whoops i forget all the time

ok but now all i’m thinking of is how lena, ceo of a multi billion dollar corporation, who’s probably scheduled every second, forget minute, of every day, who just told her assistant that kara is to be letup at any time. and how kara came barging in, the assistant saying that she looked away for one second and she was gone, kara coming in with the assistant telling her not to.

ad she’s asking for lena’s help. at first she thinks here we go, no one can be as sincere and as genuine as kara seems, she’s asking for a favor and she’s even going for the classic ‘asking for a friend’ scenario to make herself seem better.

except, it really is for a friend, the panic in kara’s eyes real and genuine–someone she cares about has gone missing. she’s not being selfish, she really is being as selfless as she seems.

even more noticeable, she’s not asking for lena to fix it. she’s just asking for a name, a location, and that’s it–not money or power or even lena’s involvement. she just wants to know something that lena already knows, something that lena knows–that’s the key. Lena knows about her because she went to boarding school with Roulette, and really, nothing she tells kara even costs her anything. Not even time–she knows it off the top of her head. She doesn’t have to bribe politicians, or hire investigators, or say anything that could hurt L Corp–she just wants information about a woman she already doesn’t really like, all to protect someone else.

In Lena’s experience, we’re kind of given the impression that anything she’s experienced that seems too good to be true is–except, kara’s been proving her wrong, time and time again.

She wrote a phenomenal article about L Corp, but wasn’t afraid to tell her–with a huge, genuine smile–that she disagreed with Lena’s ideas. She asks for help, but not for herself. She’s not asking this because she wants to use Lena–she just wants to keep her friend safe. Kara’s looking at Lena with such gratitude and relief shining in her eyes, and Lena wonders when was the last time she was

This small time reporter, probably from the middle of nowhere, is brazen enough to barge right into the office of one of the most powerful women on the planet, all for a friend. Really, who wouldn’t want a woman like that as a friend? Or maybe even something more? Kara may look like a mouse in disguise but forget steel, she has a diamond core.

Lena’s probably tired of the two extremes– yes-men, who just want to use her for her money and her influence, and people who hate her because of her family. Kara is someone who isn’t afraid to speak up to her, to say she thinks she’s wrong, but she doesn’t demonize Lena. She treats her like she would any other friend.

And clearly, Lena’s enjoying it. There was the whole really gay flirting  on the couch scene, and the fact that kara has free reign into her office. God, it’s been like a month and already she’s so infatuated with one of the most oblivious people in National City. Poor Lena. Kara really should come with a warning:

“Hi my name is Kara Danvers and if you are a powerful and brilliant woman who’s never really had many friends and also a rough family life there’s a 100% chance you will fall in love with me. References: Lucy Lane and Cat Grant. Possibly more to follow.”

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I hope you don't mind if I ask you for some advice.....I've been dating this dude for three years now and last night we got into a really big fight that escalated to him beating the fuck out of me. obviously that's not ok and I left him. But I woke up this morning feeling so heartbroken bc he's all I've known for three years. I know I shouldn't reach out to him but it's hard not to. Do you have any advice for getting over long term relationships?

Girl if he hit you NOT ONLY should you go file a police report and block him on everything but you should get a big nigga to go whoop that niggas ass all up and down the block tbh. You’re gonna have to do it the hard way and forget everything y'all had cause he put his hands on you and all the good times have now vanished he’s an abuser and will probably try to manipulate you back into a relationship. Occupy yourself, tell your friends hopefully they can support you, Healing is most important.

So far away – Min Yoongi

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: angst/slight smut

Word Count: 898

Warnings: my bad attempt at some angsty shit and like slight dirty talk

Summary: Yoongi loved her so much, but she was too far away from his grasp

I had a really good idea for this but I lost all inspiration (which I’m pissed about) but yeah that explains why it’s shorter than some of my other ‘blood, sweat & tears’ oneshots. I tried however this one doesn’t really have any connection to ‘blood, sweat & tears’ though lol whoops (ps i am actually kind proud of this one)

Other members: Taehyung / Jin / Jimin / Namjoon / Hoseok / Jungkook

He remembered. Of course he remembered her, how could he forget her. Her soft hair that he’d try and braid all the time, her perfectly shaped lips that fit his oh so well, her hands that were soft and elegant, absolutely perfect for his who were a whole lot bigger, her cute giggle, her laugh, her smile, the one that could make him smile even when he was having the worst day.

He remembered.


“Yoongi” she whined, trying to gain his attention of the man whose eyes were glued to his laptop, trying to piece together a melody for a new song.


“Tongue technology man”

“The guy who is always shipped with Jimin”

“Lazy ass”

“Gramps” – now that caught his attention. His eyes lifted from his laptop to look up at the girl sitting in front him, in nothing but a practically see-through black laced bra and matching panties with one of his white shirts over the top but he could definitely see through the shirt.

