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Tom: -attempts to poke voldemort on the nose- "Whoops, I forgot you didn't have one."

Voldemort: I will kill you (not really but locking you in a coffin with a feeder tube would be, considerably, worse). 

(( i forgot how hard it was to draw w/ my old Intuos tablet like… dang. but here. enjoy jacked up proportions / angles ))

All this time spent in vain, wasted years, wasted gain

All is lost, hope remains and this war’s not over

There’s a light, there’s a sun

Taking all shattered ones to the place we belong.

This song will never not inspire me. But anyway, sorry for the recent semi-absence, I guess? I haven’t had any idea what to draw but someone suggested the fire family so….

Also: This was meant to look kinda similar to my drawing of Kya and her kids. 

I’m starting to realize I talk about weather near constantly in my lore posts, so I drafted up my HC of the approximate global weather patterns.

The Vortex basically has total control of the weather for west/northern Sornieth. The clockwise spin moves frigid air from the Southern Icefields into the Starfall Isles, Dragonhome, and the Scarred Wasteland, heating up as it goes.

The Viridian Labyrinth is far enough out that winds are relatively still, and takes more of its general weather from the greater ocean. The permanent and previous little sunlight in the Tangled Wood mean in theory it would be colder, but it actually sits right in the middle of a competing weather pattern that keeps it about as temperate as the Sunbeam Ruins.

The Shifting Expanse’s weather pattern are the ones that largely dictate what goes on in southern/eastern Sornieth. It’s variable, but I like to imagine the prevailing storm pattern is one that spins out from the Tempest Spire and pushes against the Vortex winds that would otherwise move south through the Ashfall Waste. This combined with the heat of the Great Furnace means that the Ashfall Waste is actually subject to fairly brutal ash storms. But the prevailing wind out of the Ashfall Waste actually merges into a fairly small but consistent weather pattern in the Sea of Thousand Currents, which causes the waters and the wind to have a primarily counter-clockwise flow. That current is a subsystem of the Vortex as well.

But in short, the heat from Ashfall follows the coast up into the Sunbeam Ruins and is the sole reason the Tangled Wood isn’t terribly different in average temperature from the Sunbeam Ruins. 

The weather from the greater ocean sometimes comes in and disrupts all this of course, but that’s how I think of it working in general.

And in the sea, there’s like 4 main maelstroms (the biggest of which I forgot to draw in whoops)

  • One in the sea between Fire, Wind, and Ice, just south of the Vortex.
  • A sister to the above, slightly further east in the sea between Fire, Lightning, and Ice.
  • One that forms in Meteora Sound (between Arcane and Earth) when the weather is right.
  • The biggest one in Windstar Bay, which frequently has chunks of the floes from Ice in it and is an actual demon to navigate by ship. (Also there’s a superstition that it’s not caused by the weather but something from the Greater Ocean that was irradiated and warped by Arcane energy and subsequently trapped by the Windsinger, Arcanist, and Icewarden when it tried to pass through the bay and get to the Sea of A Thousand Currents)

Idk I might do one that’s bigger and makes more sense later.


A little comic I based off this scene from She’s The Man

Kicked out

I decided to just write a quick something based on this prompt:

“We are both stuck in the dorm common room because their respective roommates needed ‘alone time’” au.

Will was unhappy. Annoyed. Irritated. Royally pissed off. Something in that category.

Why? Oh yeah, his roommate had kicked him out of their dorm room because he needed some ‘alone time’ with his girlfriend. Sometimes he wished that his roommate and his girlfriend could use another room. But noooo, it always had to be theirs.

And Will wasn’t very happy with this arrangement. Firstly, because he had a shit ton of exams coming up soon. He could have very well studied in the common room because it was empty apart from some other guy he barely knew. But he couldn’t do that either now, because he hadn’t had the opportunity to grab his books before leaving his dorm room. The only thing he had with him was a sketchbook, a pencil case, his phone, earphones, wallet and keys.

He looked down at the sketchbook he had in his lap. He wasn’t quite sure what he had drawn, but he suspected that it was a small doodle of his roommate and his girlfriend together. Based on the pose, he guessed that he had unconsciously taken inspiration from a picture his boyfriend kept at his desk. It was a nice photo too, Will would admit that. But sometimes it made him feel lonely. He didn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet.

But times and times again he had reminded himself that he really didn’t have time for a relationship right now. But unfortunately, it didn’t stop him from wishing for one or wanting one.

