man which was nestled away within the deeper area of the appropriately named Ghetto sector. The place looked like one would expect, with patrons to match. Making sure not to stand around for too long at the entrance, Raven began to walk on over to the bar where she’d likely find the bartender. She weaved by anyone that was in her way without a word, deciding she’d pick her conversations carefully here if she could help it.

This place was seedy, but with any luck she’d be able to use that to her advantage and get some info on the inner workings of this city.

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Can I have a gif reaction to when the members comes home to see their GF in the corner, scared because of a storm?

First gif reaction! Whoop! Here we go!

Jin: *Admires you* “You’re still so pretty when you’re scared”

Suga: *Laughs at you* “Jagiya, what are you doing over there?”

Jhope: “It’s okay, I’m home”

Rapmon: “You scared me. I thought you were a ghost”

Jimin: *Also kind of scared. Deciding to whether hide with you or not*

V: *Would probably try to scare you more*

Jungkook: *Judging hella hard* “It’s just a storm”

- Admin Krystal

hear ye, hear ye, friends and followers and random passerby!

yes, you. mmhmm. and you. and you, too. hi!

somehow in the midst of my friend’s broken foot and wedding craziness this weekend, I have passed another 100 mark on the follower count! yeah, that means we’re celebrating. 

so here’s what’s gonna go down. leave me your quotes, your one-liners, your favorite phrases or favorite words (mine’s flabbergasted, for the record), and I’ll write them all out and post them here on the blog. :) 

also–if you’re new around these parts–welcome! feel free to pop by the ask box and introduce yourself. what’s your name? what’s your favorite ice cream flavor? have you watched leverage and if not, why not? what’s your next dream vacation? 

the-crystal-dick I always see you liking and reblogging stuff from me late at night (early in the morning I guess) and I find myself thinking “She needs to go to sleep it’s not good for her to be up so late!” And then I realize that I’m actually making this post at 2:15 in the morning

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[Kiss] Thomas shoved Tobias out of the way with an irritated eyeroll and threw the sprig of mistletoe after him. Then he pulled Molly into his arms. One of his hands slid into her hair, tugging her head back, and he leaned down, capturing her mouth in a long, slow kiss. And if he'd perhaps applied some supernatural mojo via the skin contact, nobody needed to know he was cheating.

“What the fuc–” Molly started when Thomas was suddenly throwing mistletoe at Toby.  She thought he was supporting her in her never without my permission Fifth Element re-enactment.  At least, she did until he pulled her to him, nearly unbalancing her so she had to cling to him to stay upright. She made a little noise when he pulled her head back and then–

Okay.  In fairness, she’d kissed Thomas before.  A couple times at this point. The first time had been the only time as a mere mortal and extra heady because of that and because of Thomas’ injured state at the time.   

This was….

… well this was still fucking nice.

The tension left her shoulders and she felt all jelly-like in his arms, like a melting popsicle.  

Yeah.  That was nice.

I Got Tagged!

(Y’all can blame olinmaris for this one XD)

the rules are:
1) always post the rules
2) answer the questions the person who tagged you wrote, then write 11 new ones.
3) tag 11 people
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1) Do you have a favourite natural phenomenon?

  Thunderstorms are the first things that come to mind - they always happen late at night around here so I spend ages when I’m supposed to be asleep just staring out the window listening to the rain and keeping an eye out for lightning.

2) what fictional character do you most identify w and why?

  *Whispers* So many omg how do I pick just one??

  I think Olinmaris will agree with me if I say Nizuma Eiji from Bakuman though; ‘cause I like to think I’m at least close to that passionate about drawing manga.

  (Alternate option; idk maybe Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet?)

3) Do you believe in life after death?

  I try not to think about that because I will start to have a danisnotonfire-style existential crisis; - as such my default answer is no because then my brain doesn’t explode.

4) What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?

  Well one thing that proper freaked me out when I was younger was the time I dreamed that my radiator fell off the wall, and when I woke up I was sat in bed Ifor awhile like “what the fuck was that” before i hear a fuckiNG KLUNK AND MY RADIATOR COMES PARTIALLY OFF OF THE FUCKING WALL I PREDICTED THE GODDAMN FUTURE IN THE MOST USELESS WAY.

5) What’s your biggest phobia? 

  I don’t actually know - it used to be heights but I think I’ve gotten better with them since a few years ago when I was at camp and we had to jump off of numerous high things and I didn’t die.

6) Do you ever wanna dress in Armour because Its THAT type of day?

  (tbh when I had my crappy craft foam version of Neptune’s armour on for comicon I felt like 80% more awesome so I’d defo be up for having a proper version of it to wear on the regular)

7) If you could save your best friend/fam by becoming immortal so they can live a few more years would you?


  (although probably ‘cause I’m a sentimental idiot who cares too much about his buds)

8) If you became a PMMM style Mahou shojo figure what would your wish be?

  Probably something regarding helping my friends/family be better off generally

9) Do you think humans should be allowed to move to another planet when we fuck this one up?

  Probably not but we probably will XD

10) What’s your favourite fairytale and why? 

  I dunno if it’s my fave but I am partial to the little tin soldier because I always remember my mum reading it to me as a kid and when she reached the ending she was just like “oh god this isn’t a happy bedtime story oH GOD” - (also because I may or may not have made characters based on it and oh boy the feels)

11) Whats your favourite tree?

  There’s one in the park near me that’s jolly good for climbing. Prolly that one XD

Now, peeps to tag (If you’ve already been tagged then just ignore this I guess XD) : karlegg, charliep17, aforrest97, twistsanddelicacies, hawkeyeofasgard, itsthegoldenlover, vasilias-of-the-sea, torchwiick, um… I know I’m supposed to tag 11 people but I’ve run out of people who I actually interact with so anybody who wants to do this oughtta give it a go XD


  1.  Favorite colour?
  2.  Which fictional character do you identify with most and why (yes i’m stealing one from here but hey it’s a cool question)
  3.   What’s the wierdest thing that’s ever happened to you? (Two. I’m stealing two questions)
  4.  What would your SHSL title be if you were in Dangan Ronpa?
  5.  Following on from that that, do you reckon you would kill, be killed, escape or be executed?
  6.   A song that reminds you of your fave character?
  7.   A song that reminds you of your fave ship?
  8.   What is your favorite animal?
  9.   What superpower would you have if you could have one?
  10.   Favorite season?
  11.   Favorite food?