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“You’re mine to own” for possesive starters? Robbie Or Peter But I do like a possesive pan… *COUGH*smut*COUGH* Whoops srry I think I’m getting a bit of a cold… ;) k thx love ur blog


Warning/s: smut (loool)


Summary: he gets jealous

Character: Peter Pan

note: thx anon!

After Henry accidentally gave Devin a scar, Y/N immediately got an aid kit to clean the lost boy’s scar. She made him sit on a log while she cleans the wound. Devin watches Y/N as she dabs cotton on his cheek.

Peter, who was across the camp, is scowling at the scene in front of him. He didn’t like the idea of Y/N touching anyone except him. Y/N, who was oblivious to Devin having a crush on her, kissed the wound like she would with other lost boys.

Pan came stomping towards them with a deadly scowl. He grabbed Y/N’s wrist and simply said “Come with me”. He dragged her to his hut, locking the door and casting a spell so no one will be able to enter or leave the hut without his permission.

“What’s wrong?” Y/N asked. Pan looked at her with dark eyes.

“You touching that boy is what’s wrong.” He growled.

Y/N’s eyes widened but then turned into a frown.

“He was injured!” she exclaimed.

“I don’t care! I own you! You’re mine to own!” He yelled and pushed Y/N against the wall.

“And I’m going to show you who you belong to” Peter whispered, his eyes filled with lust. He then began kissing Y/N with so much force. Y/N tried to push him off which only angered him. He pulled away and snapped his fingers.

Y/N looked down to see that she was completely bare. Peter watched her with lustful eyes and then grabbed her wrists, pinning it above her head.

When he tried kissing her, she turned her head. Peter chuckled and kissed her neck instead, sucking on it gently. Y/N tried to hide her moans but failed. Peter smirked against her neck and used one hand to cup her left breast.

Y/N wasn’t able to hold it anymore and moaned. “Peter”

Peter pulled away, smirking contently.

Y/N scowled at Peter.

“Fuck y-“ she was cut off when Peter cupped her dripping core.

“Already wet for me?” he teased.

“Is it really because of you?” Y/N teased but Peter didn’t think it was funny. He cupped her core harder; making her knees buckle but Peter pushed her shoulders to the wall.

“Let’s see who really makes you wet” and with that, Peter sucked harder  on her neck while his fingers plunged themselves in her.

“Peter!” she moaned loudly.

“See? Only me can make you feel this way.” He smirked as he curled his fingers, hitting her in the right places.

“Yes, yes. Oh god” Y/N yelled as she felt her stomach flutter.

“I think I-” Y/N didn’t finished her sentence when Peter started thrusting his fingers in a fast phase making Y/N reach her edge and come all over his fingers.

He pulled his fingers out and licked them. He smirked,

“Now let’s see how much longer you can take me”

Thank you for your kind words, love! I’ll admit I giggled a bit thinking of the reactions after I read this. 😄 edit:: Tumblr once again messed up the first post but I was prepared. Sorry I lost your original ask love!!!

Leo:: Shocked! The first time Leo hears you rapping he’s coming out of training with Raph to find you and Mikey locked into a battle of epic proportions. Hearing how smoothly you can freestyle leaves his speechless. He knew you were good with words but, damn! This is far more impressive than he ever thought. After you successfully whoop MC Mikey and before you can take a breath Leo has engulfed you in the biggest hug while chuckling into your hair. “I think MC Mikey lost his title to MC Y/N.”

Raph:: The Hype Man! Before Raph even knows of your skills you’re already laying down tracks on the Hip-hop Christmas Album. It was meant to be a surprise that you and Donnie were gonna spring on the brother’s after Donnie finished mixing the album. It didn’t take too long for Raph to figure out you were sneaking off with Donnie. This angered him until he burst into lab and heard you in the makeshift booth laying down tracks on a remix version of one of their songs. To say he loved it was an understatement. “That’s Y/N?” He’d ask in total disbelief. “MY Y/N?!”

