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Honestly I just really wanted to draw Lance’s reaction to Pidge in her old clothes. And Pidge wanted to be a bit feminine from time to time haha. Honestly this didn’t come out quite how I wanted it too but I think it was good practice. Look at all the backgrounds!! lol. Anyway, there’s been a lot of Pidgance fanart lately so I wanted to contribute too! Let’s get them off the rare pair label. :3


From debut through two incredible comebacks and all the fun times in between, congratulations KNK on reaching your first anniversary! Tinkerbells everywhere are so proud of you, and we cannot wait to spend many more years supporting you!


Maid For A Day - Dave Hodgman

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dave Hodgman/Reader

Word Count: 4345

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving in a way), Master Kink

Notes: I blame Persona 5 for this idea. It was just a funny idea and I can see Dave’s friends trying to get him laid. This is kinda just pure silliness that leads to fucking a hot guy.

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Please God let Jackie be more than a plot device for Star and Marco drama in Season 3. Please let her show up in more than one episode and actually do things and develop as a character. Please let her stay friends with Star and the gang and go on adventures with them. Please don’t forget about her once Star and Marco resolve things. And for the love of god please don’t have Marco go “whoops I’m suddenly in love with Star now and all the time I spent pining for Jackie and eventually dating her meant nothing lol”.

“Stop lookin’ over my shoulder while I work! It weirds me out.”

Ted the Animator: “Sorry, I was getting coffee, and… seriously, what’s going on in those frames?”

Carl the Animator: “Ugh, I knew you were gonna go off on that.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s… I mean, how did you even draw that?”

Carl the Animator: “That’s such a nitpick! It goes a little off the label, so what?”

Ted the Animator: “Oh, I m–”

Carl the Animator: “Relax for once, can’t you? No one’s gonna care if I didn’t mask over the tip of the beard.”

Ted the Animator: “Carl, th–”

Carl the Animator: “No. I stand by it. This is where I draw the line, Ted… you have to learn to let go. Not everything can be perfect all the time. The label is perfectly fine the way it is, and I will not re-do it..”

Ted the Animator: “Dude! Carl! I didn’t even notice Satan’s beard going off the label! Chill!”

Carl the Animator: “I c–… wait, what were you looking at, then?”

Ted the Animator: “The freakin’ turning animation 20 seconds later!”

Carl the Animator: “Oh.”

Ted the Animator: “Well?”

Carl the Animator: “…whoops.”

Ted the Animator: “Forget the hot sauce beard, I wanna know what’s going on with that animation’s expressions.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, uh… as much as I stand by my work on the hot sauce beard… I’m not gonna try to defend this one.”

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Will you do RFA reacting to MC who is really messy and always forgets to clean up after herself? Lol I'm a mess

Hi anon~! I rarely pick up after myself too, whoops ^~^” I can relate pretty well lololol

I hope you like it!!



  • Honestly? He’s even messier than you!
  • He can never tell the difference between your mess and his mess
  • It’s just piles of clothes, bits of trash and food wrappers EVERYWHERE
  • So when he finally takes the time to clean the house, he’ll end up cleaning your stuff too (Mommy Yoosung)
  • Only to come home to another mess.
  • “B-But MC!! I just cleaned it all up yesterday!?!”
  • Will take it to the chatroom to complain
  • He’s not mad, he’s just… not happy.
  • Will probably insult Zen non-stop while he’s whining in the chatroom
  • “Zen, stop talking about yourself already, you narcissist! No one wants to hear about you!” 
  • -insert angry Yoosung sticker here- 
  • You’re even worse than Jumin. He has modesty, Zen. That’s something you should learn—oh wait, do you even have the brains to learn, or are your looks all you have?”
  • Yikes. Angry Yoosung is brutal.
  • (but he’ll never get mad at you!)


  • Will pick up everything without a word of complaint
  • He thinks it’s cute how you’re so messy
  • He’s a very organized person, so he reasons, “It’s because opposites attract, honey~!”
  • He’d watch as you finish a bag of chips and leave it on the couch you just sat in. He won’t even nag you or remind you to throw it away. No, he just finds it completely amusing the way you’re so forgetful. (Actually, you were just too lazy at the moment and lying to yourself that you would throw it away later.)
  • He will actually post pictures of your messes to the chatroom, “Guys, look at MC! She made her desk messy right after cleaning it!! So cute~!”
  • Yoosung: “Seriously, Zen? stfu, it’s too early to deal with your bullshit right now”
  • Seven: “lololol Zen is obsessed”
  • You end up feeling pressured to clean up after yourself because it gets irritating when he tells everyone and their godfather
  • (But your messy habits were still much too difficult to change.)


  • She’s already used to cleaning up after Elizabeth the 3rd.
  • She goes through long days at work and comes home to messy tables, couches and drawers, and you really do feel bad, but you can’t help it!
  • You really, REALLY try to clean up after yourself, but you keep forgetting, and you somehow misplace everything
  • It gets so ridiculous, that Jaehee has to tell you that it’s okay
  • “MC, please don’t worry. This is nothing compared to working for Jumin or taking care of Elizabeth the 3rd…”
  • That’s what she says, but you still try to help as much as you can, even if it’s not much… 


  • First things first: this guy has maids.
  • Every morning after he leaves for work, the maids come around to clean (it’s mostly your mess, honestly)
  • The maids kind of hate you oops
  • (Jumin has to give them extra tips so they would keep working here. It’s the only thing making them stay.)
  • But Jumin wouldn’t EVER scold you for being messy.
  • “Everyone has flaws. It’s only logical. It’s not a big deal, so please don’t worry about it too much, MC,” he reassures you, staring gently into your eyes before gently kissing your forehead. “You’re already so perfect to me… this is nothing.”


  • He finds your bras everywhere (you throw them EVERYWHERE)
  • Will DEFINITELY wear your bra and prance around the house until you whine at him to take it off
  • “Does this look good on me, MC?” he asks you, posing seductively in a lacy red bra.
  • Despite being a messy person himself, he actually cleans up the house more than you do! In fact, he even organizes cleaning days, and makes you tidy up around the house with him. (Although you still don’t get his strange obsession with wearing his maid costume when he cleans.)
  • He’s SO satisfied with himself when he looks at the clean tabletops, shiny floors, and organized cabinets.
  • “Aren’t you proud of me, MC~?” he asks with sparkly eyes, clasping his hands together. “Give Maid Seven a kiss~”
  • Proud? No, not really. Not when he was STILL wearing your bra.

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Nah, probably not, it happens all the time with other tumblrs, so I think it's that. Dragon!tony is unbelievably precious, can you tell us more about how thor taught him how to fly?

Thor is horrified when he learns that Tony can’t fly. The way he tells it, dragons where he comes from are born being able to fly. Everyone’s pretty sure this is a gross exaggeration but Tony is enamored anyway. Thor sets out to right this wrong considering no one else will be able to, and he talks about how much he’d loved teaching his brother to fly. Thor didn’t talk about Loki a lot, but when he did, he sounded sad. Tony decides he’s going to try very hard, not just because he wants to fly but also because he wants Thor to be happy again.

Thor starts him with exercises to strengthen his wings. Tony hates them but he does them anyway. He’s sore and tired all the time now. He doesn’t understand how Steve and Bucky can do this every day because they want to. Still, having company while he does something he hates is kind of nice. It’s not like he’s not appreciative of the view. (Sometimes Steve and Bucky take their shirts off in the heat of the day. Those are good times, even if they do get offended when Tony asks about their boobs. How was he to know that men didn’t have boobs? Steve’s were– “THEY’RE MUSCLES, TONY. FEEL THEM. NOT WITH YOUR CLAWS OH MY GOD.” He’s right. They don’t feel like Natasha’s boobs at all.)

Once Tony’s strengthened up all the muscles he’ll need to fly, Thor has Tony practice the motions of flapping his wings, watching him carefully to correct any improper posture. Once he has those down, and has lifted his feet off the ground a few times, Thor teaches him how to take a running start and leap into the air. Tony face-plants into the dirt immediately. He’d probably take a while to mope about failing but Thor butts his snout against his rump to get him up to try again before he can dwell on it. Every time Tony stumbles or falls, Thor is there to urge him back up. When Tony finally, finally gets into the air, he whoops and hollers and then promptly forgets what Thor told him about landing and does a pretty impressive somersault before slamming his head into the ground so hard that it shakes the foundation of the castle. Everyone is struck silent in horror at the sight.

But Tony pops back up, mud and dirt and some clods of grass all down his chin and neck, and gallops over to Rhodey. “Rhodey, did you see me?! I was flying!” “You were!” Rhodey answers brightly, more out of reflex than actual joy. “I flew!” “You did!” “Rhodey, I was in the air! My face hurts but I wanna try again.” Rhodey frowns a little. “Can’t it wait? You hit your head really hard, buddy.” “AGAIN!” Tony shouts, wings flying up with excitement. “You should wait,” Thor cuts in. Tony’s wings droop immediately.