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You're not alone. (Sam Winchester x reader)

You: a selfharmer for almost a year and a half now. You’ve been deppressed for over 3 years. Your parents are separated and you live with your dad. Your mom verbally abuses you.

You’ve been dating Sam for 2 years.

y/n and Sam are hanging out for the first time after getting back home from being at your moms house for a month.

Sam knows about your mom being verbally abusive, so he cuddles you and holds you close to help you forget about the words..

You feel safe in his arms. You start to fall asleep when all a sudden you feel someone tickling you.

Y/n giggle “Sam stop! That tickles!”

“That’s the point” Sam smirks

“Ow!” You yelp, quickly covering your mouth.

“Whoops, sorry, I didn’t think I was tickling you that hard. You okay?”

“Yeah, fine” as your eyes glaze over and you space out for a minute

“You sure y/n?” Sam asks

You get brought out of your thoughts “huh, what? Sorry, did you say something?”

“Y/n, you okay?”

“Oh yeah, I’m fine”

“Okay, well, let me check your stomach, just to make sure it didn’t bruise or get scratched” Sam says

You freeze. Time stops. He can’t see my stomach.. I have scars.. Deep, long scars, he can’t see those. He’ll leave if he sees them. Who would love someone with scars..

You reach for his hand but it’s too late.

“Wha.. What are those?” Sam asks, pain lacing his voice and tears in his eyes.

You can’t say a word, can’t look in his eyes. Just waiting for him to laugh and make fun of them.

*5 minutes pass by*

He asks again “Y/n.. Did.. Did you so those?”

You finally look into his eyes. All you can do is nod your head. As tears stream down your face

“I wasn’t the cause of any of those, was I?” He asks as the tears in his eyes finally start to fall.

You shakes your head.

He lifts your chin so he can look in your eyes. “Y/n are you sure? Pl-please don’t lie to me.”


“Could I have stopped you from doing these?”

“No. No one c-could have st-stopped m-me.” you say between tears.

10 Or so minutes pass

you’re scared about what he’s gonna do next.

Finally he wraps his arms around you and squeezes you tight but not enough to hurt you or mess with the fresh cuts.

It takes you a minute to realize what’s going on.

A hug? I thought he would hate me.

You hug him back while he whispers in your ear, “You are not alone. I am here. I’ll always be here. Please try not to feel like you are alone.”

You start to cry as you and Sam continue to hug for about 15 minutes.

You pull away with a small smile on your tear stained face. “Thank you for not hating me, Sam.”

“I could never hate you. You’re the love of my life.” he says as he pulls you closer and hugs you again.


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risky ask: 1 and 3. Really risky asks; 2 and 8

1. “@” people you want to be friends with

Oh my, well I’ll only do the ones that i’m in the dogblr community with so I don’t hella confuse people with all my sideblogs. Weeeeeeell I’m friends with most of them, I think, so I’ll just put people I’d like to get to know better and/or be friends with. I’m gonna forget some people because my memory is garbage, whoops.

@crippledhockwalker @noodle-dragon @impish-iggies @pulldogs @achoirofcritters @paws-on-contact @keepitupwiseguy @tinybigpaws @perfectdogs

tbh if we’re mutuals and we’ve talked over messages one (1) time or more, chances are I probably already consider you my friend, sorry about that.

3. the last text you sent to someone?

My last text was to my mom on Tuesday, it said “Nothing just looking.” I was at especially for pets. I talk on my discord and facebook messages way more lmao

2. whats your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Cookies and cream

8. do you drink water with or without ice in it?

Well, I do prefer it with ice, but it’s way too cold to drink it with ice on a regular basis right now

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Friendly anon here. Wait... i'm not a anon anymore D: . I need a new nickname... But forget this right now. I'm here for headcanon! How about Noctis and Prompto with a s/o who is strong enough to win arm wrestling against daddy gladdy. How would they react ~

ITS YOOOOOUUUU. BUT NOT AS AN ANON. Hey there! :D Ended up turning into’s it’s usual kerfuffle of headcanons and scenarios mixed together. Whoops!

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I decided to make a video on my coloring process. It’s only an hour and a half long and I didn’t even finish the drawing, but if you have time and you’re interested here you go!!

