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CONGRATULATIONS! =D (Not for the headache, though, get well soon!) *sends good vibes*

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congratulations! :0 well done! it was probably worth the wait, and now you can get that well deserved rest!

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AHHHH!! CONGRATS!!!!! -throws confetti- Hope your headaches goes away quickly though!

AhHHhHHh//// THANK YOU ALL! <3 ˚✧₊⁎( ノ^ω^)ノ゚⁎⁺˳✧༚ I’m so happy to be done! And my headache has gone away as well! I had some dinner and two frozen lemonades and felt a lot better c: Time for the next walk of life it seems /has absolutely no idea what the hell im gonna do/  It’ll work out eventually I guess xD

Hi, Phandom! I’m here to give you some more to think about that headcanon where Danny is actually 100% dead.

Here we see little Danny using all of the base ghost powers, flight, invisibility, intangibility, ghostly tail, plus his ghost form’s green eyes, while still in “human” form.

Just makes you wonder if he truly still had a human form, would he really be able to use all of his powers without “going ghost”?

How I Got My Agent

It’s been a while since I’ve written on the blog. Mainly because for the past couple of months things have been happening that are ridiculously exciting, and while I have wanted to stand on the roof and shout, I have instead held it inside and savored it. But before I talk about how I got one of the best agents in the literary world, let me back up a few steps.

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Since I was a kid, probably seven or eight years old, I dreamed of being an author. I was a voracious reader, particular historical fiction and fantasy, and some things don’t change, not even with the harsh reality of time and growing up. Like, “go to college and major in something useful, something that ensures job security when you get your diploma.” Well, that’s a story for another day (how I went from English, to Dietetics, back to English…) but what I’m trying to say is that the passion to write has dwelled in me since I was a girl. And thankfully, that little gem survived the chips of reality and adult responsibilities.

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And it’s kind of interesting. For years and years I desired to write something. For years I tried, and maybe got a few chapters into a story, but I just didn’t seem able to write and finish something that was worthy. And it wasn’t until I was working a full-time job and married (my plate is full, y’all) that I suddenly began writing again and finishing novels and revising my work and realizing that yes, I can do this. I burned the midnight oil, I wrote on lunch breaks, I woke up before dawn to sit down and get words on the page. It was exhausting and exhilarating.

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On January 7 of this year, I began writing IMPASSIONED. I finished it in mid to late February, thanks to the unexpected snow days (we shut everything down in the south when snow or ice threatens) and I finished my first draft watching the snow fall (because it actually really did snow this time) with a mug of hot cocoa wearing my pajamas with my dog curled up at my feet. I would move up north, just to relive moments like that one. Anyways…as I was revising my manuscript, I began to compile an agent list. Now, I had been through the dreaded querying process before with an earlier work that I have since discarded. I wrote a crappy query (I didn’t know any better, and queries are monstrous to write) and so obviously I received no requests from the ten agents I reached out to. But I learned a lot from that experience, and so this time I was better prepared to build, dissect and polish my query for IMPASSIONED. I stalked agents I was interested in (online, of course) and I came across Suzie Townsend thanks to the blog Literary Rambles.


Suzie is part of New Leaf Literary and Media, which is an agency that has blossomed over the past couple of years and has represented some incredible YA novels. Divergent, Shadow and Bone, Snow Like Ashes, Red Queen…I could go on and on. Anyways, Suzie has a great blog, so I began to sift through it. Thankfully, she had some example queries from authors she ended up signing as clients, breaking down what worked for her in the letters. This was extremely helpful as I began to draft my query letter to her. I also took advantage of Query Shark, another blog that I highly recommend for tough love critiques and painful advice (it certainly has bite) that will help you perfect your query while you cry and devour a carton of ice cream.   

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By May, IMPASSIONED was on its seventh draft. I had a few beta readers who provided me with some great feedback and encouragement, enough to where I realized that the story which had poured from my mind onto paper might actually be worthy of publishing.


I had my top three agents selected and their queries prepared (Suzie was my number 1, BTW). I was going to email in small batches, in case my query still needing tweaking so I wouldn’t inadvertently blow my entire list of desired agents.