He sneaks out at night to continue practicing and takes out a grand oak tree.

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But do you think Viktor is the kind of person to track his rut cycle or he goes just "ah lol, I think i'm going to rut" ???

To be fair to Victor, he’s never had a rut before, so he’s definitely more of the ‘whoops, I’m going into rut?’ kind of person. 

(Partly because he doesn’t know how to track it.) (He’s also forgetful, so it just makes the most sense.) Yuuri probably keeps track of it for him. 😂 

“Victor, dear, could you please stop grinding on my leg in public?” “Sorry, didn’t even notice I was doing it. Ahhh, Yuuri, my body is so in tune with you that it acts of it’s own will.” “It seems more like you’re going into rut.” “Hmmm, now that you mention it…” 

Full Moons and Naps

Requested?: Yes

Could you write a teen wolf imagine where Liam is having trouble with his shift and he’s upset he can’t control it and asks for Derek’s gf bc she’s like a mom to him and she comforts him maybe holds him in her arms until he calms down and eventually falls asleep in her lap? And she calls him cute names like hun or sweetie if that’s ok please xx

reader x Derek hale, motherly figure!reader x liam dunbar. The reader will be 21 in this imagine.

(I said this was going to be posted next week but I ended up typing it today and finished it today whoops lol)

thank you, anon. enjoy xx

It was the full moon tonight and it was something that Liam dreaded every time. He only dreaded it because he didn’t have a good grasp on controlling himself through the full moon yet, all the advice everyone gave him just never seemed to work. It was frustrating and he wasn’t sure if he could ever control it.

“Hey,” Scott said, catching up to Liam, keeping a steady pace with him as they walked the halls. “Full moon tonight, don’t forget.”

The young boy sighed, “How could I not?” He mumbled.

Scott sensed the defeat in Liam’s voice, he stopped and pulled Liam to the side, his voice low. “We’ll all meet in Derek’s loft today after school. I’m sure Derek can help you.” He said encouragingly.

“We tried already, remember?!” Liam burst. “You weren’t able to help me; Derek wasn’t able to help me… No one can help me!”

People were beginning to look on, “It’s just math, Liam. You’ll be okay, we’ll find you a tutor.” He said to cover up Liam’s outburst. He gave Liam a stern look. “It won’t happen overnight, learning to control yourself during the full moon takes time.”

Liam glanced at him and took a deep breath. “It’ll take time…” He mumbled back to Scott, who patted his back and started in the other direction. “See you at Derek’s.” Liam said before he was out of ear shot.

Currently, he was sitting in his math class, just trying to concentrate on figuring out these equations when the tips of his fingers started feeling tender and painful when he put pressure to them. Liam looked down and saw his claws had come out.

His eyes widened as he quickly shoved his hands under his desk. He began to panic because it was only the afternoon, there was no way his shift could happen this early. Full moon isn’t even out yet. Liam grabbed his bag and left the classroom, ignoring the teacher calling after him.

Liam didn’t know where to go, he didn’t want to go home because his parents are there. After a bit, he calmed down and made up his mind. Liam texted Scott and told him that he was going to Derek’s loft, hoping that Derek would be there.

He approached the door and knocked on the three times. As he waited, he heard light sounding footsteps. It sounded nothing like Derek’s because his footsteps were heavy. Finally, the door opened and there stood (Y/N), Derek’s girlfriend.

“Shouldn’t you be in school, honey?” You ask, stepping aside so he could come in. As he walked by, you ruffled his hair some.

“Is Derek here?” He asked, not answering your question. Liam set down his backpack on the counter and waited for the reply.

(Y/N) shook her head and leaned on the counter, “He went to go run some errands, but he’ll be back later tonight.” She crossed her arms, “What’s the matter?”

Liam sighed and his shoulders slumped. “I can’t control my shift during the full moon and it’s annoying.” He looked towards (Y/N), and she nodded, waiting for him to continue. “And I’m pretty sure that I was going to shift during school because my claws came out, see!” He held up a hand, but all (Y/N) saw was a hand. Regular human hand.

“I literally stay awake just thinking about how the full moon is going to go.” He admitted. In no way was he embarrassed to tell (Y/N) any of this because she was like a mother figure to him. He came to her with his supernatural problems even though she was a human herself, but she still managed to give him advice with the help of Derek, of course.

(Y/N) started chuckling, more to herself rather than Liam.


(Y/N) started walking towards Liam, “Oh sweetheart,” She began to lead him to the couch. She sat down first and pat the spot next to her, signaling him to sit down. Once Liam sat down, she faced him, a genuine smile on her face. “Sweetheart, you’re just tired. I can see it in your face.” She touched his cheek and said, “I think you need a nap.”

At first, Liam scoffed. He didn’t need a nap, what he needed was to control his shift during the full moon. But, the longer he sat on the couch, the more he realized that he actually was tired. He gave in and nodded, “Maybe I do.”

The older one nodded, “Okay, I’ll move to the recliner-“before she could finish, Liam cut her off.

“Actually,” He said, “Could you stay with me until I fall asleep?” He asked timidly.

The genuine smile came back as (Y/N) nodded, “Of course, hun.” She got comfortable and let Liam rest his head on her lap. She began to play with his hair, not in a flirtatious way, but a soft motherly way. Not even five minutes later, she could hear Liam snoring lightly.

The pack and Derek walked into the room to find (Y/N) and Liam on the couch, Liam fast asleep on her lap and (Y/N) reading a book. Before they could get any closer, (Y/N) put a finger to her lips, signaling for them to be quiet. They obeyed your wish and kept quiet until the young werewolf woke up.

It wasn’t a surprise that the pack would give Liam hell for falling asleep on Derek’s girlfriend, but it was all in good fun and they knew that (Y/N) was like a mother figure to him.

During the full moon later that night, Liam had better luck with controlling his shift and he knew it would take some time before he could control it completely.

(Y/N) and Derek stood in the kitchen, both leaning on the counter as the last of the teens left the loft to go home.

Liam stopped at Derek and (Y/N) before heading out, “I had better luck this time, (Y/N)!” He said, hoping she’d be proud. She was most definitely proud of him.

“You did good, sweetie.” You ruffled his hair one last time and sent him home.

As (Y/N) began to walk back to her spot by Derek, he gently grabbed her by her waist and pulled her close. “You know you helped him with that? Controlling his shift?”

She nodded, a smile on her lips, “I know.”

He smiled, which was very rare of Derek. “You did good, babe.” She nodded again and reached up to give Derek a small kiss on the lips.

“I know.”

All Night, No Sleep - Jack Maynard Imagine

“Come on, Y/N, just come to the club with us” your best friend Jack whined. He had a pout on his face and looked at you with his blue puppy eyes. Those piercing blue eyes you could never say no to. And he knew it.

“Stop pulling that trick on me!” You said with a smile, trying to get out of it. All he did was coming closer and pouting more, locking your eyes with his. Every single step he took made your heart beat a little bit faster, almost as if you were afraid he’d get to close. At a certain point he comes so close that your noses are almost touching, and it’s all you needed to be pushed over the edge.

“Fine, I’ll come.” You blurted out with a sigh.

“Yes, I knew it’d work! It’ll be fun!” Of course it’d be fun. For him, not so much for you. In the two years you had known him, you had never really seen him as just a friend. From the moment you met him, he had given you butterflies and every time you two hung out, you fell for him even more. Mainly because you got to know all of Jack, not just the man in front of the camera. You had seen him at his best and at his worst, you got to know his sensitive side. That was what made you fall for him in every possible way. Two years long already you were successful in hiding it, and you were not planning on giving it up any time soon, because you were one hundred percent sure he did not feel the same way.

Going clubbing with Jack and the boys was never really a pleasure, at least not after an hour or two. In the beginning it always went down well: you were just a group of friends enjoying yourselves, dancing to the music and singing along to all of the songs. Nonetheless, after a while the boys would get distracted by the attractive girls surrounding them and their attention would shift from their friends to them. Especially Jack was very good at this, doing honour to his reputation. Not all of them were searching for girls all the time, it were usually only two or three of them, Jack of course being part of it mostly. And it broke your heart every single time. That’s why you mostly refused going with them, but you just couldn’t say no to Jack.

Arriving at the club, you tried to put your feelings aside and enjoy yourself. The night was still young and who knows, it could be different. Maybe Jack would have his eyes on you for once… You were proven wrong soon after, as a very attractive girl approached him and he gladly took his chance. Although you were kind of enjoying yourself before, your mood quickly changed and all you wanted is to go home. Yet you couldn’t, because you promised Jack you’d take him home. If that would be necessary after all…

“You know, it’d be a whole lot easier if you’d just tell him.” Mikey sat down next to you, ripping you out of your thought bubble.

“Tell him what?”

“It’s kind of obvious that he’s more than just a friend to you, Y/N. The way you look at him… You’re also staring at him the whole time.”

“No, I’m not.”

“You are.”

