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Nesta, Victorian Gothic AU - 1/? - M - And Way Down We Go

Spooky Challenge Prompt Fill Number 9!

I kept trying to do something Edgar Allen Poe-ish for this prompt but all I could come up with was ‘The Tell-Tale Dick’ so fuck that bird-bonker, we’re going with my all time favourite film starring Tom Hiddleston’s arse (actually that might be a lie I love High Rise too, damn), Crimson Peak. It IS the source of one of my all-time fave ships though, which make up 70% of the shit on my kindle (whoops). (ps 50 points if u can guess said ship)


Prompt: Namren, Victorian Gothic AU (never even THOUGHT of this pairing before somehow and now #InDeep)

Pairings: Nesta/Amren, Nesta/Tomas, Nesta/Cassian


To bring her sisters the prestige they once lost to the sins of their father, and to fulfil the role she was trained for, Nesta marries a man she already knows to be a monster. Yet when she arrives at Crimson Peak, she soon learns the poison may run deeper than she or any of the rumours ever could have imagined.

And all of this is rendered nothing by a woman with silver eyes; A woman who may be the foulest monster of them all.

Tags: Nesta has too many love interests and trusts none of them, Ghosts, Hauntings, Victorian Gothic AU, Slow Burn, Dark, Crimson Peak Inspired

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Star Trek Headcanons about how the crew members would act if they were jealous? Pls and thnx :)

Oh god I’m such a sucker for jealousy headcanons 

Kirk: It depends on the situation. If he’s off duty on shore leave and it’s some asshole flirting with you at a bar, then he’ll march up to the person and tell them to back off–this often ends up in a fight. If it’s a crew member, he watches it from afar, then plays a game of 20 questions when you’re alone. “So who was that?” “How long have you known each other?” “Are you friends?” “Aren’t they dating someone? I could have sworn they were dating someone…does that person know you’re with me? I mean it doesn’t matter, I’m just curious”. You roll your eyes and tell him it’s fine. He pretends like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about. You drop it from there. But suddenly the crew member he’s jealous of finds themselves being put on a lot more midnight shifts…

Spock: He will never ever admit that he’s jealous, because jealousy is a petty human emotion and he’s above that. What he will do, however, is just throw nonstop shade at both you and the person who is making him jealous until finally you have to say “enough” and sit him down for a long talk about how he needs to calm the fuck down. He stays relatively quiet during the whole thing, and he tells you you’re being illogical: “I’m always calm”. Though, from the way he breaks eye contact, you can tell that he’s saying that more to himself than to you. When it’s all said and done with, you give him a little kiss, and make a joke that he was the illogical one, earning you a tiny smile. 

Bones: His jealousy manifests in anger. Towards you. Towards the other person. Towards everyone in the world. He doesn’t give any explanation for it, though. All you know is that suddenly, Bones is pissed off, and he’s doing everything he can to avoid you. So obviously, you get pissed off back because it’s not fair that he’s acting like this when you didn’t do anything. After you finally get sick of it and confront him, he reluctantly tells you about his ex-wife, and apologizes. A lot of bad memories got brought up, is all, and he needs to remember that you and her are two totally different people. 

Scotty: Becomes a god damn child. Any time you come around he’ll make asshole comments like “Oh, I’m surprised you’re not hanging out with ___” “You want dinner? Are you sure you wouldn’t rather go with ___?” And then he’ll grumble and mutter under his breath and the person he is jealous of might not get hot water any more in their quarters, whoops. Oh my god and there is so much passive aggressive shit talking about the person to you. “Oh I heard they did this, I heard they did that”. Finally you get fed up and respond with “How did you hear anything when you’re always down here in the engine room?”. There’s more grumbling and groaning after that.It takes Keenser to give him a literal whack with a wrench to get him to realize he’s overreacting and needs to apologize.

Uhura: Anyone she’s jealous of better watch their ass. She’s always shooting death glares behind their back. She puffs out her chest and throws her shoulders back when she’s near the person–intimidating the fuck out of them. During the times where you’re interacting with the person, she waits a moment for the two of you to get a conversation going, then struts past you…stopping only to dip you down in a deep kiss before going on her way. Once you’re able to regain your composure, you run after her because damn she can’t just kiss you like that and not follow up–if you catch my drift.  

Sulu: His first mistake is that he says “I don’t like you hanging around with ___”. That only makes things worse because fuck you, you don’t own me and you don’t get to tell me who I can and cannot talk to. He quickly realizes that he was sort of being a dick, so by the end of the day, he goes to you to talk things out. Sulu is really wonderful at communication, so by the time you’re done, you have a better understanding of one another’s thoughts and feelings, and perhaps certain things you both can do in the future to avoid things like this.  

