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some doodles from tonight of @oztrichbunz‘s precious water-themed Genos who I’m absolutely going to draw more of in the futureヽ(´ヮ´)ノ

@anjelzjelly129 I’ve fallen in love with your drawings of Genos with an undercut and I used that concept here except with a ponytail (which I am,, very bad at drawing,,,, I have almost never drawn hair pulled back uughhguh)
now that the artblock is gone, the laptop is fixed, and I’m no longer sick (surprise, I had a 48 hour flu) I can FINALLY DO THINGS AGAIN

What Homestuck Troll are you Quiz more like
  • Are you...
  • 2: b0ring
  • 3: pROBABLY AMPUTATED,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • 4: bee2?
  • 5: :33 a cat
  • 6: A Liberal Lesbian Vampire
  • 7: 4lw4ys 4 slut for th3 l4w
  • 8: Vriska
  • 9: D-> STRONG and sweaty
  • 10: ThE mOsT hAtEd ClOwN eVeR (fuck you Gamzee)
  • 11: wweh nyeh
  • 12: Fis)(


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Open curtains | Closed blinds
Stray dog | House cat
People | Pets
Outside | Inside
Half-empty | Half-full
TV | Radio
Sing | Dance
Shoes | Sandals
Cash | Credit
Hike | Drive
Casual | Elegant
Center | Corner
Sword | Shield
Airplane | Boat
Fizzy | Flat
Garnished | Plain
Extra salt | Extra pepper
Spicy | Mild
Record player | Digital media
Opaque | Transparent
White lies | Complete truth
Blunt | Subtle
Noisy | Silent
Books | Music
Familiar | New
Youth | Experience
Spoon | Fork and knife
Knife | Baseball bat
Space | Ocean
Bow and arrow | Blow dart
Love at first sight | Slow burn
Freckles | Dimples
Long eyelashes | Long fingers
Soft lips | Sensitive neck
Slow dance | Intimate conversation
Candlelight dinner | Stargazing

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Behind The Scenes 2 (10/16)

Author’s note: This “scene” is really long so its broken up into separate posts, so the next few parts are all in regards to going the amusement park. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Fake fluff (Jungkook)

Word count: 2530

Summary: You and the boys head to the amusement park.

WARNINGS: physical abuse, some verbal abuse

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

You slept calmly on your mattress. Despite what happened with Suga the night before, you were able to fall asleep after a few hours of staring up at the ceiling. You heard the door click open, but you ignored the sound. You just wanted to keep sleeping.

“Y/n wake up.” you could recognize Rap monster’s voice.

You rolled from your side to your back. Every cell in you knew that you should have gotten up already but your eyelids felt so heavy and sleep felt so good. You could hear movement from Jimin’s bed, you on the other hand, stayed as you were.

Suddenly, a hand was slapped over your nose and mouth. Your eyes shot open. Rap monster was squatting next to your bed, his hand pushing into your face. It was horrible enough that you couldn’t breathe, but he was also putting his weight into his hand. He was slowly pushing your head into the mattress. It felt like your jaw was being crushed.

You squirmed under his hand. Like the last time, he was too strong for you get his hand off. He stared at you struggling under him. He had the slightest smile on his face. Your eyes shot all over the room. You could see Jimin. He was sitting at the edge of his bed, staring at you and Rap monster. He looked at what was going on for a few seconds. You tried to scream out to him for help, but you couldn’t. You watched as Jimin stood up and slowly walked out of the room.

You continued to struggle, feeling more and more light headed. Eventually, he lifted his hand off of you.  You gasped for air. You couldn’t say anything; all you did was look up at him.

He expression was different, now he was angry. “That’s the last time you ignore me.” He growled. He stood up and walked out of the room.

After regaining your composure, you went about the regular schedule of things and then you all got ready for the day at the amusement park.

You and Jimin were in your room getting clothes to change in to. No words were exchanged as you each went through your things. Without even as much as a knock, Jungkook let himself into the room. He was already dressed in black jeans, black boots, a large white t-shirt and a black beanie.

“Yo! This shit is where it’s at!” He said swirling around to show his outfit.

“Damn boy!” Jimin laughed

“I’d be swimming in pussy!… If it weren’t for you though…” Jungkook said staring at you annoyed.

Jimin glared at you.

“You have these clothes right?” Jungkook asked, “Cuz I ain’t changing for shit.”

“I’ll see what I have.” You mumbled

“Do you have a black beanie?”


He rolled his eyes at you and grabbed a beanie from his back pocket. “I knew you wouldn’t.” He said as he tossed the beanie at you. “And try to see what you can do about your face too. You got a few volcanoes growing.” He laughed.

You grabbed your compact and took a quick look at your face. He was right, your face was breaking out.

“That’s what happens when you let your face become a cum dumpster, you break out in herpes.” Jimin scoffed.

Jungkook started laughing. “Oh man! That was a good one!” Then he walked out of the room. “Tae! You should have heard what Jimin just said!” Jimin ran out of the room to catch up with him.

You continued to look through your trash bags, since you still didn’t have your new clothes. You found a white blouse, a black skirt and black flats. You changed and got ready to go, then stepped out to the living room where the guys were waiting for the manager.