“Just buy me another drink, Mikey.” You didn’t mean to be rude to him, but it just hurt to know that he had noticed. That meant that Jack probably had noticed as well, proving once more that he did not feel the same way.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.” You apologised. You knew he was only trying to be nice and do the right thing.

“Come on, let’s join the others and dance. It would be a waste of the night to sit here and do nothing.” You let Mikey drag you back to the group, and you decided you would be enjoying yourself. Luckily the boys were already drunk enough to make a fool out of themselves and for the first time that night you actually enjoyed yourself. After a while you noticed that Jack had joined the group again, without the girl. He was dead drunk, which was probably also the reason why the girl had left him.

“Come on, Jack, I’m taking you home.” You said, while supporting the boy as he could barely stand on his legs.

Getting him back to his apartment wasn’t exactly an easy task. As the rest of the group had decided to stay a little longer at the club, you were on your own and as he was almost incapable of walking himself, you had to use everything in your power to get him there. Once in his apartment, you headed straight for the bedroom, where he just dropped himself on the bed and closed his eyes. After taking of his shoes, you made your way out of the bedroom.

“Y/N?” You heard him mumble.


“You’re the best.” You cracked a little smile, before turning off the lights and closing the door behind you, the tears burning in your eyes. You cursed yourself for being so weak, for having feelings for someone that would never feel the same.

As it was already too late to return to your own apartment, you tried making yourself comfortable on his couch, like you’d always do after a night out. Normally you’d fall asleep almost immediately, but this time was different. Mikey’s words kept spooking around through your mind. You knew he was right, you had to tell him, it would be so much easier. But wouldn’t it ruin your friendship as well? These demons kept you up all night and it tore you apart. You eventually decided that you would tell him, because you could no longer bear with constantly seeing him with others.

Sunk deep in your thoughts, you stared out of his living room window for hours and hours without having a second of sleep. You kept repeating in your head what you would say. You saw the sun rise and heard birds singing their song, you saw the city of London get back to life. You were so caught up in your thoughts that you didn’t hear Jack coming in the living room.

“Wow, you look like you’ve been hit by a truck.” He chuckled at the sight of you.

“I’ve been up all night, I’ve had no sleep at all.” You tried to avoid looking into his eyes, or just looking at him. Morning after Jack had always been your week spot.

“Why not?” He asked.

“Because…” you sighed and plucked your courage to tell him. “Because I’m sick of hiding. I’m sick of constantly pretending like I don’t care when you hook up with yet another girl. Because I do. I do care and it simply hurts to see the one you’ve been having a thing for, for roughly two years, hook up with others that are way prettier than you, knowing you will never have a chance with him. I can’t do this anymore, Jack, I’m sorry. You’re a really good person and I love being around you. You really are one of my best friends, but I wish it could be more. And I know that you don’t feel the same way, so I’m just going to make it easy for both of us and leave.”

A stunned Jack was looking at you with a confused look on his face. The tears burning in your eyes, you made your way to the door, not caring to look back.

“Y/N, wait! You’re just going to walk out on me, just like that? Throwing away two years of an amazing friendship? Just because you’re jealous of other girls?” You were shocked by his words, not expecting them to be this harsh.

“Yes, Jack, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I knew this was a mistake…” You hissed through your teeth, slightly agitated by the way he had answered. You started walking again, further to the door, when he grabbed your wrist and turned you back around.

“I wasn’t finished yet.” He let out a sigh before continuing to talk. “I’m not allowing you to do that. You’re not going to walk out of my life just like that. There is one thing I want to make clear to you for once and for all: these girls mean nothing to me, just like I mean nothing to them. The only girl that really matters to me is you. You’re the only one that cared to look further than that guy in front of the camera. You’ve seen me at my worst, you showed me how to find myself when I needed it the most. You’ve come into my life and I seriously can’t imagine it without you. Hooking up with all of these people was just a way for me to forget about the one thing I thought I could never have: You.”

Now it was your turn to be confused. He actually felt the same way all along? You didn’t have much time to think as he came closer to lock his lips with yours. On this very moment you wished you had told him a long time ago, but none of that really mattered, as you had finally got what you wanted.


A/N: Another imagine online, whoop whoop! It’’s a rather long one, but I really hope that you all like it! My requests are open for those who want me to write one :)

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Anesthesia So Far

My first two days of anesthesia consisted mostly of orientation. I got the 4th off (spent it paddle boarding) but my first two days in the hospital have been jam packed so far! Things that have gone well and that I’ve got to see so far:

  • Placed an LMA
  • Successfully intubated my first patient on my first try
  • Saw a C-section (BLOOD EVERYWHERE)
  • Saw an ankle fracture repair. Orthopods have quite the impressive toolbox
  • Drew up the necessary meds for my attending before the case started
  • Bag masked a patient (which is a lot harder than it looks… ACLS didn’t prepare me for shit)
  • Placed 4 IV’s while waiting for the surgeon to show up for the c-section. The anesthesiologist I was working told me that this is the one skill she wishes she would have gotten good at before residency and told me to go to pre-op to get some practice in. The nurses seemed to have fun teaching me and absolutely stunting me when it came to the skill of starting IV’s. They gave me a lot of useful tips and tricks and are probably the coolest nursing staff I’ve had the pleasure of working with. 

Things that have not gone so great:

  • I got yelled at 4 times today. 1 time because I set off an alarm in OB by not properly shutting a door (whoops), once for not putting my mask on before entering the OR, once because I was lost and was in the wrong place, and last because I took my shoe covers off too early. Not gonna lie, I think some of the scrub techs just enjoy being mean to the medical students. 
  • I’ve gotten lost in my hospital 3 times now. It’s a fucking maze. 

  • I don’t have a set time for lunch and I get to work with all of the anesthesiologists so I kind of forget to eat

Overall, I have really enjoyed my rotation thus far. The attendings make a point to teach me a lot during the cases. Sometimes they teach me stuff I already know which can get kind of boring. I’d rather be pimped than be told that Succinylcholine is a depolarizing paralytic 3 times on the same day. 

After my two days, I can’t say it’s necessarily swayed me to the specialty. I’d much rather do something where I can communicate with the patient. Honestly, it gets kind of boring when you’re just sitting behind the drape during the case just pushing. I feel like I am learning loads of useful skills and information, though, and that’s what’s important. 

A Song For You

I’ve always dreamed of someone confessing to me via song. Just imagining him on a stage and trying to express his love for me. SO THIS IS HOW THIS FIC CAME TO BE.


Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1,913 (wow)

Originally posted by softjiminstan

It was a two weeks before your school festival, wherein each class of each grade had to hold some kind of attraction or gimmick to draw in attention and income. Some were cafes some were haunted houses and others were food stands selling crepes, street food and other goodies.

Your group was in charge of devising a plan on how to draw attention and customers. Finally, after a sleepless night of thinking of an attraction, you settled on a carnival-style arcade within your room. You told your classmates and they agreed. They gathered stuffed animals and thought of fun games to play and win some good stuff.

After class, you went to your friends who were in the other class. They were left cleaning the classroom since they were all in the same group, you quickly called out to them “Jimin! Jungkook! Tae!” the three looked at you with a synchronized turn. You gave a huge smile to the three which they returned you a look of ‘tf you want y⁄n?’.  You waddled over your way to the boys and told them how excited you were for the coming school festival

“Wow y⁄n  you seem too excited for this.” Tae muttered to you. “yeah it’s not like we don’t do this every year.” Jungkook said as he cocked an eyebrow at you. “Hey! You didn’t have to burst my bubble!” you tell them annoyed by their reaction towards your excitement.

“so, what are you guys planning for the festival?” you ask the three

“CONCERT” the word quickly tumbled out of taehyung’s mouth.


“These two hyungs I swear.” Jungkook followed

“hm? Jungkook why are you here?” you ask as you turn to jungkook

“oh, I was just waiting for the hyungs so we could all go home together.”

“that’s so sweet of our jeon jungkookieeeee!” taehyung screams.

“How about you kook? What’re your class’ plans for the festival?” you asked jungkook curious about his answer.

“hmm y’know, nothing special. Just those food stands again.” Jungkook answers, he wasn’t really excited when the school festival is coming up. Mainly because all his classmates make the same decision of a food stand every year, nothing was particularly new.

“oh? Food stand again.” You tease.

ugh, I wish they would just quit the food stand.” Jungkook complains.

“Actually, food stands make a lot of cash kook, maybe that’s why your classmates don’t want to drop the whole food stand thing.

“well, good point.” He nods as to show how much he agrees the facts.

WE’RE DONE. FINALLY. LETS GO HOME” Jimin yells as he bolted to the door.

“Hey! Wait for me!” Jungkook yells a s he ran to his hyungs.

Did those three really just leave me here?

After those three egg heads left you, you went back to your classroom and got ready to leave and go home.

A few days later you and the rest of the school started working on the school festivities you had planned. The boys were building a stage for their concert, your class was working on the various booths for the carnival and jungkook’s had been making food stalls and trying out different recipes.


