whoops i meant going out with friends and dancing in clubs

Dance With Me - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 2722

Warnings: Pure Filth, NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Orgasm Denial, More Filth

Notes: #SorryNotSorry

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Say You Wont Let Go

Jungkook x Reader // oneshot // 5k words

Summary: Jungkook just wanted to have one night where he didn’t think about you, but unfortunately for him that can never happen.

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, mentions of alcohol and vomiting

A/N: SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG OMG!! I feel so bad but ive spent a long ass time on this so I hope you like this oneshot!!! Its inspired by the song say you wont let go by James Arthur I literally love that song so much. enjoy!

Jungkook was hellbent on not going to the club that night. He really was. After an extremely long, and tiring concert all he wanted to do was crash in the dorms, and play Mario Kart with the rest of his band mates while consuming a copious amount of junk food. Unfortunately for him, his hyungs were all riding their post concert high and wanted to finish the night with shots and girls.

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All Night, No Sleep - Jack Maynard Imagine

“Come on, Y/N, just come to the club with us” your best friend Jack whined. He had a pout on his face and looked at you with his blue puppy eyes. Those piercing blue eyes you could never say no to. And he knew it.

“Stop pulling that trick on me!” You said with a smile, trying to get out of it. All he did was coming closer and pouting more, locking your eyes with his. Every single step he took made your heart beat a little bit faster, almost as if you were afraid he’d get to close. At a certain point he comes so close that your noses are almost touching, and it’s all you needed to be pushed over the edge.

“Fine, I’ll come.” You blurted out with a sigh.

“Yes, I knew it’d work! It’ll be fun!” Of course it’d be fun. For him, not so much for you. In the two years you had known him, you had never really seen him as just a friend. From the moment you met him, he had given you butterflies and every time you two hung out, you fell for him even more. Mainly because you got to know all of Jack, not just the man in front of the camera. You had seen him at his best and at his worst, you got to know his sensitive side. That was what made you fall for him in every possible way. Two years long already you were successful in hiding it, and you were not planning on giving it up any time soon, because you were one hundred percent sure he did not feel the same way.

Going clubbing with Jack and the boys was never really a pleasure, at least not after an hour or two. In the beginning it always went down well: you were just a group of friends enjoying yourselves, dancing to the music and singing along to all of the songs. Nonetheless, after a while the boys would get distracted by the attractive girls surrounding them and their attention would shift from their friends to them. Especially Jack was very good at this, doing honour to his reputation. Not all of them were searching for girls all the time, it were usually only two or three of them, Jack of course being part of it mostly. And it broke your heart every single time. That’s why you mostly refused going with them, but you just couldn’t say no to Jack.

Arriving at the club, you tried to put your feelings aside and enjoy yourself. The night was still young and who knows, it could be different. Maybe Jack would have his eyes on you for once… You were proven wrong soon after, as a very attractive girl approached him and he gladly took his chance. Although you were kind of enjoying yourself before, your mood quickly changed and all you wanted is to go home. Yet you couldn’t, because you promised Jack you’d take him home. If that would be necessary after all…

“You know, it’d be a whole lot easier if you’d just tell him.” Mikey sat down next to you, ripping you out of your thought bubble.

“Tell him what?”

“It’s kind of obvious that he’s more than just a friend to you, Y/N. The way you look at him… You’re also staring at him the whole time.”

“No, I’m not.”

“You are.”

“Just buy me another drink, Mikey.” You didn’t mean to be rude to him, but it just hurt to know that he had noticed. That meant that Jack probably had noticed as well, proving once more that he did not feel the same way.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.” You apologised. You knew he was only trying to be nice and do the right thing.

“Come on, let’s join the others and dance. It would be a waste of the night to sit here and do nothing.” You let Mikey drag you back to the group, and you decided you would be enjoying yourself. Luckily the boys were already drunk enough to make a fool out of themselves and for the first time that night you actually enjoyed yourself. After a while you noticed that Jack had joined the group again, without the girl. He was dead drunk, which was probably also the reason why the girl had left him.

“Come on, Jack, I’m taking you home.” You said, while supporting the boy as he could barely stand on his legs.