Jin and Rap monster were standing by the door, Suga and Jhope were on the small couch. V, Jimin and Jungkook were on the large couch. V was sitting on one end of the couch, Jungkook on the other, Jimin had his head on Jungkook’s lap and his feet on V’s lap.

You went over to the where Suga and Jhope sat and squeezed yourself in between them.

“Morning guys”

“Morning.” They both said.

“You look nice.” Suga said.

“More like amazing!” Jhope said raising his eyebrows up and down at you.

“Haha! Shut up!” you laughed, covering his eyebrows

“Yes, please get him to be quiet. I’m too hungover. Slap him if you have to.” Suga mumbled.

“I’m sorry, you’re what Yoongi?! I didn’t hear you! There is too much space between us! Can you speak up?!” Jhope said loudly, practically climbing over you to get in Suga’s face.

Suga put his hand over Jhope’s face and pushed him back into his seat. “Ah, today is going to be a long day.” Suga grumbled.

“Aw, look at the grumpy grandpa!” Jhope cooed. He was trying to pinch Suga’s cheek, but you pulled his arm away.

“No! I need my hope alive!” you laughed.

“Aw, Y/n loves me!” Jhope smiled, giving you a hug.

“Damn, now she’s moved onto Hoseok.” Jimin commented. “Watch out Tae, you and I are the only ones left” he said nudging V’s lap.

“For what?” V asked confused

“She’s fucked almost the whole group already.” Jimin smirked.

“Why are you still with this stupid shit?” Suga asked. “Aren’t you tired of it all already?”

“Yeah! The only one she has really been with is Jungkook.” Jhope said trying to defend you.

“And it was the best dick she ever had!” Jungkook added

“You wish!” You fought

“So you admit that you’ve had other dick then!” Jimin accused, sitting up on the couch.

“Well she definitely wasn’t a virgin.” Jungkook said.

“What?!?” you asked offended

“You’ve had other dick by now… I would imagine at least four other ones.” Jimin said

“That doesn’t mean she’s been with any other member though. “V said. “Not that I’m implying anything bad about you y/n.”

“You’re trying too hard now Jimin. Now your comments are just coming off as sad and desperate.” Jhope said.

“Why the fuck do you guys always keep defending that bitch?!?” Jimin yelled getting up from the couch.

Suga winced, grabbing his head from how loud Jimin was getting.

“She is fucking tearing us apart! How do you guys not see it?!?” Jimin shouted.

Rap monster and Jin looked over, now interested in what was going on. You could see a slight smile on Rap monster’s face.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Jhope asked.

“We were all fine before she snuck her way in here! Now you guys don’t even talk to us like before! Hoseok! When was the last time we practiced together huh? Yoongi, we don’t even talk anymore!”

“You know what? He has a point!” Jungkook said. “You guys barely talk to us anymore. The only time you do is cuz you are taking her side for every little fucking thing!”

“That’s not true!” Jhope shouted.

“Tae, is that true?” Suga asked, trying to get some back up.

V’s eyes jumped from the five of you. “Um… well they… um… they are kinda right… but-“

“See! She’s fucking tearing us apart!” Jimin said

“That’s only cuz you guys don’t give her a chance!” Jhope said getting out of his seat and going over to Jimin. “You fuckers are trying to make her life hell, when all you have to do is talk to her like a fucking person!” Jhope said poking Jimin’s chest

V came in between them. “Hey, y/n is actually a great person Jimin. Hoseok is right.” Jimin glared at V. V got a squeamish under Jimin’s intense gaze. “But, uh, um, Hoseok, Jimin is right too. You guys haven’t really been brothers to us lately…”

Rap monster’s phone rang, but the guys were too riled up to notice. After accepting the call, Rap monster nudged Jin with his elbow and motioned his head towards the crowd of boys. Jin knew exactly what Rap monster wanted him to do. He silently walked to the center of the living room and ripped Jhope and Jimin apart. They both jumped up a bit when they realized that it was Jin that pulled them apart.

“The manager is here. Let’s go.” Rap monster said.

On the car ride you had to sit on Jungkook’s lap. Rap monster pulled out his phone. “Ok it’s time for an update. Y/n, this is a surprise to you from Jungkook, so pretend like you don’t know where we are going.” He aimed his phone to himself and began recording. “Good morning ARMY.” He said cheerfully.

Jungkook immediately pulled you close to him, bringing you into a somewhat back hug.

Jhope ripped the phone out of Rap monster’s hand before Rap monster had a chance to say anything else. “Good morning! It’s me, your hope, your angel!” He shouted. He moved the phone to add Jin and Suga on the screen. Jin waved from the side while Suga covered his ears.

“Whoops, sorry Suga. I forgot you were trying to sleep.” Jhope said pointing the phone to Suga.

Suga smiled a sleepy smile and waved at the phone.

“Ok, enough of Suga, let’s turn out camera to the handsome man!” Jhope said turning the phone to Jin.

Jin acted innocent, not knowing what to say or do.