While me, Jimin and Taehyung were goimg home I told them my plans on the day of the festival.

“WHAT?! YOU’RE GONNA CONFESS TO Y⁄N?!” Jimin said with pure shock.

“AHH KOOKIEE!!” was the only thing taehyung was yelling why running around in circles.

“Are you sure though? I mean, has it developed that far?”  jimin asks me

“yeah, I mean, we’ve been friends with her ever since elementary school right? And all those times she just made me fall for her more and more.” I explain to jimin. y⁄n is special to me. She means the world to me. She gave me all her warmth and all her bright smiles make me complete and go weak on the knees. She’s just that breathtaking.

“so.., how are you gonna confess?” jimin asks, taehyung still running around in circles stopped and gave a quick look at me.

“yeah kook, how though?”

“Don’t worry! I’ve got it all planed out! You guys are doing a concert for the school festival right? Maybe you guys could uhmm.. you know.. let me sing.” I told the two.

“What! Of course we’ll let you sing! How you gonna confess though…” Taehyung asks.



“So what song are you gonna sing?” jimin asks

“The Only Exception by Paramore.. what do you guys think? Is it a bit.. too much or too little?”

“Jungkook it’s perfect!” taehyung gave me a smile which I returned.

“COME ON! LETS DO THIS THING!” taehyung yells at the top of his lungs.



“HEYHEY FELLAS!” I screamed to taehyung and jimin whom I saw about to go to their stage. I had to constantly scream because of all the people yelling and trying to make some money and some shit happen.

“the hell are you wearing?” jimin questions trying to hold in his laughter.






And at that the two just ran their asses off


“I swear sometimes she makes me wonder why jungkook liked her… she’s so weird” jimin says as he laughs his ass off.

“well she is weird.. but like, the good kind. Plus she’s pretty.” Taehyung replies

“well can’t argue with that” jimin says his eye smile just showing up on his face uncontrollably

“HYUNG!” ?!

“GET ME OUT OF THIS FOOD STAND!” I yell out with all my might, my classmates placed me up front so we could sell some more. Since more people were coming in when they saw me.

“JUNGKOOOOKIEE” Taehyung screams

“Alright! We’ll talk to your classroom president about it.”

“Hyung im so nervous! This is nerve-wracking!” I complain to jimin

“Jeon Jungkook! Don’t worry about a single thing! You’re JUNG FREAKING KOOK and I know you can woo y⁄n!!” jimin says to reassure me.

“GUYS GUYS! LETS START!” Taehyung yells as he comes dashing through the door.

“WHAT ALREADY?!!” I screamed panicking Its not that I wasn’t ready.. im just really really nervous.. and if she doesn’t accept me I would just be humiliated in front of the whole school…

“JUNGKOOK! DON’T STARE OFF INTO SPACE LIKE THAT!” Jimin shouts at me causing me to snap back int reality.

“Alright hyung lets do this!”

There were a lot of people buzzing around as I cant seem to find y⁄n. Where is she? I stood there on stage getting ready but y⁄n still wasn’t to be seen.

“WHAT?! Y⁄N STILL ISN’T HERE?” taehyung screams

“HYUNG PLEASE GO FIND HER!” I pleaded to taehyung.

“DON’T WORRY JUNGKOOK HE’LL FIND HER!” jimin reassures me.

“But hyung.. what if she went home already..”



I ran to y⁄n’s classroom and quickly found her there, she was holding up a sign that said ‘PLAY AND WIN HERE!’ seriously, did she forget?


“Oh hi taetae!”


“Forget about what?” she says puzzled, wow really.. this girl is gonna give me a headache.




“OH.. OKAY!!”


“OH WhooPs”

I pulled her by the hand and went usain bolt on all of these people. Hopefully.. jungkook doesn’t lose hope and we get to the other building in time..


“JUNGKOOOOK!! SHE’S HERE! SHE’S HERE!” I heard someone screaming in the near distance, I saw taehyung and y⁄n with taehyung being all sweaty and tired and y⁄n catching her breath.

I gave a huge smile and looked at jimin. He gave me a smile and gestured me to start speaking.

“Uhm.. Is this thing on?” I say whilst smiling and looking through the group of people starting to form. y⁄n stood up front and just in the middle where I could see her and only her.

“Y⁄N Y⁄L⁄N, I DEDICATE THIS SONG TO YOU!” was the only things I said before giving her the biggest smile and cueing jimin

*Song plays*

(you can listen to the song here :))

“The Only Exception”

When I was younger I saw my daddy cry

And curse at the wind.

He broke his own heart and I watched

As he tried to reassemble it.

And my momma swore

That she would never let herself forget.

And that was the day that I promised

I’d never sing of love if it does not exist.

But darling,

You are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul

That love never lasts.

And we’ve got to find other ways to make it alone.

Or keep a straight face.

And I’ve always lived like this

Keeping a comfortable distance.

And up until now I have sworn to myself

That I’m content with loneliness.

Because none of it was ever worth the risk.

Well you are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

I’ve got a tight grip on reality,

But I can’t let go of what’s in front of me here.

I know you’re leaving in the morning when you wake up.

Leave me with some kind of proof it’s not a dream.


You are the only exception. [4x]

You are the only exception. [4x]

And I’m on my way to believing.

Oh, and I’m on my way to believing.

As the song ended I quickly came down the stage and went to y⁄n

“Hey..” I let out

“hi..” she says covering her face with a wide smile

“hey.. I like you. So much, very very very much, would you please be mine already?” I quickly mumble out to her ear. I was nervous okay!

“jungkook..” she said looking me in the eyes, I just got nervous for a sec..

“hey” I said as I gave a smile

Then.. everyone.. everything felt quiet. Despite all the people cheering and yelling my name.. it felt so quiet as I was waiting for her response…

“It’s a no huh…” I say as I sigh. I gave her a weak smile, and I turned my back on her. Trying so hard to not let my tears fall, I looked at jimin and teahyung.

As I was starting to take my first step out of this humiliation, I felt someone grab my hand.

“wh-what..” I turned and saw y⁄n sobbing with one hand covering her face.

“You idiot..” what.. what did she say?

“I never told you no dumbass! Wh-why.. why did it take you this long!! Jeon jungkook!”

“wh-what, im confused” I say as I chuckle a bit.

“Jeon Jungkook!! I love you too!”

I felt my face heat up and my eyes widen. I pulled her into a hug and gave her a kiss on the forehead before whispering

“I love you too..”

Disney Class 02: Movement

Okay, I’m back.

Movement and how you present yourself is 90% of the whole thing.

First off, HANDS.

Hands are everything. I’ve been spotted as a “professional/party princess” outside of costume by people because of how I hold my hands. 

Ballet hands y’all, index finger up, middle finger down, ring finger somewhere in the middle and pinkie finger out.

Hands should be delicate and soft, think of them like ripples of water, they complete each movement just a few second after your wrist/arm. 

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I still can’t believe Victor Frankenstein spent over a year BUILDING A PERSON, and then when he realises what he’s actually done, he runs away and when he realises that the person disapeared, HE JUST FORGETS ABOUT IT. Like “Whoops, looks like I made a mistake there, let’s just not do anything about it, no one will believe me any way, so what’s the big deal, just another person more on this planet, hehe.”

Deity!Seventeen AU - Hoshi, God Of Festivities

Author’s note- I’ve actually planned out an entire au for like,,,which gods all of seventeen would be, so if you wanna see more for any reason just send me an ask for who you’d like to see lmao