Donnie:: Donnie is the mix master. He doesn’t rap much but he can put together the “sickest beats” you’ve ever heard. One day while on your roof, the boys, April, Casey and you were all listening to a sample of Donnie’s mixes and beats. Before you could even stop yourself, you were throwing out verse after verse of smooth flowing rhyme. This went on for about three minutes before the track ended. Silence… pure silence, until Donnie crashed his lips down on yours. After that Donnie was hard at work helping you put together your own album. “My girlfriend/boyfriend is so talented.” He’d gush.

Mikey:: MC Mikey has finally found the missing piece to his epic hip hop fantasies. When he first hears you rapping it’s while you were cooking dinner and it was to the epic fast verse of Eminem’s song Rap God(if you can do that, I love you). You didn’t even know he was listening until you heard him cheering from behind you. He scooped you up and danced with you around your kitchen. “Bruh! My baby can rap. I’m so damn happy right now. Can you freestyle? Let’s freestyle!” Forget the Hip-hop Christmas Album, you and MC Mikey are putting together your own album together that eventually you’d upload to Tumblr.

Meet Me On The Equinox

Gerard! Where he is a vampire and she a witch. They fight and in some way becomes smut. I know, it’s a strange request hahah


I’m not going to lie…. I’m pretty pumped about this request. Anyways, I fiddled about with the prompt (as I’m not very good at writing like physical altercations…) but I think this turned out pretty well!

Also… I really liked writing these two… and I might have a few more ideas to write sequels for them??? If you guys are interested in that, I am more than happy to write them, so let me know! :) xx

I got kind of carried away, so this is about 7000 words… whoops.

Warnings: Supernatural Elements (no not that kind…), smut, bloodplay, a bit of dirty talk I suppose?

Weaving your way through the crowds, you swore under your breath, realizing that yet again you’d lost him. You’d been trailing him for nearly 10 years, and in that time you’d gotten close to catching him only a few times. For the past six months you had watched him, tracking him down to New York, learning his daily… or rather nightly routine.

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May I Have this Dance

I need to get my writing mojo going and kill some time!Send me a ship or a character, and a word (or an au) and I’ll write a 500-1000 word drabble for it.

I accidentally answered @thesingerqueen’s prompt privately. Stupid tumblr. This one is for: McKirk + Royal!Au

“Presenting his royal highness, Doctor Leonard Horatio McCoy, Crown Prince of Atlantea.”

As soon as the announcement is made, the whispers begin, and Leonard feels a scowl coming on. It’s well known that Prince Leo, as the public insists on calling him, doesn’t really do public appearances, not official ones anyways. He hasn’t been at an actual political even since he’d surprised the world by forgoing the military, a royal tradition, and instead enrolling in med-school .

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Small Accidents AUs
  • ‘You look a lot like someone I know from behind so I called out their name and now your friends are looking at me like I’ve grown a third head but then you rush up and hug me so I don’t feel as embarrassed’ AU
  • ‘I always take the book that’s near the bottom and whoops this pile may be a bit too tall and you turn around just in time to see the stack of books fall on top of me’ AU
  • ‘I think you look hot so I sneaked a picture of you and just as it think I’ve gotten away with it, it turns out that your friend is behind me and saw everything’ AU
  • I lost my wallet and you’re giving it back to me but I thought you were a thief so I punched you’ AU
  • ‘I dropped my slice of cake right after I bought it and you see how devastated I look, so you treat me to another slice’ AU
  • ‘I poked my arm through the cat flap to pet your cat but now my hand’s stuck can you please help me’ AU
  • ‘I accidentally dropped my soft serve and you laugh so hard that you let go of yours and wow your eyes are really pretty when you smile want to get another one together?’ AU
  • ‘I slapped you in the face when I was trying to get this bug away from me are you okay iS THAT BLOOD DRIPPING FROM YOUR NOSE OH MY GOD I’M SO SORRY’ AU

you’ll have to pry this ship from my cold dead fingers

i finally got around to finishing this, started it after hlv but then temporarily lost motivation (i think it was rekindled by reading to much hotblood bc if u make jim a bit less homocidal and a bit more dickish and crop the frame above seb’s waist/change his hair they’re just about the same couple omfg)

anyway though??? im still trying to color better, i always tend to make things too desaturated and blend things too much so tryna work around that, hmmf

You know how you often hear about former drug addicts, criminals, etc starting up support groups and youth programs to help others in similar situations?