V stuck his head in between them. “Hello ARMY! We have a long day ahead of us, but I’m still happy! Oh! Guess who we have with us!” V said to the camera

“They probably already saw her.” Jimin commented. Even though his voice sounded excited, his expression was the exact opposite

“Y/n is with us today!” Jhope shouted. Suga once again winced a bit. Jhope pointed the camera to you

You froze. You just smiled awkwardly

“Aw she’s shy!” Jimin said mockingly.

Jungkook leaned forward and took the phone from Jhope. “Good morning ARMY!” Jungkook smiled. He aimed the phone so that both of you could be seen. He nudged you a bit. “Don’t be shy jagiya, say hi to ARMY.” He said sweetly.

“Um… Hi.” You smiled, waving to the camera

“Aww, you’re so cute!” Jungkook said as he kissed your temple.

Jimin “playfully” gagged at Jungkook’s sign of affection towards you.

“Don’t be jealous!” Jungkook said as he jokingly pushed Jimin off camera. You could see Jimin’s expression turn sour. Jungkook turned back to you, “So tell them what we are going to do today.”

“Um…” you looked at the other members for and answer, but they all looked back at you to see what you were going to say. “Uh, well on the schedule Rapmon and I were working on, today is the day you guys do a photoshoot for the concert posters…”

Jungkook threw you a goofy smile and laughed a bit. “Well… Guess what?”


“That is not what we are doing today.”

“It’s not?” you asked, feigning confusion

“Nope! Namjoon made up a slightly fake schedule.”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “What are we doing then?”

Jungkook’s goofy smile grew even bigger. “I can’t tell you. It’s kind of a surprise.”

“You should cover her eyes!” V suggested. “That way she won’t see where we are going!” he smiled

“True!” Jungkook turned to you. “Jagiya, close your eyes.” You did as he said. Jungkook used his free hand to gently pull the beanie down over your eyes. “You can’t see right?” he waved his hands in front of you to make sure you couldn’t see.

“Nope.” You smiled

From behind the phone, Jimin threw you the finger with both of his hands. V quickly pulled Jimin’s arms down, but not quick enough because Jungkook saw and started laughing a bit.

“Why are you laughing?” you asked

“Huh? Nothing… Oh ARMY! Did you notice our couple outfit? Don’t we look great?” he asked, changing the subject. “Ok, we will stop things for now… but we will be back with y/n’s reaction. Bye! Say bye jagi.” He said pointing the phone at you.

You didn’t know where the phone was so you faced where you thought it was and waved bye.

“Ok, I ended the video. Give this back to Namjoon.” Jungkook said to Jhope, all the cheer gone from his voice as if it was never there before.

You tried to pull the beanie up from your eyes, but a hand stopped you. “No y/n. Leave it on. We will be there soon anyway.” V said.

You put your hands down and moved farther away from Jungkook. You leaned on the back of Suga’s seat and pouted a bit.

“It’s okay y/n.” you heard Suga whisper.

You felt a hand on yours. You leaned your head as far back as you could to see from under the beanie. From your tiny field of view, you could see Jhope’s hand holding yours.

After what must have been about 25 minutes, you felt the van come to a final stop. Jungkook grabbed you and moved you close to him again. You could feel Jungkook reach for something in his pocket and you soon heard him speaking again. “Here we are!”

“We are?” you asked trying to sound excited.

“Yup! Where do you think we are?”

“Uh, a skating rink?”


“The beach?”

“We aren’t dressed for the beach! I’ll give you a hint… You’ve been begging me for us to come here.”

“Hawaii?” you laughed

“Yes, we drove all the way to Hawaii.” He said sarcastically.

You laughed. “Tell me!”

“So you know how our anniversary is coming up right?”


“But its gonna happen during the tour and there is no guarantee we will have enough time to celebrate it?”


“I thought it be nice if I surprised you with a pre-anniversary date! So I rented out half of… an amusement park!”

“Really?!?” you hugged him, even though you really did not want to.

He gently lifted up your beanie so that you could see again. You looked out the window andsaw the large roller coasters and slides and a huge Ferris wheel. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is the best present ever!” you said hugging him tighter. “Now my present doesn’t compare to yours though!”

“Don’t worry y/n, you are already the best present!” he smiled.

At his cheesy words the guys broke out into a roar of “Ewwww”s and gagging sounds.

You and Jungkook kept in character and ignore the rest of the guys.

“I love you y/n.”

“I love you too.”  Then he kissed you. Once again you fought the urge to pull away from him.

The guys only intensified their sounds of disgust.

Jungkook ended the video and pushed you away from him. You willingly slid away from him and wiped your mouth, scrubbing as hard as you could.

Another van pulled up next to you all and you all saw a camera crew step out and begin setting up.

“What? What’s all that for?” Jin asked

“Oh, I forgot to mention, we are going to make this event an episode.” Rap monster smiled looking back at all of you.

You were my new dream…”

Something I put together quickly (hence the rough line work and lazy background)
I absolutely adore Tangled and I love Natsu and Lucy as Eugene and Rapunzel!! 
I’ll probably go back to this and work on it some more but it’s now 5am and time to sleep zzzzz