Getting him back to his apartment wasn’t exactly an easy task. As the rest of the group had decided to stay a little longer at the club, you were on your own and as he was almost incapable of walking himself, you had to use everything in your power to get him there. Once in his apartment, you headed straight for the bedroom, where he just dropped himself on the bed and closed his eyes. After taking of his shoes, you made your way out of the bedroom.

“Y/N?” You heard him mumble.


“You’re the best.” You cracked a little smile, before turning off the lights and closing the door behind you, the tears burning in your eyes. You cursed yourself for being so weak, for having feelings for someone that would never feel the same.

As it was already too late to return to your own apartment, you tried making yourself comfortable on his couch, like you’d always do after a night out. Normally you’d fall asleep almost immediately, but this time was different. Mikey’s words kept spooking around through your mind. You knew he was right, you had to tell him, it would be so much easier. But wouldn’t it ruin your friendship as well? These demons kept you up all night and it tore you apart. You eventually decided that you would tell him, because you could no longer bear with constantly seeing him with others.

Sunk deep in your thoughts, you stared out of his living room window for hours and hours without having a second of sleep. You kept repeating in your head what you would say. You saw the sun rise and heard birds singing their song, you saw the city of London get back to life. You were so caught up in your thoughts that you didn’t hear Jack coming in the living room.

“Wow, you look like you’ve been hit by a truck.” He chuckled at the sight of you.

“I’ve been up all night, I’ve had no sleep at all.” You tried to avoid looking into his eyes, or just looking at him. Morning after Jack had always been your week spot.

“Why not?” He asked.

“Because…” you sighed and plucked your courage to tell him. “Because I’m sick of hiding. I’m sick of constantly pretending like I don’t care when you hook up with yet another girl. Because I do. I do care and it simply hurts to see the one you’ve been having a thing for, for roughly two years, hook up with others that are way prettier than you, knowing you will never have a chance with him. I can’t do this anymore, Jack, I’m sorry. You’re a really good person and I love being around you. You really are one of my best friends, but I wish it could be more. And I know that you don’t feel the same way, so I’m just going to make it easy for both of us and leave.”

A stunned Jack was looking at you with a confused look on his face. The tears burning in your eyes, you made your way to the door, not caring to look back.

“Y/N, wait! You’re just going to walk out on me, just like that? Throwing away two years of an amazing friendship? Just because you’re jealous of other girls?” You were shocked by his words, not expecting them to be this harsh.

“Yes, Jack, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I knew this was a mistake…” You hissed through your teeth, slightly agitated by the way he had answered. You started walking again, further to the door, when he grabbed your wrist and turned you back around.

“I wasn’t finished yet.” He let out a sigh before continuing to talk. “I’m not allowing you to do that. You’re not going to walk out of my life just like that. There is one thing I want to make clear to you for once and for all: these girls mean nothing to me, just like I mean nothing to them. The only girl that really matters to me is you. You’re the only one that cared to look further than that guy in front of the camera. You’ve seen me at my worst, you showed me how to find myself when I needed it the most. You’ve come into my life and I seriously can’t imagine it without you. Hooking up with all of these people was just a way for me to forget about the one thing I thought I could never have: You.”

Now it was your turn to be confused. He actually felt the same way all along? You didn’t have much time to think as he came closer to lock his lips with yours. On this very moment you wished you had told him a long time ago, but none of that really mattered, as you had finally got what you wanted.


A/N: Another imagine online, whoop whoop! It’’s a rather long one, but I really hope that you all like it! My requests are open for those who want me to write one :)

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Sooo…. @spaceacedex messaged me yesterday with some awesome Ace!Kent, demi!Jack pimbits headcanons and we kind of ran away with it.

So, please enjoy our 2k+ rambling

(½) kent is…ace… (and also an Aces player) hear me out - we always hear about him being super smooth and charming whether it be for like a rando hookup on roadies in a club or with jack (back in the day) or even with pb&j hcs, but like also consider him being super charming and making out w someone in the club for a bit and when he’s ready to leave bein like, “welp it’s been fun but i’m tired an’ going home, thnks” and everyone being winded after meeting this kid.