What if Killian finds out about the concept one day - maybe Emma mentions it, and he asks about it, or reads up on it. And he decides to do the same.

He’s given Regina advice on these matters before, and she’s the first one he asks. At first she scoffs at the idea of sunshine and rainbow pep talks and says he sounds like Snow, which causes him to grin proudly.

Belle offers to help. They call it their book club, and neither of them remarks on it when Regina wanders into the library as if by accident. The third chair and cup of tea was for Will, of course.

Gepetto drops by occasionally to chat. He never talks about the deal he made to save his boy from the curse, but he always has a little bit of advice, a word of wisdom, a forgiving smile, to contribute.

Henry has problems with a boy at school, one of the Lost Boys. Snow recruits Killian to talk to the lad, and the book club table gains another chair, and then another. Will and Killian set up another group for the boys only, where they learn sword-fighting and play strategy games and tell stories about how a pirate and a thief and even an Evil Queen can put their skills to a good use.

David only signs on for the sword-fighting, maintaining that the boys ought to learn a more modern technique as well and not just the hundred-year-old, one-handed, good-form nonsense Killian insists upon.

It takes a while before Snow shows up, with a big basket of tea and coffee and pastries from Granny’s. She sits in and listens, without judgement or condemnation. She comes back the next day, and the day after that. She never offers more than understanding and gentle smiles, but Killian thinks that that is exactly what she has needed.

Maleficent only visits the library because she was a prisoner below it for so long. She only sits at the table because Killian snarks back at her about the time they fought several feet below where they currently stand. She has a reputation to protect, after all, and if the conversation doesn’t stay entirely snarky, that’s the pirate’s fault.

Ursula wants nothing to do with Hook, and won’t go anywhere near the library unless Cruella is with her. But they are both curious, and hardly above some petty vindictiveness, so they breeze in one day in the middle of the hour. Cruella takes the lead, remarking on the poor state of the building, the dirt on the floor (swept this morning, courtesy of one Will Scarlet), the books, and oh, how desperate one must be to try to find redemption in such a place. What a sad state of affairs.

Maleficent’s indignation is held back by a comforting touch on her shoulder from Regina. Will leans back in his chair, feet up on the table, expectant look on his face. Belle and Killian exchange a smile, and Killian tells them that if they ever want to come back, they’re most welcome.

(Cruella brings gin and tea, the good-quality stuff, not that terrible sludge they call “tea” in this place. Ursula sits as far away from Killian as possible, and it’s a mistake that the box of doughnuts she brought includes one for him, and she leaves out no opportunity to bring up piracy and betrayal and chopped-off limbs, but, Killian thinks, there is a little less hatred and hurt in her eyes at the end of the meeting, and if a few insults are his price then he is more than willing to pay.)

And then one day, long after the latest crisis, when they’ve all settled in and Cruella is complaining about the traffic - no one knows where she managed to find traffic in Storybrooke, but no one asks - the door opens again.

And they look up, as one, to see Rumplestiltskin outlined against the daylight outside. He has his cane again, his powers stripped when the dagger was destroyed, and once again Killian sees him as the man who limped aboard his ship all those years ago and refused to pick up a blade and fight.

For a moment, no one speaks. Even Cruella falls silent mid-sentence. The air seems to thicken, to coil around them all, tension almost making it hum.

The silence is broken by the scrape of a chair on the floor: Will Scarlet, pushing back from the table and getting to his feet.

“Chair for you here, mate,” he says.

Rumplestiltskin stares at him. Then he glances at Belle, at Killian, around the room, and he turns on his heel and all but runs from the building.

(He doesn’t come back until two weeks later, but when he does, there is a chair waiting for him. He doesn’t bring anything, and he doesn’t speak during the entire meeting, nor look anyone in the eye.

After a few weeks, Killian finds an occasion to mention the other club, the one where they try to mentor the lost boys and girls of this world. They’ve been talking about wanting to learn some crafts, like weaving perhaps, or spinning, something useful to do with your hands.

He says it casually, to the room at large, but he sees Rumplestiltskin’s eyes flick to him for the first time. Killian raises an eyebrow. Neither of them speaks.

It might take some time. But he thinks that perhaps, he’s just found another volunteer.)