whoops i made myself feel

Some screenshots are just made of pain.

But seriously here, you see Tooth separating herself from the group, her expression is concentrated but distraught. She’s doing her best to hold it together, but everything was stolen right in front of her. The memories that have kept her so happy for these four hundred years, the teeth, her Baby Teeth, a portion of herself, all stolen from her and there was nothing she could do.

She’s taking a moment to keep it together, though she wants to fall apart.

Jack has been separate from  people for over three hundred years, so his comforting methods are awkward at best, but his expression is similar to hers. I think of Jack as an emotionally based character [his level of power equate to how happy, sad, angry he is] and thus, he can truly tell what Tooth must be feeling at the moment, and taking that moment with her, even if he stands so far away.