Bittersweet fluff to imagine:

over the year between Trost and the Ocean, Eren is depressed and so is forgetful, melancholy, sleepy all the time, etc etc. but then Armin comes to him while he’s lounging in bed one morning and quietly says “Hey, Eren… happy anniversary!” referring to when they became a couple in secret. Eren just mutters “huh?” since he’d forgotten (whoops) and Armin says “Ah I kept reminding you… :( we’ve been together for a year now… well, here, I brought you this fresh honey bread for breakfast anyway…” and as the memory comes back to him and Armin’s love is apparent before him, Eren finds himself smiling in spite of the pain for a while, and sits up to kiss and hug his boyfriend while mumbling “Happy anniversary.” into his hair. Then he splits the bread in half for them to share and Armin is all smiley again and spends the morning snuggled in Eren’s arms eating honey bread and recalling only happy times while they gaze out the sunny window. Soon enough in the quiet, you hear Eren mumble a simple “Thank you…” to Armin that really says a thousand words, followed by the quiet sounds of sweet tender kisses in the silence of the room.

also i redesigned ___, my little eldritch monster rabbit. literally all that’s changed is that their tail is gone, mainly due to me forgetting to draw it 9 times out of 10. whoops

it’s not noted on the sheet but they come up to about knee height of an average sized human. tiny little abomination, yes they are

#proudnerdnet about tag! courtesy of @proudnerdsnet!

whoops guess who forgot about this lmao. Sorry it took so long

  1. What is your name?
  2. How old are you?
    15 (16 in 2 weeks tho)
  3. What kind of blog do you run?
    This one is anything ghostbusters, ghostbusters cast, or snl things
  4. What is your biggest nerdy obsession?
    Doctor Who probably
  5. Who is your favorite character of all time?
    it’s hard to choose just one lmao but the 11th doctor is my babe
  6. What is your favorite book of all time?
    Jonathon Livingston Seagull, Phatnom Tollbooth, probably some others I’m forgetting (and tbh I feel like the answer changes every time)
  7. What is your favorite magical creature?
     uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh a phoenix?? I don’t know a lot about magical creatures rip
  8. What made up object do you wish was real?
  9. Where do you wish you went to school?
    the only school that’s ~nerdy~ i can think of is hogwarts so that one I guess
  10. Name your favorite ships.
    holtzbert, clexa, bechloe, wayhaught, anything gay is usually on the list
  11. Which character do you want to marry?
    clara oswald
  12. What is your favourite song?
    this answer changes all the time too so I’ll just say Cliff’s Edge by Hayley Kiyoko and/or Doubt by twenty-one pilots
  13. What is 3 facts nobody knows about you?
    my fav star wars background character is Droopy McCool, my fav sea animal is a beluga whale, i live in NC and i fucking hate it
  14. Least fave book of all times and why?
    I really hated Gregor the Overlander but I can’t really remember why lmao
  15. What characters are you role models?
    Holtz, Amy Pond, Rey, Peter Parker
  16. Favourite video game?
    I don’t play a lot of video games but tbh the original trilogy Lego Star Wars Game Cube game was amazing
  17. Are you proud to be a nerd? why?
    YEAH cause it fucking rocks
  18. Tag 10 people!

i don’t know 10 people so i’ll just tag the usual @lesbian–persephone @underratedbeastliness @run-to-stand-still and @jilli-holtzmann

Dating Jimin

Totally just got sidetracked and decided to do this on my own whoops. 

Originally posted by b-sonyeondan


- He constantly forgets what time zone you’re in and calls you at 5 in the morning making that weird guttural noise he makes all excited even though he literally hasn’t slept in 20 hours

-Cuddling him in the dorm only to be teased nonstop by the maknae line and occasionally the older memebers

-Furiously blushing Jimin after the maknae line lets out a chorus of awwwwss at the sight of him kissing you

-Him constantly making sure you’re comfortable

-”Really Jimin, I don’t need another pillow, 6 is more than enough.”

-”But what if I just-”

-”No seriously, this is enough”

-”Jagi~ Oh my god you won’t believe what Jungkookie did, he’s so cute~”

- Him coming home late to surprise you after being away on tour, and trying to be quiet when he sees you sleeping only to get impatient and wake you up by pouncing on you and smothering you with kisses

-Trying to convince him to break his diet and eventually having to chase him around the house and pin  him down to shove food in his mouth

-Can you say body worship kink

-His cute eye smile matched with a very pink face after breaking away from a very heated make out session

-Reminding him that his body is beautiful and that he doesn’t need to worry about it more than he already does

-Him trying to get you to come to nearby fansigns and pouting when  you say you can’t

-Very obvious greasy looks being thrown your way when you end up coming to the stupid fansign because how could you resist that freaking face. Damn you Park Jimin

-”Can we get matching sweaters, Jagi?”

-”Ew, no.”

-”But jagi, PLEASE????”


-Playing the drums on his buns of steel

-Him giving you a toe curling greasy grin and telling you that if you’re allowed to play the drums on his butt, he should only be allowed to do the same

-Dates being unexpectedly interrupted when Taehyung gets invited along

-”Jin hyung told me he was our problem now.”