  • Hoshi is one of the most well known gods
  • Each god has a festival dedicated to them during a day in the year, and Hoshi’s is the most grand
  • Think Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  • The streets get completely decked out in decorations and lights, people set up food stalls and knick knack tables, along with game booths and more
  • He usually just improves the overall mood of any celebration, like even for a little kid’s tiny birthday party he makes sure that each person involved is having as much fun as possible
  • He’s one of the gods most heavily associated with humans and because of that he’s one of the most revered/loved
  • Even if he doesn’t show himself often, people can often sense his presence when he’s watching over a celebration because it can go from boring and borderline awkward to downright jovial
  • And now to you
  • You had always liked the annual festivals for the gods
  • They always had special food and games and when you were younger you had memories of winning prizes and goldfish from the lil game stalls (you still had some of the stuffed animals lining your shelves in your room)
  • But,,,at the same time,,festivals were meant to be spent with many people
  • So while you had always loved the festivities,,this year you were…,disappointed
  • Because of some Typical School Drama, you had found yourself friendless, which was a kick to the teeth on its own, but now you couldn’t even attend the year’s biggest event because you were too scared of seeming like a loser by going by yourself
  • You had actually planned for this to be the one time in your life you missed Soonyoung’s festival,,even though it had always been your favorite, simply because you didn’t want to embarrass yourself
  • But your parents downright refused
  • They wouldn’t accept any excuse for you to miss you favorite time out of the year,,,,so, that’s how you found yourself in the town square, alone just outside of the crowd and surrounded by glowing lanterns and laughter
  • And okay it was…,, just a bit heartbreaking
  • Here you were, at the festival that you had made so many good memories at every year,,but you almost wanted to cry because you were all alone and apart from everyone else who were having fun and enjoying every aspect of the party with their loved ones and friends
  • Meanwhile, Soonyoung had sensed something was up
  • He’s a god of festivities so of course he naturally has a perfect read of the emotions swirling in the air around him, especially at the festival dedicated to him
  • And he had been enjoying himself for the most part; he didn’t directly attend his own celebration in human form seeing as Jihoon had told him it was an exceedingly bad idea (Jihoon: if you show up in your physical form you’re gonna end up getting yourself drunk and making a repeat of the festival in 1838   hoshi: but that wasn’t that bad-   jihoon: you caught a food stall on fire. Four times   hoshi: ,,,fine), so he decided to just watch over it
  • And then,,,apart from all the emotions of joy and fun,,,there was something else
  • Disappointment, withdrawal, and overwhelming sadness,, all emanating from you who had resigned themself to a bench just outside of the town square
  • And in true hoshi spur-of-the-moment fashion, he decided to say screw it to Jihoon’s warning and made his way to you
  • You had been scrolling through your phone, refreshing the same four apps and your mood only worsening because apparently every single social media page was overflowing with pictures of the festival. The same festival in which you were alone at and you weren’t going to cry about it even though your eyes were definitely burning and you really wanted to cry because hell this was pathetic-
  • But then suddenly someone was sitting next to you and leaning forwards so they were in your line of sight
  • And even worse it was a cute boy and fuck your eyes were probably red and hell you looked so stupid maybe he wanted to tell you it was pathetic that you were here all alone and you knew that he wouldn’t and that it was just your mind fucking with you but what if-
  • But he simply asked if you were enjoying the festival with a soft smile on his face
  • (you weren’t sure what it was about him because usually that question in this scenario would,,,upset you more because cmon of COURSE you weren’t enjoying it but. Somehow you felt comforted)
  • So you just answer with a shrug and look down at your feet, saying,,,well not really because..,,, its no fun when you’re alone
  • And you nearly jump out of your skin when he grabs your hand and pulls you to your feet, flashing you a beaming smile as he starts pulling you back towards the crowd and hes like well good thing you aren’t alone anymore!!! Cmon what do you want to do? let’s buy some food!!
  • Part of you is really freaked out because wtf you don’t even know this guy why are you letting this happen ??? but another part,,,,a much larger part,,,is kinda happy??? Like this guy had seen you were upset and was trying to cheer you up and his eyes were so genuine,,,,,,plus he was really cute
  • He was also buying you food how could you say no
  • Somehow being around him was making you forget about all the drama that had hung over you before
  • But wait shit you dont even know his name whoops better ask for that
  • And so u ask and,,,when he replies with Hoshi ur like okay thats really cute omg but like internally because you’d prolly jump off a bridge if you said that out loud
  • Him: thank you!!! I’d say your name is cute too but i don’t know it
  • You internally: time to jump oFF A BRIGE
  • You externally: its y/n haha :))) didn’t mean to say that out loud but y’KnOw
  • Next thing you know hes ruffling your hair and hes like i was right!!!!! It is a super cute name good thing we match huh?
  • Ur 100% blushing
  • And Hoshi just leads you around the festival, keeping conversation flowing so easily that you wonder for a moment if this is actually happening because?? Here’s this absolutely gorgeous boy seemingly with a heart of pure GOLD and hes??? Listening to you attentively and following up your dumb jokes and jesus christ he’s so extra but in like,,,the good way
  • like ,,,at one of the game stalls he was just like BET YOU 20 BUCKS I CAN WIN THE GIANT HAMSTER PLUSHIE and ur like BET YOU 20 BUCKS YOU CANT
  • And of course hoshi doesn’t like losing so he might have used his godly powers just a bit,,,and you’re like damn oh well a bet’s a bet and you’re digging money out of your pocket and normally he’d GLADLY take money but
  • ,,,this time he couldn’t accept it because hell he was trying to help you have fun and he wasn’t accepting offerings rn, so he was just like nono that’s fine actually here have the hamster-
  • And youre like but we made a bet
  • Him: hmm,,,,right,,how about you give me a smile instead?
  • The GREASE
  • But Hell u were NOT expecting that and you feel your face getting hot and hes just like woahhh cuTE and you’re like HUSH GIVE ME A SECOND
  • And after going around the festival,,, Hoshi buying you snacks you looked at for longer than a second,,winning you cheap game stall prizes and even a bag of goldfish,,,you couldn’t help but think that somehow this had become one of the best festivals you’ve ever been to
  • Not a moment had passed where you weren’t having fun or smiling and you knew that it was all thanks to Hoshi
  • And so you were just a bit reluctant to head back home, even when the last firework show had ended and your mom told you to start heading back over text,,,you just wanted this to last forever
  • But you tell hoshi that you have to head home,, and he does look a bit sad but hes like ill walk you home!! And you joke like what do u just wanna see me more lmao and hes like yeah of course???
  • Cue you almost choking on air because Hell what the Fu k that was too genuine sounding what is this????? Feeling??? No none of that in this house
  • You cough to hide the flustered noise you made,,,and then you were walking in the direction of your house, a bag of goldfish held carefully in your arms and with Hoshi walking next to you and talking excitedly about his friend Woozi
  • You: woozi? That’s a cute name
  • Him: yeah but hoshi’s cuter isnt it
  • You: i dunno-
  • And ur like yes yes hoshi is a cuter name,,in fact this fish is gonna be called hoshi
  • Soonyoung is screaming inside like wtf,,,,this human is so cute,,,and he kinda starts feeling bad that he probably won’t ever see you again,,
  • Unless-
  • (somewhere in the distance, Jihoon has begun screaming)
  • Out of nowhere, he just bursts out IM A GOD
  • You: sure sure ur a god of the game booths like you won every single-
  • But hes like NO IM SERIOUS im sOONYOUNG and ur like lmao alright but hes like pouting because wth!!!!!
  • And you just adjust the goldfish bag and ur like sure id believe you if you did something godly lmao
  • And of course you were just joking because cmon,,,,you believe in the gods but seriously?? The god of Festivities taking a human form just to cheer you up? You weren’t that special-
  • But then he coughs to get you attention anD WHAT THE FUCK IS HE FLOATING
  • You trip over your own feet in fuckin shock because wait are you SERIOUS the actual god of festivities sHOWED HIMSELF TO YOU TO CHEER YOU UP WHAT
  • And hes just casually like i told you!!! And you can’t really retort because there’s your house but you also wanna fuck with him,,,like just a bit because,,,,,it was really funny when he was upset that you didn’t believe him
  • So you’re just like ok so you can float??? Big Whoop only a Real God could summon forty pounds of gold right here right now
  • You: god??? More like con
  • He’s screaming inside but you just nudge his shoulder and say jokingly “hey ill believe you’re a god if you go to prom with me”
  • But it turned on you because he was like OKAY SURE like rIGHt away and youre like wAIt-
  • He just asks for when it is and what to wear and ur,,,,gonna ride this good luck train because hell you weren’t gonna have a friend to go with anyways so?? Why not ?? plus ur kinda like,,,its not like hes gonna actually do it anyways like??
  • He’s probably gonna forget about you after he goes to wherever gods go,,,right?
  • Anyways,,you go into your house and before you close the door he just says “see you later!!” and ur like haha sure ok bye
  • And ur mom is like :))) did you have a good time??? Aren’t you glad you went??? Ur like oml FINE OK i had fun GOD MOM
  • Before you go to bed you pull out your old fish tank and clean it out before putting ur new buddy in,,bc ur fish is a KING he won’t be rotting away in some BOWL no he deserves a fully filtered tank with a bunch of decorations ((take care of your fish properly kids))
  • But,,,,it wasn’t the last time you saw Soonyoung
  • Because like two days later??? You hear your mom say that your friend was downstairs and ur like lmao what friend but whAT the fuck soonyoung is in your LIVING ROOM
  • And okay you’re DELIGHTED because you may or may not have missed him even though you only knew him for a few hours,, so ur like fuck it this god is my friend now lets go play mario kart
  • His godly powers might be able to win rigged fair games but he has no power over the domain of video games
  • Translation: he got really upset because you beat him 6 times in mario kart and 3 times on wii sports
  • And without realizing it,,,it kinda became normal for you to hang out with him?? Like sometimes he wouldn’t even go to your front door like normal and you’d just hear knocking at your window and at first you almost had a heart attack,,but now you’re just like oh its Soonyoung
  • Your favorite part of the day becomes learning the latest Divine Drama
  • Soonyoung: so Jeonghan was teasing Chan so Chan got upset and called Seungcheol but then Jeonghan just ended up teasing Seungcheol and so Seungcheol called Jihoon-
  • You: omg he did NOT
  • Soonyoung: he DID-
  • Sometimes you’ll leave stupid lil gifts at Soonyoung’s shrine like a little trinket at a garage sale that reminded you of him and he always gushes about it to the other gods like loOOK my human friend got me a THING do any of your followers do that???? No????? Well guess im just the best-
  • He also occasionally shows up to walk you home from school bc he’s impatient and wants to talk with you bc cmon you’re the most fun human he’s met-  well,,, fun in the sense that he knows you, and he doesn’t know many other humans as well as he knows you
  • And plus you always laugh at his jokes and the other gods don’t
  • But,,,as the days tick closer to prom which,,you were actually getting quite excited about because hell you actually??? Had a trustworthy date because Soonyoung reminded you constantly that he would show up,,so you couldn’t help but believe him