The guy sitting on the couch opposite him looked up. “I saw you get kicked out a couple minutes ago. Why?”

Will sighed. “The usual. My roommate and his girlfriend needed some ‘alone time’. He could have just told me that they were going to fuck. Like they do about every other day. And usually I’m okay with leaving too, but today I managed to forget my books, and I can’t just walk in there and be like ‘whoops, I forgot my books. Just pretend that I’m not here. I’ll be gone in a minute’, can I?”

The guy let out a small laugh. It sounded a bit hoarse, as if he hadn’t used it in a long time. “Seems like how I have it. I’m a bit luckier than you, though. I’m only victim of getting kicked out about once a week. I’m Nico, by the way. You’re in my History class, right?”

“I’m Will,” Will said. “And yeah, and English. What are you doing here? I mean, field of studying?”

“Art,” Nico said, fumbling with a drawing pencil. He had moved and was sitting so close to Will that he could just see the gold writing on the pen saying 4B.Perfect for shading or light sketching,’ Will thought before catching himself. He wasn’t going to say to an art major something that Nico already would know. “You?”

“Pre-med. I’m taking history for the credits. And English. But I really like those subjects, especially now that we’re working with Greek and Roman Mythology. It’s fascinating.”

“It is,” Nico agreed. “It’s not the worst thing. I’m glad I’m in college right now. High school was a bitch. In several ways.”

“Oh?” Will leant forward in an interested manner. “Why is that?”

Nico didn’t quite meet his eyes. “The teachers didn’t like me. I had just moved to America. I – got bullied a lot. It made everything hard.”

“That’s horrible, Nico,” Will said honestly. “Why would anyone bully you? You’re a good person. I’ve seen how you’ve helped out others with their work.”

“Well … I wasn’t the best person in high school. I was depressed, an anxiety wreck. I had just lost my mother and sister. I smoked some point. And I didn’t really talk to anyone apart from Percy, who’s now my roommate.”

Will sensed that Nico was going to continue, so he kept silent.

“I drew a lot. My drawings got destroyed by others. My locker got damaged and written on. No one wanted to sit next to me in class. I got beat up a couple times.” Nico paused. “Why am I even telling you this? I barely know you.”

“Maybe because you needed to let it out. You haven’t really talked to anyone about it, have you?” Will suggested. He was happy that Nico had opened to him, though it wasn’t a lot. “Do you feel a bit better, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?”

Nico thought a moment before nodding. “Thank you.”

“No problem.”

The door to Nico’s door opened and two people walked outside; a guy with dark hair and a girl with blonde curls.

“Hey, Nico? You’re free to be in our dorm room now,” The black-haired guy – had Nico called him Percy? – said. Nico turned around. “You guys done fucking now? I actually have homework to do, you know.”

Will watched Nico disappear into his dorm room and hoped that maybe they would both be kicked out from their rooms again at the same time in the future.


couldn’t decide which one i liked better so y’all can have both

might post a close-up of vax’s armor later ( ᐛ)


How Sniper Brings home strays

Scout: “I’m telling Engie.”

I was inspired by, well…I guess I should’ve reread the imagine before drawing this out. But it’s related!




I didn’t want to do the shading. Lazy, whooo~!

WHOOPS! Forgot the all-important facial hair, hahahuhu sigh T____T

I can’t upload drawing stuff for the next 3 weeks because I’ll be away from my precious tablet. Vacation, you see.

Perhaps I’ll be reinvigorated and start on the next set of doodles as soon as I get back :D Heaven knows I need a change of scenery.

I wasn’t super into this show before but this episode won me over! bahaha

also while I was drawing this I realized everybody on the show has 4 fingers….but I drew them with 5 xD 


“From order, springs harmony.”

Goodness, I’m finally finished with Symmetra!
[first image is a 100% res view of her beautiful face]

I was undecided on the background for a while, since earlier in the process my friend said it was too busy, but tbh I didn’t have any other ideas so I messed around a bit, and this is what I’ve got OTL

I really wanted to try to include Vishkar colours though! It just happened to be an odd combination, cyan and purple, whoops. Hopefully it looks okay!
Also the pose is totally just ripped from her ‘Balance’ victory pose, in case that wasn’t obvious.

Tbh I just wanna draw more of her now. She’s too damn pretty, and I’m a sucker for drawing pretty women :’)

Also tbh, I kinda want a print of this in my room now, lol