-Letting him lay his head on your lap on days he feels particularly down about his body and gently running your fingers through his hair reminding him how much you love him. Killmenow 

-Him leaving little notes for you around the house after he’s left for tour, some you don’t even find until months later

-Falling asleep on skype with him because he refuses to let you go to bed even  though most of the call is just him trying to keep tae and jungkook from stealing the phone 

-Unbelievably sensual sex

-Very passionate rough sex


- A blushing and very caring Jimin cuddling with you after sex and stroking your hair until you feel like you’re gonna pass out and then

-”SO… round two?” 

-”Get out”

-Lots of comforting after horror movies

-”I love you so much Jagi.”

-Waking up to find that Jimin has invited Taehyung and Jungkook over and your fridge has been robbed 

-And for some reason Taehyung is in one of your dresses and a pair of your heels prancing around while the other two are dying because they can’t breathe

-”I’m sorry Jagi” *laughs* “I told him-” *Laughs louder* “I told him not to I swear!”

-Chasing the three around your house until you manage to shove them out the door

-Finding yourself either wrapped up in one of Jimin and the maknae lines pranks or the on the receiving end  of it

-”Try it Jimin. See where you sleep tonight”

There we go, okay off to bed! Night night credit to the original gif poster. 

ML 100 Headcanons Challenge: Days 39, 40, 41, and 42

Headcanon 39: 

Chat Noir actually DOES have nine lives, which they find out the hard way in battle one day. The problem is, for every one of the nine lives he loses as Chat, he loses five years off of his human life (meaning he can lose up to forty five years of his life). 

Headcanon 40: 

Alya has had a crush on Nino since she first met him in elementary school (help I am not French I do not know French school terms). Marinette teased her about it mercilessly for years, so when Marinette finally developed a crush on Adrien, Alya decided it was time for a little payback. 

Headcanon 41: 

Tikki really likes napping in Marinette’s hair when it’s down because it’s so soft, and sometimes Marinette forgets that she’s there and whoops that’s how Marinette’s parents find out she’s Ladybug. 

Headcanon 42: 

Nino and Marinette are both hardcore scared of roller coasters, so whenever they all decide to go to an amusement park they’re the designated bag/jacket holders. It’s never a problem though; while everyone is on the ride they go get ice cream and hang out together. Nino ends up admitting his crush on Alya and Marinette her crush on Adrien, and from that point on they work to get each other dates with their crush.

I keep forgetting there are people who support me. 

Like even though I hear it from my friends all the time, it just never hits me.

I’ve been dealing with alot of inner turmoil for the past month or two, and things are escalating pretty badly, but that post by @eatincart really just made me feel good.

I’m so sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been hermiting and playing a bit of escapism on FFXIV for the past few weeks, but I’m hoping to come back stronger and not let myself down anymore.

I love you all <3


It’s been some time since I have done a follow forever so why not now since the school year is almost over and so is the stress whoop whoop. And not forgetting I hit a pretty big milestone again and wanted to mention some peps ! Cause you are all awesome in your own creative ways.

So here is a thank you for bringing laughter and happiness on my dash and got to say you all are pretty amazing people >) Thanks for sticking around with my craziness !! Lovelove. And still put people who haven’t been on their accounts for awhile bc I hope they come back ;w;

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You Don’t Love Me Anymore
Written by Harry Styles and Jane Young

Only in the day are you away from me.
It’s so much easier than when I’m crying in the morning after a night of trying so hard to sleep when no one’s around, with no one distracting me.
Feelings I have locked inside, it’s so hard to lie, I just can’t deny them.
I feel as though you’re on my mind all of the time. It’s hard to forget you.

Oh, woe is me. We should be together, together forever.
Why can’t you see? I bet you feel the same way.
But then I close my eyes and then I realize that you don’t love me anymore.

goffin and king - coming in 2016

So…From what I can tell, I’ve just been blown off for the very first time. I don’t know why, he never really said anything, but…Yeah. It makes no sense. At all. If anyone has any idea about how the male mind works, let me know, because right now my pillow seems to be the only comfort. 

I’m looking for distractions, so if anyone has any ideas on how to try and forget about things, let me know. I just want to know why all of a sudden I’m nothing to him.




Honestly I feel like Mashima just cares too much about all of the main characters and that’s why he hasn’t killed any of them yet XD

Besides, they’ve been close to death many times before and yet still managed to come back, I just know that Gajeel will surely come back and him and Levy will get married and make some adorable twin babies

Now let’s all take a moment to forget that Gajeel just essentially died before our eyes, and look at this moment…




Sometimes I forget that Hannibal is actually a really dark messed-up show because I’m really desensitized and so damn deep in this crazy fandom, and then I show it to new people and forget to warn them.

Like, after talking the show up for months, I finally got my mum to watch the first 8 episodes when I broke my ankle a few months ago, and she was like ‘You said it was cute!!??!!’ 

And I got an angry text from her yesterday saying she’s still having nightmares about stags. Whoops.

On the positive side, she is completely hooked and also texts me fan theories from time to time, so it’s all good.