whoops i uploaded the wrong version

Hello! I’ve finally gotten some time to do those cc updates I promised like a decade ago. 

June Patch Specific Updates:

  • All lips have been enabled for all genders, w/ gender tags
  • Summer Skeletons V2 default has been redone with new body textures and you’ll no longer get invisible nips on your ladies. Yeah!
  • The Summer Skeletons V2 m/f skin details now appear properly for applicable genders

Miscellaneous Fixes/Updates:

  • So the Nymphy Berry lips included in my Brighter Than Bombs set - I uploaded a testing file instead of the actual lips, so you guys have had the wrong file for ages! Whoops. This has been corrected, just let the new file override the old one.
  • The skin detail versions of my Strangeness and Charm eye overlays have been disabled for aliens. Sorry if they caused any issues, I had no idea until I got GTW that anything was wrong with them :(
  • Punch Drunk has been disabled for aliens because those batwings would not stop sticking to them despite being disabled for random
  • Everything is now disabled for random unless otherwise stated
  • All my onedrive links are working again
  • Most rar files have been replaced with zips

As a final note, my new downloads page layout is now live & is hopefully more informative than the old one. Thank you all for your patience with me. (✿◠‿◠)