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*Important Rabbit Trail: If you want a good agent, you have to have an impressive query letter. You essentially have to catch that agent’s eye on the first sentence and by the last sentence have them wanting more, enough so that the agent asks you to send your full manuscript. No small task, but think about it this way. Agents receive hundreds of queries in a month. Some of them probably get hundreds in a week. Like, I cannot even fathom that. Their eyes glaze over when they go through them. So yours needs to be sharp, concise and tantalizing. Far, far easier said than done, I know. Trust me, I AGONIZED over my queries, and still felt as if they were nowhere near perfect. But I would take a gander to say that most queries are carelessly written, scattered, vague, too long, don’t address the agent by name, and do a poor job at building suspense. Queries are about as challenging and unforgiving as writing a full length novel. All of this to say, you can do it, because I did it. And there are plenty of great resources out there for you to rise above all the others! End of Rabbit Trail.*


I sent my top three queries for IMPASSIONED out in the middle of May. Let me tell you how gut wrenching that was. I sat and stared at my composed email for hours, too afraid to hit SEND. And then when I hit SEND, I felt like melting into a puddle and sliding off the chair. I was a hopeless tangle of anxiety and fear and hope.

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What was I thinking? Could this really happen to me?


You don’t know until you try.


Several days letter, I got an email from Suzie. It was Sunday morning; I was sitting at the table with my husband about to drink coffee when I read it. She asked me to send my full manuscript to her, and I promptly broke down crying. I knew how momentous this was. Suzie Townsend was requesting my FULL manuscript. Which I sent to her, as soon as possible, and then commenced with more nail biting.


I wouldn’t hear from her until August. It was a summer of waiting, and that was not a bad thing. I took all my worries and anxieties and channeled my energy into writing my next novel. I knew Suzie was busy and behind schedule, so I tried to keep my mind occupied with other projects and tried to resist checking my email 24-7. I drafted two more novels during this time, stories that I don’t believe I would have written had I not been in a season of waiting.


THEN…just when I was beginning to wonder what I would do if Suzie didn’t like my manuscript, I got an email. She asked me to send her a synopsis and tell her about my other projects and what did I envision for my career as a writer. I hadn’t written a synopsis (whoops! Probably should have had one of those handy…), so I scrambled to get her one. I felt like this was a good sign, but then again, I had no idea.


That Friday night, I was sitting on the couch about to work on another project when my husband (Ben) told me “you need to go to bed early.” Of course, my mind was worn out, but when I started to object, saying I had way too much to do, Ben told me that what I needed was to go to bed. So I did. AND I DID NOT CHECK MY EMAIL. Which was crazy, because I had been breathing my inbox for months. Alas, I still cannot believe it. But that meant when I woke up Saturday morning, I immediately checked my email. And saw an email from Suzie, which she sent the night before around 8. In which she told me how much she loved my book and how she would love to represent me.

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I don’t think there are words that can appropriately describe the feelings that overcame me. I rolled out of bed, slid to the floor and wept. My dog, very concerned, climbed onto me and licked my face, and I had to reassure her that these were happy tears. You’re probably thinking, wow, this girl cries a lot. I don’t. But it kind of felt like I had climbed Mount Everest. Suzie was the agent I wanted the most, and Suzie offered to rep me without even talking to me on the phone. I could tell how much she loved IMPASSIONED, and to me, that meant the most.


We later talked on the phone for an hour. She told me all about how she got started as an agent, about New Leaf, and then what her plans would be for me and IMPASSIONED if I chose her. It was a great conversation, and she pretty much answered all my questions. I felt confident after hanging up with her, and she gave me many good things to ponder.  


I took a little over a week to think and pray about it, because I knew this was a huge decision, and even though I was pretty much decided, I wanted to make sure I didn’t rush into it. In the meantime, Suzie was going to Tahiti to elope (hooray!) but before she left, she sent me another email. I appreciated her touching base with me before she left the country, and once more I felt overwhelmingly blessed when she told me again how much she would love to work with me.


BUT WAIT. It gets even better.