  • Alas, Jihoon has started catching on to Soonyoung’s feelings towards you,,and he’s seen gods that have fallen for humans before and it usually ends one of two ways
  • One: very very good, everyone ends up happy and theres a new god in the land
  • Two: very very bad, either the god has to watch the human die or the god has to abandon the human and it hurts both parties involved
  • And though Jihoon might pretend not to worry about the other gods,,,he doesn’t want to see Soonyoung hurt
  • So,,,though he doesn’t want to,,,as the god of reason he felt required to pull Soonyoung aside,,
  • And Jihoon explains like,, Soonyoung i know you like this human a lot but,,please think about what you’re dealing with
  • Soonyoung’s just like i know what im dealing with im dealing with a lovely person
  • Jihoon just sighs,,,,like no i mean seriously. Before you leap, think-  are you going to get tired of this human as soon as another interesting one stumbles along? Are you going to accidentally involve this human in matters they can’t control? We’re gods, Soonyoung, and though it’s fun to be around humans, it’s dangerous. So think about what you’re going to do before either of you get hurt
  • And soonyoung just,,,sobers up completely and he can’t help but,,,realize that he was just a bit caught up in you…
  • He couldn’t imagine hurting you?? Thinking back to when he first met you,,it broke his heart to have learned why you had been crying all alone at his festival and,,,,he really, really didn’t want to be the cause of that, ever…
  • So he decided; he would stay away from you for now,,,but if he still missed you after the time passed, he would see you again
  • But even then he didn’t realize that he was making choices before thinking
  • When Soonyoung didn’t show up at your house for a few days, you thought nothing of it
  • He was a god with duties to fulfill; you understood that and so you weren’t upset or anything when he was gone for a few days. Of course, playing video games and doing homework alone was less fun without him there,,but you could manage
  • You trusted him to keep his promise to go to prom with you,,and you even allowed yourself to get fully excited. You had even picked out a dress that was actually expensive,,and even tho ur not like,,a cheesy person….
  • Interally ur like,,,,,i hope  he thinks its pretty but right after that ur like wtf is this????a drama?????
  • Regardless, no amount of internal irony or cynicism can stop you from excitedly waiting at your meeting spot the night of the prom,,,just a little bench that you two would eat lunch at together on weekends
  • And you were all dressed up, your hair styled up all fancy and your makeup done by someone way more equipped with liquid eyeliner than you’d ever be,, and you can’t help but smile as the clock ticks closer and closer to the time you agreed on
  • Then 7pm hits, and hes still not there, but you don’t worry because hey even gods can’t make it on the dot right?
  • Then….7:30….8……9
  • As each minute ticks by, you feel the pain in your chest grow,,,of course when you had first met him, you had expected this outcome, but after all the time that had passed you had really grown to trust him
  • When the clock finally hits 10, you swallow the lump in your throat and head back home, holding back your tears so that you could at least tell a decent lie to your parents that you had fun with your friends
  • Meanwhile
  • Soonyoung had been thinking, more than any carefree god of partying usually would, about you
  • Because,, while he understood Jihoon’s warning…he really didn’t like staying away from you
  • He missed hearing you rant about your teachers and the stupid questions people asked in class, he missed how you would fall backwards whenever you laughed really hard and how, if he told the perfect joke, your laugh would turn loud and goofy. He missed how you would pretend to be annoyed when he whined about how you weren’t paying attention to him,,,he just missed you
  • Jihoon: :)
  • Soonyoung: what’s with that face. Why aren’t you disappointed.
  • Jihoon: you actually made a decision on your own,,, just wait until seungcheol hears this-
  • Soonyoung: JIHOON PLEASE NO
  • Everyone fears Seungcheol’s Dad Mode.
  • But, as Soonyoung prepares to run back to you and apologize for his absence,,Jun stops him
  • Because, guess who has a charm in their house for Jun?? Of course you would, your family believed in every god no matter how small,,,,and so,, Jun knew what happened
  • And hes just like Soonyoung,,my man, what time is it
  • Soonyoung: time to tell y/n i like them??
  • And jun is like oh my god i meant literally
  • Soonyoung’s like oh its 11- OH MY GOD PROM JUN HOW BADLY HAVE I FUCKED UP
  • The moment Jun just shakes his head, Soonyoung is ready to Die because usually Jun LOVES rubbing mistakes in people’s faces,,,,not even like in the mean way because usually they’re minor,,,,but if he’s not even gonna say
  • well,,,Soonyoung makes it to your house in record time and oh hell he can definitely feel that something is very, very off
  • He’d always been able to sense when you were upset, he just never knew it would hurt so much to realize that he had caused it,,,because if he listened hard enough he could hear you crying through the window
  • And its fair to say that you were only upset more when you hear a familiar knock at your window
  • All the hurt that had built up in you at every hour that had passed sitting alone in the dark turned to anger the moment he showed up
  • And you hated feeling angry,,you hated feeling all the negative energy running under your skin because it made you want to punch a wall but you never would so all it did was turn to bitter tears and more anger
  • So,,when you got up and went to your window only to see soonyoung….you closed the blinds
  • Or,,you try to but he sEEs your plan and his hand just slams on the window anD HES LIKE Y/N PLEASE DONT LET ME EXPLAIN-
  • And ur like what?? Ur gonna explain why you ditched me? Dont worry i understood your message anyways
  • His heart? Shattered into a million pieces
  • But,,,ur weak and too kind for your own good, so you open the window anyways because its probably cold outside
  • Soonyoung just tumbles in on hes knees and hes like liSTEN YOU DONT HAVE TO FORGIVE ME BUT LET ME EXPLAIN ILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU 1000%
  • You just wipe your eyes and nod bc even though you’re really, really upset,,you still know deep down that Soonyoung doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,,,,and usually if he does something rude its always on accident,,
  • And then he just SPILLS everything that’s happened in the last week; what Jihoon warned him about, how he got worried about hurting you (you: you already did that   him: I  kNow im so sososososososososososo-   you: soonyoung-   him:SOSOSOSOSOS O SO SORRY) and how he decided to stay away from you just so that he would have some time to think about what choice to make clearly
  • Before you can even get a word in he just jumps to his feat like listE N ILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU wanna go to a restaurant??? Ill buy you food we can go to the fanciest one in town gO get ready lets go!!!
  • He just looks so ready to GO ur just like okay,,,,just a minute,,
  • You gotta make it look like you haven’t been crying for the past half hour,,,and for a moment you can’t help but smile because when you look back he’s bouncing on his feet and staring at the clock on your wall and,,,soonyoung always displays his emotions so clearly its endearing,,
  • Before you know it soonyoung has your hand, dragging you down the streets and talking a mile a minute,,,
  • And ur just like soonyoung,,,soONYOUNG and he pauses in the middle of his sentence about the super fancy restaurants like ???
  • You make him stop walking bc ur lowkey exhausted because everything is happening FAST and you’re like hey listen i see what your goal is but how about we get some cheap fast food instead and just hang out??? Like normal??
  • Its like you just gave him a puppy like his face just LIGHTS UP and you see his Signature Hamster Smile
  • So you buy like two handfuls of chips and junk food from the nearest convenience store and Soonyoung says theres this really nice clearing in the woods to hang out in and he can tell Joshua to leave the two of you alone
  • And thats how you find yourself sitting on a log next to a pretty little pond in the middle of the woods with a god next to you who is. Currently struggling to hold the armful of snacks you guys bought at the 24 hour convenience store buy your house
  • You can kinda tell that Soonyoung is walking on eggshells around you,,,like his jokes don’t poke fun at you and he makes sure to give you any snack u ask for when he would usually make you play rock paper scissors for dibs,,
  • Okay you can’t help it because the thought he was putting into his actions was. Really endearing but at the same time you kinda want old rambunctious soonyoung back
  • So you push him slightly with your shoulder and you say, “Okay Soonyoung, I’m still a bit upset but I forgive you okay? Just explain a bit more ask to,,,like,,..why you avoided me??”
  • Once again, he acts like you just gave him the fucking world n for a moment you wonder if its okay for a god to be so easily impressed but you brush it off as he starts explaining
  • And its basically him repeating the speech Jihoon gave him and you’re nodding along until he’s like well I decided to say screw the rules like i mean i know it’s kinda weird for a god to fall in love with a human but hey whatever right-
  • You’re entire mind just kinda,,, fizzles out
  • In love??? God in love with a human?????? What?? //taps mic// hello?? What the fuck??
  • Soonyoung notices that you froze and he just blinks at you, not really understanding what he said to make you freeze up
  • You: s-soonyoung you s-said-
  • Soonyoung: that im in love with you? Yeah
  • And hes just like well if you don’t like me back then we can pretend i never said anything but,,, im just sayin I’m a god and i can read emotions pretty well so i know you like me back :)
  • You push him off the log and he almost cries when his cheetos fall into the dirt
  • ~~dating a LITERAL GOD~~
  • You wanna have a significant other that’s your best friend at the same time BOOM. SOONYOUNG
  • So its partially the same to how it was before; he still comes over and tries and fails to beat you at video games, he distracts you from school work (but only because he could tell you were starting to get stressed) and he still teases the everloving shit out of you
  • But at the same time, he kisses u. A LOT
  • Like Soonyoung is the world’s GREASIEST boyfriend ever,,,like he uses fucking pickup lines and youre like soonyoung we’re already dating and hes still like BECAUSE YOU’RE THE ONLY TEN I SEE
  • (you love it but you’ll never say it outloud)
  • He actually takes you to meet all the other gods?? Like he can’t take you to the god’s dimension because you’re human and all but he can call them down to meet u
  • Jihoon is like oh hey, you’re the human that soonyoung always talks about
  • Soonyoung is like jihoon SHHhshHSH but its too late youre already like :)))) oh so he talks about me?
  • Truth is Jihoon 100% plans on getting back at Soonyoung for worrying him so he makes sure to explain in detail all the things soonyoung told him about you
  • “Oh yeah one time he came back and i asked him why he was smiling and he said, and i quote-” soonyoung is fuckign writithing on the floor like JIHOON PLEASE NO “AND I QUOTE, ‘Jihoon you wouldn’t understand you don’t know what LOVE is like’”
  • You never let it go. You tease soonyoung about it constantly and he grumbles about how he would kill jihoon if gods weren’t immortal-
  • But every time he can never stay mad at you because you always kiss him on the cheek and he can’t help but smile
  • Sometimes he likes to play around and be like “youd COWER in the face of my true powers” but at the same time hes like “Y/N LOOK LOOK LOOK” while he makes a bunch of tiny glowing orbs that look like multicolored fireflies just because he wanted to impress you
  • Whenever you’re upset he can obviously sense it and he always tries his best to cheer you up, and if its something that a simple joke won’t fix, he’s always good at listening
  • Like,,,you don’t know if its the whole ‘god’ thing or not but he just always makes everything feel a bit less serious, like your world won’t end with a mishap
  • As a whole, dating god of festivities Kwon Soonyoung is happy and fluffy, with a side of lovely Godly Drama that he always spills to you as soon as it happens
Control: One of Ten [Edited Version]

