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Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Words: 1,391

Prompt: “I really would’ve liked it if you told me your parents were coming to town.” - “I really would’ve liked it if you put underwear on before coming into the kitchen.”

Author’s Note:  I read this prompt and I thought it would be a cute roommate thing so here you go I guess. This. was meant to go up way earlier. whoops.

Summary: The reader’s parents come to visit her, Oak is their roommate and the prompt happens. Ends in an awkward proclamation of love.

Jasmine and you had always been pretty close friends, so when both you and Oak were looking for a roommate at the same time, she decided to introduce you. You and him hit it off instantly and in under a month you two had found an apartment within your budget and were moved in.

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