(2/2) also: in the Q with jack, being ace and not knowing bc they’re kids, and obvs it wasn’t very smooth and didn’t end well (he didn’t know jack was demi back then & neither did he) but growing up a bit and introducing bitty (and shitty’s explanations of different sexualities) everything works out and they all get together and figure out what works for everyone

  • what if kent’s just trying too hard in the Q when he really doesn’t have to? and that’s where they get mixed up because they DONT TALK about it
  • the situations he puts himself in because that’s supposed to be NORMAL but he doesn’t want to do anything other than maybe makeout
  • and then he meets jack and like, jack isn’t really that interested in anything beyond hanging out which parse is so relieved. but then jack one day makes a move and they’re making out and parse is into it. he likes jack. maybe even loves him.
  • but then jack pushes a bit too far and kent doesn’t know what to do. how does he push jack, the boy who rarely lets people in his life, away??
  • this boy probably didn’t want to have that part of the relationship to begin with but hey once they’re playing together and are inseparable BOOM look at that he’s in love and wants to show that to kent (the wrong way/time like you said) and maybe it took kent a few years to be okay with that - he probs didn’t have anyone like shitty to explain it
  • and maybe thats part of the split between them? beyond the od and whatever happened there. he pushes jack away because he doesn’t want whatever they have to be marred by unwanted sex and Jack doesn’t really understand cause he’s a teenager and for the first time in his life he actually wants someone sexually

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Protective (JB)

Request: JB scenario whereby he (protective bestfriend that has a crush on you) picks you up and you’re wearing something too showy and revealing, he gets jealous as a lot of guys started to hit you up in the club and he couldn’t resist himself too so he confessed as it led to something….? heh thank you!

Length: 1,856 words

Genre: Fluff

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iamjustalways  asked:

When did you start having feelings for Tom?

(I wanted to do a comic for this but I have a very specific headcanon and I couldnt accurately portray it with cartoons)

“I’ve got it!”

Marco jumped as she heard the words, and coupled with the flash of flames hovering beside her bed it was enough to make her shoot upright with enough force to smack her head on the bunk above her.

“Dude. We’ve talked about this.” She grumbled as she rubbed her forehead.

For a moment Tom seemed to flinch back, but quickly shook it off and crawled through the portal.

“Yeah, yeah,” He said, “Right, sorry, forgot.”

He was literally sitting at the foot of Marco’s bed now, making Marco pull the blanket up to her chest with a muffled gargle of indignation.

“Yes please come in I love being straddled at six in the morning in front of my roommate.”

“Your roommate?” Tom blinked and straightened to look up into the top bunk, eyes fixing on the wide-eyed girl above them. “Oh, hey Mercy.”

The girl only gasped and squeezed the rosary she clutched under her pillow a little tighter.

“She’s really weird…” He said, crawling back down to mutter the words into Marco’s ear, “We should go to my place.”

Marco growled and pushed his face away.

“I’ve got practice in three hours,” she argued.

“I thought you got kicked out of the club for breaking a dude’s leg,” he retorted.

Again Marco made a muffled groan somewhere between a sob and a grunt.

“I was told I was too advanced,” she explained for the millionth time, “So they politely suggested I find another instructor.”

“One with less breakable legs.”


Tom rubbed his chin for a moment, his left horn ‘ting’ing against the metal springs of Mercy’s bunk like a fork to a wineglass.

“Well, have you?” he finally asked.

Marco looked away. She didn’t have to answer that.

“Alright,” Tom finally said, “I can see that you’re…uh…busy.”

With a snap of his fingers the portal sparked into existence a foot from the bed.

“…But I just wanted to drop in to say that I’ve finally decided on my team for the Venus and Mars gen.”

“That’s nice To- wait Venus and Mars? Don’t you mean A and B?”

Tom smirked that smirk of his, taking Marco right back to a certain situation that came to be over a pair of movie marathon tickets.

“No, I mean Venus and Mars. Mars, to be exact. It’s got the better roster.”

Marco really should tell him to shut up and go back to bed. She really should.

“Those games aren’t even out yet.” She said instead, “They haven’t even announced the starters.”

The look of mock surprise Tom gave her made Marco want to punch him.

“Oh? I had no idea. I wonder what this is then!”

With this he pulled out a small game cartridge sloppily labeled “Mars” with duct tape and a sharpie, as if it had been taken from the developer’s office itself.