PART ONE: один 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: If there’s one thing that Bucky Barnes would rather forget, it’s being coerced into surrendering his free-will and identity over to the Winter Soldier. He’s done his time. He’s shouldered the pain. In order to move on from his static life as a broken man, he wants to put a cap on his trauma-inducing past. But when the newest addition to the Avengers specializes in mind control―the same person responsible for his submission to HYDRA all those years ago, it’s like ripping out the stitches to wounds that haven’t fully healed yet, and he wonders if they ever will.

Warnings: exploitation, manipulative behavior, implicit psychological and explicit psychological torture (brainwashing), swearing, and Zola the bastard of a doctor

A/N: If you’ve already begun reading the unedited Parts 0 through 3, read this first please. If you’re new to this, then don’t worry about it. Either way, this is the first part to the revamped series. I want to say though that the warnings refer to content that is more ‘in between the lines.’ And I definitely don’t condone the maltreatment in this fic, to be clear. Anyways, this is complete trash like usual, but I like to think that it’s refined trash since I’ve polished it up. The reason why I decided to edit this is because I got a couple comments on Restless Nights asking for a Part 2 to that one-shot, but I wanted this to be solid first. So, I appreciate feedback all the time!

Word Count: 2,872


Flashback: Siberia | 1945

DON’T ASK HER why she’s strapped to an electric chair, binds constricting her chest, and piercing the skin of her ankles and wrists until they turn raw; she can’t answer that because she’s got no clue what’s going on—nevermind the fact that a rag is drawn taut against her mouth, deterring her from speaking out of turn. Her memory’s as good as gone, but she knows enough to be dangerous.

The doctor can watch the blood run down the faucet—no problem—yet he can’t wash away the sin that’s stained on his hands. Torture’s an ill-fitting description for what he does. After all, he’s just trying to help those in need, right? Maybe that involves a couple of repulsive tactics, but if the suffering’s for groundbreaking purposes then surely that’s the best course of action. He wrings his hands on a towel, approaching his latest experiment. “Good morning, soldier.”

She catches him slipping a red star into his coat pocket. Puzzling over her surroundings, her eyes flicker around at the machines positioned throughout the room. There’s too many questions that can’t be asked. Inside, the lighting is poor, the air is stale, and the silence spells out a menacing warning that doesn’t sit well with her. Singed hair. Bitter chemicals. The heady stench of the two is something foul, assaulting her nostrils. It isn’t exactly welcoming. Half of her is conditioned to be okay with this. And the other…well, the other doesn’t agree. Even if she had the will to escape, the vibranium restraints are securing her in place, discouraging any movement, any insubordination.

The doctor observes her as one would do with a caged animal: fascinated at the beauty, very little concern for the whole confinement aspect. He’s keeping her safe, of course, a Good Samaritan act on his part. “I’d ask you how you’re feeling, but quite frankly, I don’t think you’d be able to hold a meaningful conversation with this in the way.” He tugs on the cloth in her mouth. It’s not enough force to make it fall out. “See the issue? It’d be a waste of time to decipher your response,” he says, shaking his head. “Incoherency, so unfortunate.”

Her vision’s reduced to a pinhole. It’s unsettling here, she thinks.

“From your body language, I can tell you’re worried.” He adjusts the wire-rimmed glasses that rest on the bridge of his nose, and it does nothing to detract from how pudgy he is. “If I let you in on a secret, would it quiet your nerves? I’ve come to understand that this is a way of establishing trust. That’s what I’ve learned, what I’ve been told.”

She nods her head slowly, cautious.

The doctor ends up taking the cloth out of her mouth, not too interested in a one-sided conversation. “In my practice, I encounter many people,” he says, toying with the dials on a nearby monitor. “Imagine what it’s like to review them on a case-by-case basis.”

“You’re a committed person, then.”

“Yes, I’m taking the future into account.”

“Very noble of you,” she comments.

He glances at her with fondness. “I suppose it is.”

So, the doctor’s a sucker for flattery. She swallows down the bile threatening to rise up her throat as she goes along with this ‘heart-to-heart’ talk of theirs. Feeding into his ego may be the safest route in terms of circumstances. To get a feel for what she’s dealing with, she needs to pitch compliments to him.

“Throughout my career, I’ve had patients come in asking for my opinion. The depressed, the manic, it doesn’t matter. Wide variety of them. The point is that the prognosis always ends up being the same.” His tone is reasonable. Straightforward, because in his line of work, emotions are just optional and it’s a perpetual cycle of “Here’s your diagnosis,” or “Take this medication,” day in and day out. To him, a helping hand doesn’t require sympathy. Don’t coddle anybody. The job description states that rationality’s what’s important and sometimes you’ve got to be unforgiving to dish out the facts.

“How can you apply one thing to all of them?”

The doctor—name still a mystery since he’s failed to mention it—paces around, hands clasped behind his back. “Darling, my philosophy is that everybody’s reckless to some degree. Poor souls can’t get a grip.” There it is; the doctor’s cold sense of logic undercuts his fake concern. “So of course, I came to the conclusion that if people can’t control themselves, shouldn’t we do it for them?” It’s a rhetorical question, and he waits for some facial cue from her. But when an empty stare is as much as he gets, he moves on. Who cares? He’s right, anyhow.

Confusion wells inside her while lines crease the space between her eyebrows. From her perspective, this doctor would be as skilled at manipulating puppet strings as he is at analyzing patients. “I’m not following,” she says, anticipating something uglier to be revealed to her.

“You have an extraordinary gift that needs to be shared.” The doctor and her are (he’s) going to revolutionize the world. How can he not be staggered by that information? HYDRA’s truly been a godsend, giving them (him) the opportunity to move forward with their (his) plan. The doctor’s façade cracks, if only for a brief moment. A predatory smile distorts his face, and it could’ve been mistaken for genuine pride. “You and I, we can end war. Eradicate disease. Rectify poverty. It’ll be earth-shattering.” He pats her hand like they’ve been friends for years, and with the way he’s talking to her, it’s so easy to believe. The doctor’s gas-lighting her into doing his bidding and there’s not a damn ounce of shame in his body. “Wouldn’t you like to serve the greater good?”