Chekov: Panics and glues himself to your side. Everywhere you go, he’s there. Every night he insists on staying in your quarters, or you in his. You also find that suddenly he’s giving you a lot of flower bouquets in a desperate attempt to show you that he’s the one you should be with. Not some other person. Granted, he’ll never say that to you. He just shrugs it off. “Thees is what a good boyfriend does.I don’t know why you think zat I’m jealous.” You let him act like this for a while. If he doesn’t want to communicate then fine. Let him be ridiculous. Actually, you sort of like the way he says cheery things in Russian to the person he’s jealous of, because you can only imagine what he’s actually saying. There’s finally a breaking point, though, when it all comes out and he frantically talks to you about his jealousy a mile a minute. 

How about some SM Baby Venus and Mercury, huh?

One could say that while her enthusiasm was admirable, no one truly favored Venus’ habitual training schedule–which involved strictly waking at dawn and working straight until mid-noon–especially the training instructors. Not even Mars, who viewed breaks as a personal slight to her own pride, could drag herself out of bed for the promise of being greeted by Venus’ unnatural high spirits. 

Thus, when Venus heard a pair of tentative and light footsteps sounding over the instructor’s yawn, she was a tad curious. Very little did any one join her at this point in the day and the only visitors that really ever did was either Artemis or Queen Serenity–both of whom did not make a sound when they walked so it could not be them. She turned and cocked her head when she saw Mercury stepping up onto the stairs towards the training ground, squeezing a spear to her chest like it was a blanket shielding her from the cold. 


Mercury never joined her for training, even at “normal” hours. Though the four guardians were all required to at least have some knowledge of weaponry under their belt, it became very obvious very quickly that Mercury lacked the…aptitude for it. The girl was fast on her feet and good at dodging but everything else tended to end with her on her ass, unable to muster the strength to get up again. Not that this was necessarily a problem; while Mercury lacked physical combat ability, she excelled in magic and her combined speed and intelligence made her a force to be reckoned with. So, it was decided a while ago that the young princess could use her physical combat time to do as she pleased (and what she pleased was studying and building technology so there was no true big loss).

Cautiously, Mercury stepped up next to Venus and shyly ducked her down in a bow towards the instructor, still hugging her spear. She took a peek at Venus from the corner of her eye, then turned her sight back forward, pink appearing on her cheeks. 

Venus blinked at her, perplexed, and then turned her attention back to the spear. It was skinny, probably one of the weightless types, meant to be used less for stabbing and more of sweeping, quick movements. The soldiers all had their types of weapons; with Mars, she had gravitated quickly to bows and arrows even when some thought she would take to her people’s usual hacking weapons, while Jupiter used just about anything that allowed her to smash. Venus, herself, favored long ranged weapons like her chain–a gift from her mother that was connected to her hot, burning magic–but as the leader, she was required to learn swordsmanship so she could use the blessed sword.

Mercury had nothing. She dropped swords and shields and axes, had no strength to pull a bow, lacked any sense of aim to throw a dagger, got herself twisted up in whips, nearly crushed herself under hammers, maces, and morning stars. 

After the last time she nearly cut her hand on a blade, Mercury had ran from the room almost in tears from the humiliation. Venus’ heart pinched at the memory but her lips turned upwards just the same.

Because the spear was perfect.

Securing her sword and tying her chain to her belt, Venus stepped closer to her friend. “Cury?”

Timidly and without a noise, the blue guardian looked at her friend through her bangs. Venus smiled wider, “Do you want me to show you how to hold the spear right?”

Mercury’s face picked up and a small, shy smile (the equivalent of her beaming) appeared on her face as she nodded, “Yes, please!”

Venus turned to their instructor for permission. They simply waved for her to do so, yawning again and going off to sit down and take a few minutes longer to rest. Touching Mercury’s cold hands, she gently started to move her to the right position. “Okay, first you move your arms like this…”    

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*whispers* domestic bellarke tho: day-to-day runnings of their camp, keeping everyone alive, mediating disputes among the kids, mother henning at everyone, making alliances with the grounders, flipping off Camp Jaha, being grumpily in love, DOMESTIC BELLARKE

“They’ll get hypothermia. One of them might swallow a bug.”

“It is the middle of summer,” he says, patiently, “and bugs are a good source of protein.”

“Not if they’re poisonous.”

“Are there poisonous bugs here?”

Clarke sulks. “There might be.”

you’re probably like “chelsea, i really envisioned this nice scene where clarke and bellamy play peace-keeper by talking to separate halves of a couple [or what have you] and then being little shits and gossiping to each other about how to solve all of the relationship problems in camp, etc., etc.” and i counter with, “that is coming. but first, have you considered not-so-secretmotherhen!bellamy and drunk!clarke?”

(actually yes i am sure you have because you are a fabulous human being with evil evil perfect ideas)

full disclaimer: this is mostly whatbethsays’s headcanon, i just stole it because i am a little shit with no self control



“Hey. Hey – c’mere.”

It takes a few times before he notices, because Clarke’s trying to whisper and Bellamy is all the way across the encampment, closer to the treeline than she feels is necessarily fucking safe, what a moron. It’s too dark to see the frown on his face, but Clarke’s well versed in Bellamy-speak and she can hear the frown nevertheless.

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