“…I hate you.” Marco finally said.

“I hate you too.” Tom retorted, then stepped aside to reveal a flaming portal leading to his bedroom.

The jerk didn’t even have the decency to look over his shoulder to see if she would follow, like he did back when there had been a level of respect between them. Grumbling about demon princes who think they’re all that, Marco pulled her hoodie over her tank top and followed him.

“I see your room still looks like crap,” she commented dryly as she went to sit on his bed, pointedly far away from that metal hand-chair that might well be the most uncomfortable piece of furniture she had ever touched.

Tom didn’t seem to mind it, and heavily plopped down as heavily as if he didn’t have any bones whatsoever. Or muscle. Or nerve cells.

“So, what were you thinking?” Marco asked, crossing her legs on the bed.

“What?” Tom asked, blinking before he shook his head again, “Oh, right, the game. In B I had a team of monsters for every member of love sentence, so this time I’m gonna do one for each of my friends!”

Marco frowned at him.

“So you don’t even know which ones you’re getting. Just what you’re going to name them all.”

Tom looked at her like she was mad, “Naming is the most stressful part!” he said, “You gotta go in knowing what you’re going to do or else you might end up without a consistent naming scheme.”

“…And why does that matter?”

Tom blinked.

“Does…anything else matter?”

This was a fair point, or at least it seemed so to Tom. He could just about do all the stuff that the monsters did in videogames with his powers and had a habit for seeking specific wish fulfillment out of the strangest of places. Marco had fond if not confused memories of him playing hide and seek in an online fps map, much to the distaste of the other players.

“Fine.” Marco said, getting up from the soft covers of the bed to brave the accursed metal hand chair, “Whose gonna be who?”

“I’m not gonna ruin the surprise!” Tom said indignantly, “Besides, most of these haven’t even been announced yet, you wont know what they all are.”

Marco sighed and looked over Tom’s shoulder as he started it up, putting in his name and skipping through all the introductory dialog.

Tom’s starter, a weird clown-seal thing, he immediately named Jackie Lynn.

“It’ll make sense when he evolves,” he assured Marco when she asked about this odd decision.

And so the monster training adventure began. First thing’s first Tom captured a sort of shire horse-esque monster for Pony Head, then a weird blue version of an eight-tails for Star. Marco watched half assedly until Tom announced what he was looking for next.

“Merchap?” She asked, “I didn’t know they’d be in this lineup.”

“They’re bringing back all the fan favorites,” Tom said, “But it’s got a really low spawn rate in this area…”

It took a few tries and quite a bit of running in circles. If Marco didn’t know that progressing meant little to nothing to Tom she’d assume this was driving her friend nuts. It was certainly driving her nuts watching him.

Finally, finally one spawned, doing its little threatening punch-dance as the battle began, only for Tom to run from the encounter immediately.

“What?” Marco scoffed, “We’ve been here for five minutes what was wrong with that one?”

“It’s male.” He said, “I want a girl one.”

Marco choked.

“Dude the gender ratio for those is 20-80%.” She said, “And they’re already only 10% in this area.”

Tom rolled his eyes.

“I do this all the time. Won’t take long.”

Except that it did take long. Merchap’s barely spawned at all and when they did they were always male. After a few hours Marco stopped paying attention and began to mess about on her phone. After a while there was a whoop of triumph, Marco looked over to see a handheld game console shoved in her face.

“Hah! Got one!” he said, showing off the little red symbol on the screen next to the wild Merchap.

“Good for you,” Marco said, her mouth twitching, “You’ve achieved your incredibly dumb goal.”

Marco looked over his shoulder as he sent out Jackie, only to have her kill the monster with one hit.

There was an uncomfortable silence.

“That’s…” Tom said, then cut off.

He shook his shoulders before chirping, “Fine.”

He laughed, a bit of sweat rolling down his cheek.

“This is my favorite part of the game! I’ll find another one!”

Marco nodded slowly and went back to her phone, glancing over nervously whenever the demon prince would grunt or exhale violently through his nose.

“Um…” Marco asked after a while, “What else is on the list?”

“I can’t move on,” Tom said with a forced chuckle, “If I don’t get it at a low level it’ll be harder to level them all symmetrically.”