I arrived home from work Friday and there was a package on my front porch. Lo and behold, Suzie had mailed me a package of New Leaf books—half which were ARCS and hadn’t been released to the public yet (SAY WHAAAAAT!)—along with a handwritten note. She thanked me for querying her and giving her the chance to read my work. I was so excited and amazed; I could have cried again. Instead, I went on a run with the dog, because I was bursting inside.

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A couple days later, I emailed Suzie to accept her representation.


And that is how I got one of the most amazing agents in the literary world.

galaktykas  asked:

hey I was wondering how you did the thing where you drew like the bath thing? the drawings on top of magazine pages. I can never figure out how to do that ugh

oh yeah sure of course - it’s really pretty easy as long as you’re at least a little handy w/ an exacto knife or scissors (also excuse the quilt i definitely did this all on my bed whoops) :

1. pick magazine or book page (can be whatever you want- i tend to go for nature scenes or color palettes that please me) 

2. draw figure in proportion to how you want them to appear in scene 

3. cut out figure (if it’s a simple silhouette you probably only need scissors but the more complicated of a pose you do [+detail oriented things like hair] you should use an exacto knife) ALSO: i like to go over and outline my figure again before i cut it out so the line is thicker (it gives you more lee way and ends up looking more balanced) 

4. glue your cut out figure whereever you want them on the page

5. cut the page to desired size, i like to mount it to a background of opposing color but it’s all up to you!

so simple so fun & very calming - everyone should do it

An Ode to Math

Through mistakes and questions I blunder
I also begin to bore
Thus I begin to wonder
“Is it easier to drop out and become a whore?”

My patience is wearing out
My mind is being sued
I’m about to shout
And I’m probably just going to look up
The information on youtube

The coffee is almost gone
I should be in bed
The clock says nearly dawn
Whoops, there goes my head!
On my desk!
Hard at rest!
Up again!
Damn, I’ve lost my favorite pen

My eyes are in a haze
And in my mind is only one phrase:



What's our goal on this trip? To catch Robin!!!

“make him listen what are you thinking”

okay so this episode is like

the worst episode ever (like okay i know i said no criticism but like it’s really interesting who ends up getting saved here and who didn’t end up getting saved back in the day; a narrative can tell you a lot about the -ists of their writers by who gets heroized, who gets villainized, and who gets saved)

but the perception we get of john through dean’s and sam conflicting views of him is soul hurty

because a lot of the time, dean positions himself on john’s side

but then

it slips out. right here.

like how many times did dean try to make john listen to him about anything

about what he needed

about what he wanted

about what sam needed

about what sam wanted

and of course sam already gets that to some degree – his assurance to Alfie Matt that he can leave, that he can do whatever he wants as soon as he gets away from home – speaks to some vague, nebulous idea of that even if he can’t articulate it right here

“dad never treated you like that you were perfect–he was all over me.”


dean knows his dad never saw him as perfect and that he probably held each one of his so-called “failures” against him even now that he is twenty-six years old.

but sam never saw that (Dad probably hid it from sam or attempted to?)

and dean’s gut instinct is to say “dad never treated us like that” because –

that’s how he retold the story to himself, i think – something that dean has canonically done wrt trauma, etc. ugh (and also reminiscent of my own feels towards my mom i’m so sorry dean for putting all my self projection issues on you)

sam bonding with their dad’s disappointment – saying you can leave

dean saying that you should stick with family (ah abandonment, hidden resentment towards sam leaving, deeper resentment towards dad always leaving)

dean telling sam to respect his old man for a change (how many times did you not want to respect your dad is this projection maybe)

it’s okay to leave toxic relationships dean, one day you’ll learn, i hope you’ll learn. 

and dean doesn’t understand how dad could be disappointed in sam. 

ugh the way they just don’t understand each other

their one dimensional perception of their relationship not only with dad but with themselves

“but even when you two weren’t talking he used to swing by stanford whenever he could–keep an eye on you make sure you were safe" 

and then dean bites his lip, averts his gaze – the same expression when he finds out that adam got to go to baseball games

and after defending john

it finally slips out.

"make him listen what are you thinking”


fucking. john. winchester.

(also this is the first ep witha queerbait joke – sam x dean, not necessarily wincest as when this was written there was no fandom to poke fun of yet)