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(the morning after s1m9) (please full-view ;n; )

“Doctor Myers?”

The doctor turned around, finding a timid-looking Ed peeking out from the dorms with Molly sleepily clutching his leg. Surprised to see them up so early, Maxine , hoping her weariness didn’t show through. “Hi, Ed. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, everything’s fine,” he replied, scratching the back of his neck with one hand. “S'just that Sam’s not in his room, and his alarm kept going off. It woke Molly up, so I went to make sure he was okay, and he just wasn’t there. Thought it was a bit odd so,” he shrugged, “figured I’d tell someone.”

The forced smile fades away, worry creasing her forehead. “That is odd. I can’t imagine… Thanks Ed, I’ll take care of it.” Ed waves and turns back inside, doubtless to go back to bed. 


“Still no sign of him?” Janine’s voice is distorted from the toy-quality walkie talkies she and Maxine are using.

“No,” she grumbles back, leaning against the doorframe of the mess hall. They’d checked the comms shack (say what you like about his organizational skills, but Sam’s work ethic was frighteningly intense), his room (just in case), the showers (enlisting Rajit’s help to avoid startling any early-rising men), the “training area” (a dirt path circling the gardens), and the mess hall (self-explanatory), and had yet to find their main radio operator.

“I’m going to see if Five has any idea where he may have gone. She would have been the last to see him last night.” Well, technically this morning.

Janine’s reply came only after a short stretch of silence. “I should apologize to Five,” and wasn’t that strange to hear from their hard-hearted leader, “since it was my plan that put her in that situation.”

“I’m closer,” the doctor quickly interrupts, forgetting that the walkie talkies can’t transmit and receive at the same time. She winces, waits for the crackle of Janine’s transmission ending, the tries again. “I’m closer. I don’t think Five will want to have much of a conversation right now. She only got in three or four hours ago.” More silence from Janine and yes, maybe that was a bit rude in hindsight. The residents working the kitchen today give her a funny look when she leaves without eating, but her mind is already trying to figure out where the hell Sam could be hiding.

When she reaches Five’s room in the easternmost dorms, she knocks quietly on the door, knowing that Five (like many of the people who survived the whole zombie-apocalypse thing) was easy to rouse.

“Hey Five,” she murmurs, pushing the door open. “I’m sorry to wake you up, but Sam’s missing and we were wondering if you knew where he’d - ”

Ah. Found him.

It’s hard to see Five’s face in the shade of her hoodie, but her voice has that fuzzy intensity of someone who’s trying very hard to wake up. “Sam’s missing?” she says, like he’s not right there, one arm wrapped around her, head on her shoulder. Maxine tries very, very hard not to laugh.

“Not anymore.”

Castiel likes to bury his face into the crook of Meg’s neck after making love to her, breathing in her sweat, sex, and sulfur and falling in love with the smell because it is her. He wrap his extra-dementional wings around her and forcing her to cuddle easily becomes a favorite thing, even when she swats him and squirms and tells him to let go~