Marco supposed this was just another one of the things that Tom took enjoyment out of the game and said nothing.

About an hour later another female Merchap showed up. Marco sighed with relief.

“Just use a greatcube.” She advised.

“No.” Tom said, making Marco arch a brow.

“The rest of my team are in normal cubes,” he explained, “She won’t match.”

Marco couldn’t say a thing, only snort at the ridiculousness of it all.

Tom sent out Pony Head, carefully chipping away at the health bar with tackle. At 20% hp normal cubes still wouldn’t work, so Tom took a chance and used just one more tackle.

“Oh my god.” Marco muttered as the hit points slipped to zero.

The sound Tom made couldn’t not possibly be replicated by a human. Or any human-shaped organism. Even though similar noises came out of Tom when he was about to murder someone, Marco couldn’t help but bark out a laugh.

This distracted Tom enough to lose the white glow in his eyes.

“Its not funny.” He said flatly, then smirked, “Okay its kind of funny. Shut up. I need to concentrate.”

With this he kicked Marco over and returned to the hunt with a renewed determination. A part of Marco told her to heed his advice, but she couldn’t help it.

“Twice.” She said, unable to breathe, “What…what are the odds.”

Tom huffed out a laugh as well, “I said shut up!” he said, trying not to smile.

The next time he fainted a female Merchap Marco had to cling to his arm to stop him chucking his console across the room. The one after that Tom just lay in his bed and screamed into the mattress for at least five minutes.

“Please.” Marco begged between peels of laughter, “Please, just get a male one. I can’t breathe.”

Tom shook his head, “I’ve spent too much time on this now!” he said, breaking into another laugh, “Next time. Next time!

Marco hadn’t looked at her phone in hours, she was clinging to his shoulder unable to hold back sobbing cackling as again and again Tom either found a male Merchap or managed to faint it in one hit.

HAH!” Tom cried when he had finally widdled one down to 1 hp by some stroke of luck, only to realize he was out of normal cubes.

There wasn’t even a shout of rage this time, just a groan of “Noooo” as he deflated back against the metal talons of the chair

Marco shoved his shoulder, trying to lift him but unable to maintain her strength through the hysterics. It seemed he was also having a hard time getting up, moaning between guffaws about how he ‘wasn’t strong enough’ and how she needed to ‘go on without him’.

Marco was too busy collapsed on the floor to notice a pink ball of fluff hop up into the chair beside him and sniff his face.

Tom blinked.

“Marshmallow believes in me,” he said to no one in particular.

“Yeah buddy,” Marco said, managing to sit up.

“I’ve got one last shot.” He said, sitting up, “One last shot. This one’s for Marshmallow.”

“Oh okay,” Marco laughed, “Great. This is the ‘Marshmallow’ one.”

“I can do this!”

“You can’t do this.”

“With her belief in me I can-”

Marco managed to stop laughing long enough to hear the celebratory ‘captured’ music play before Tom leapt up and screamed with victory.

The following words were in some obscure demonic dialect Marco did not recognize, before he collapsed on the chair to save and quit the game.

“I need a nap.” He said after regaining his breath, “I need to nap for a million years.”

Marco tried and failed to get up, her legs shaking from…what was it hours, of laughing her ass off. It had been a while since she had laughed so hard at anything. With anyone. College was great yeah, full of great people and all, but there just weren’t the sort of people who you could just do something stupid with while time melted away.

She glanced sideways at the exhausted demon and opened her mouth to speak, before promptly closing it. A bead of sweat trickled down her chin, and very suddenly she felt she might throw up.

“Glargh…” she mumbled, unsure of what the original word she wanted to say had been.

Tom’s third eye opened to stare at her, shooting her with such a violent pang of nerves that she was incapacitated by giggling once again.

“What?” he groaned.

“I…” she tried to think, “What nature did you get? Wouldn’t it suck if you got a bad one?”

Tom chuckled weakly.

“There are no words in any language ever spoken that can describe just how much I so don’t care about that right now.” He said, “But you can check if you want.”

Marco sighed and flipped open the console, still amazed that the events of the day had even transpired. However, upon opening the team menu she didn’t quite make it to the summary tab. Again she glanced at her sleeping friend, wondering if he noticed the sharp intake of breath.

The female Merchap’s name was Marco.

i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance

rating: T
pairing: Natsu/Lucy, Sting/Lucy
summary: Ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, you name it, Natsu could do it. What he couldn’t do, however, was get his best friend to fall in love with him. After all, when you’re in high school, football players get the happy ending, not well trained technical dancers. High School!AU 

Natsu Dragneel wasn’t really what you considered popular. He was well liked at his high school and a lot of people knew him thanks to his boisterous personality and endearing personality, but he wasn’t the typical popular guy you saw in those teenage romantic comedy movies. He wasn’t the high school heartthrob or the homecoming king. No, that status was more fitting of the football player he was currently talking to, Sting Eucliffe.

“So um, do you think you can help me?”

Natsu stared blankly. Sting, the school’s football captain stood in front of him, fidgeting awkwardly. When Natsu didn’t say anything to answer the question, Sting looked even more uncomfortable.

The last bell of the day had rung and Natsu had been on his way to the outer gates when Sting ran up to him, asking to talk. Naturally, Natsu had been a little suspicious. He didn’t think he and Sting had ever had a full conversation. It’s not like they hated each other or they were enemies or anything, they just ran in different circles.

“I-I’m sorry, come again?”

Sting sighed heavily before rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“C-can you teach me how to dance?”

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Addicted - Part Two

Genre: General, Romance, Smut

Pairing: Ravi x You

Warning: SMUT

Prompt: “I had a one night stand before I started a college class and WHOOPS I ACCIDENTALLY BANGED THE PROFESSOR” au (x)

AN: I honestly forgot I was writing this. I took a much needed break from everything and anything after my GRE, then went out of town, then got sick and then finished this which is why it’s only arriving now. BUT I GOT IT DONE JUST BEFORE THE BEAUTIFUL LIAR RELEASE AND ON MY BIRTHDAY AS WELL…so at least theres that. There was also a situation wherein this almost went into part three because Ravi wouldn’t stop flirting in the story but I successfully squashed that rebellion, so yes, this is the last part but I am severely tempted to write some sort of one-off sequel or something like that. 

Also, this is so freaking long. IDEK what happened. 

(Part One)

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The Night Before The Wedding, Chapter 1

Summary: Belle French came to Las Vegas to get married. Complications arise when she wakes up married to someone who is not her fiancé.

Author’s Notes: My answer to @standbyourmantis call for the Rumbelle fandom to come up with more woke up married in Vegas fics per Anon’s request in the form of awkward crack. I look forward to everyone’s contributions. As always, please let me know what you think and happy reading!

Belle French awoke with the satisfaction of someone who had been thoroughly banged before going to bed. The bliss of rest after joyous exhaustion. She smiled to herself, arching her back with her eyes closed, eager to soak up the feeling of pure contentment.

The hotel room was half-shaded and she looked next to her to see the outline of a particularly fine ass.

She reached out to squeeze it when she had a revelation.

This was not her fiance’s ass.

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Pour Your Sugar on Me

Advent Prompt #17: Broken bone in some form. (Aka whoops I was trying to do tricks on the stripper pole at our joint bachelor party and maybe I’m a little drunker than I initially thought) Klaine. 2.7K [AO3Read Previous Advent fics on: AO3 | Tumblr

“Oh my god, what is this monstrosity?” Blaine asks as a giant stretch Hummer limo pulls up to the corner outside the loft he and Kurt share.

“It’s our transportation to and from the clubs tonight and it’s awesome, so don’t knock it!” Sam insists.

“I thought you were supposed to keep him in check, Artie?” Blaine groans.

“Oh c'mon, it’s fun! You only get one bachelor party, guys. I mean, hopefully… Live a little! Besides, you know Artie Abrams is all about the indulgent luxuries,” Artie exclaims.

“See, told you it was hopeless to expect that Artie would reign Sam in. They are both equally ridiculous,” Kurt tells Blaine smugly.

“Did I mention that the limo comes equipped with a fully stocked bar, disco ball, and stripper pole?” Sam adds.

“Did someone say fully stocked bar?” Blaine inquires, almost at the same moment Kurt asks, “Ooh, a stripper pole?”

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