But she hears this instead: are you going to choose the path of righteousness or corruption?; take your pick. She purses her lips, opting for something neutral. “I haven’t decided yet, Doctor.“

A disgruntled noise leaves his mouth, but he carries on as if her answer doesn’t bug him. “A sample of power might provide you with guidance.” He clicks his tongue. “There are soldiers who aren’t as receptive as you.” Releasing her from the restraints, he helps her out of the chair before explaining the mission to her. “Our Asset isn’t ready to comply yet. He needs to be…convinced.”

”What’s my role in this?”

He beckons her to follow him, leading the way into another room similar to hers. “You can help him.”

A scream slices through the air. They’re Barnes’s only way to express his level of discomfort. If you ask him, that’s his excuse. Can’t do it through bad one-liners or any real English, because he actually grasps the concept of monolingualism and HYDRA isn’t capable of appreciating how he executes a joke in his mother tongue. Very difficult to talk about it. But no, most of these geezers called scientists can’t even figure out that jabbering in Russian does fuck all to keep the conversation alive with him. So yeah, screaming’s the solution.

A group of scientists are huddled around some bloody objects, murmuring to themselves in consternation. They glance up, carbon-copy expressions of alarm imparted on each of their faces. “Zola,” one of them speaks up, “мы хотели как лучше.”

Dr. Zola raises a hand to stop him, then motions towards the door.

They flip through their clipboards, a commotion of papers sounding as they scribble the details of their session with the Sergeant: ineffective. The scientists exchange a look before filing out in a flurry of bowed heads and awkward legs.

“I’ll leave you to it, soldier,” the doctor announces, walking behind the scientists into a hall. “There’s something I have to attend to.“

Just as expected, there’s a body slack against the operating table, heavy straps constraining his limbs. That left arm—you can’t miss it, really—consists entirely of metal, fingers and all. And his face, God, despite the striking features on it, shows signs of being gaunt and shell-shocked, a tragedy in the making. It’s nothing short of a miracle that he’s still alive, and in this state? Can pass for a dead man, as far as she’s concerned.

Something horrible, something she doesn’t know she’s capable of feeling, engulfs her, and it doesn’t take long before it dawns on her that it’s fear swallowing her up. Vicious, unadulterated fear. Merciless. “What did they do to you?” she breathes out.

His eyes blink open, taking a while to adjust. And when they’re transfixed on her, there’s still a lost look in them like a soldier’s who never really left the battlefield. “Are you going to stick those needles in me too? Because I can do this all day.” The conviction in that declaration of his is evident, but it’s so watered-down with exhaustion that it’s hard for her to have a lot of confidence in him. He’s trying to maintain an illusion of fortitude, but reality’s a bullet to that delicate image.

“No,” she says with her eyebrows knitted together as she tries to remember. “No, I don’t think I like the idea of needles.”

“You and I both, then.”

She skirts around the table with tentative steps, coming to his side. “Your name?”

“Barnes, James Buchanan. Sergeant. 3-2-5-5-7-0-3-8,” he rattles off. The scientists have been hacking away at his brain. Yeah, there’s probably a better strategy than to come at them with crummy humor and sheer will, but those will be the last goddamn things they take away from him if he has any say in the matter. He’d like to go down fighting as himself, thank you very much. The man’s mouth curves into a tight-lipped smile. “Sweetheart, haven’t you heard? I’m the new fist of HYDRA.”

“Sergeant Barnes—”

“Bucky,” he interrupts her. She hasn’t greeted him with one of those fancy-schmancy surgical instruments that glinted under the light, showing off that they have plenty of bite to them. (He’s gotten well-acquainted with these tools firsthand, more than he’ll care to admit.) And by now, he’s realized that she’s probably the closest thing to an ally he’s going to get in this hellhole. “For you it’s Bucky.”

His hair is slightly disheveled, a couple inches longer than it should be, but still has some semblance of a standard, military cut. There’s blood caked on the side of his face. He’s been here for weeks, that much she can deduce.

This is wrong on so many levels. She gnaws on the inside of her cheek. Stop the pain. Yes. Half of her is conditioned to be okay with this.

And the other…well, the other doesn’t agree.

Screw it. Her hands scramble to loosen him from the restraints, fingers fumbling with the buckles.

“What are you doing?” he croaks.

“Hello, Bucky. It’s nice to meet you. Looks like I’ll be your saving grace today,” she says with a shaky laugh, hiding how frazzled she is. “We’re busting out of this joint. Sound good?”

He cranes his neck to glance over at her and a low chuckle equally as unsteady as hers escapes his mouth. “That’s a gross oversimplification. As for this rebel thing you’ve got going on, it’s not enough to make them start quivering in their boots. Sensibility’s a good strategy, though. Build up from there.”

No plan, just diving headfirst. Impulsivity never requires thinking beforehand anyways, and that’s how she wants to tackle this apparently. “Zola, that man?” She hauls Bucky off the table, slinging his arm around her shoulder. “The doctor said I could help you and this is the only way I know how.”

Bucky’s eyes flit to the door where the scientists exited from. “I don’t mean to be a dream-killer, alright? But you’re not getting the picture. We’re outmanned. They’ve got guns on their side, and that’s not even the main problem here.”

“You have a metal arm and some charisma,” she says wryly. “They don’t stand a chance.” She takes a deep breath to calm herself. “We don’t have the luxury of arguing over this, so we might as well go while we still have the chance.”

“You don’t remember.” Zola’s already ripped her to shreds unbeknownst to her, and the news… Bucky’s got to be the one to deliver it. It’ll hit her hard. A sad smile crosses his face. He swallows thickly, the bitter-tasting truth crawling up his throat when it shouldn’t be his place to say it. “Really hate to be the one to break this to you, but they—uh—you were brainwashed. Probably did a number on your memories too.”

“What are you talking about?” It happens gradually, to fully grasp what he’s saying. Because ‘brainwashing’ is just a word at first. Means nothing, a couple of random letters strung together to form a word, until the implications roll in. And they did it to what? To control her. Everything she’s spurred on by is thrown out the window in the span of two seconds. Can’t move. She’s sinking into the ground. It’s like quicksand coaxing her into a watery grave. Struggling will make it worse. “Oh, God.”

“It’s a trick,” Bucky says. “They’re watching us.“

The door to the right slides open, Zola descending upon them with a brown, leather notebook in tote. His eyes dart back and forth, scrutinizing the situation between the pair in the room. This is not what he wanted. But it’s not much of a surprise considering what she did before when he pretended to leave like last time. “Muzzle her before she tells you what to do. There won’t be any going back from that point. If you’ll please—yes, the cloth was too lenient. She’s malfunctioning,” the doctor says to the other scientists, like there’s something wrong with her. But you can’t fix something unless it’s broken first, so that’s what he’s setting out to do. Then, he’ll reprogram her into the machine she’s supposed to be.

She takes a cautionary step back, keeps her hands primed to…what, punch her way through like hell?

Armed guards surge into the room behind the scientists. They swarm around her in a formation that gives them the upper hand. They’re on standby to subdue her.

It’s like they’ve done this before.

The doctor massages his temples. “Consider the third trial between The Asset and The Weapon, unsuccessful. Run it once more,” he says, circling his finger to indicate preparation for another test.

She does her goddamn best to fight the long-drawn battle, but they manage to fasten the mask around her. And if this loss is anything to go by, then the war that’s brewing isn’t going to turn out so optimal when she gets tangled with HYDRA’s electric chair again. She wrenches against the cuffs as they escort her out of the room, leaving Bucky behind. It won’t be the last time.

He’ll survive, though. It’s what he’s good at.

Zola’s convinced that with more cultivation and direction, she’ll prove herself to be valuable to HYDRA. Can’t have the greatest weapon defecting on him now. “Perhaps you should be more aggressive with your commands, soldier. Warmth and kindness don’t get you very far in this business.” He opens up her notebook to a dog-eared page, finger skimming down until he reaches what he’s looking for. “We’re going to try again, and I’d prefer it if you didn’t go about it so good-naturedly this time. Clearly, this method isn’t effective on Sergeant Barnes. You ought to get him to relinquish that stubbornness of his.“

In the last few minutes, she’s adopted a one-track mind, because the same question spins in her head on a constant loop: why? Her voice rises in protest. The mask, however, muffles her words and they leave her mouth in a garbled fashion.

The doctor pays no heed to it, because if he listens to whatever she has to say, he’ll certainly yield to her orders without the red star in his pocket as a safeguard. No, he can’t have that; Zola’s witnessed the effects. HYDRA’s serum had been rudimentary in its early stages, and it had produced results that have yet to be replicated. Trial and error. Mind-control wasn’t what he had envisaged. It surpassed his original intentions. His brainwashing techniques are adequate (more or less), but they’re time-consuming and tiring overall. The less blood the doctor gets on his hand, the less sin he’ll be burdened with.

Through her, he can raise an entire army of soldiers. She has too much power. Like he said, if people can’t control themselves, then he should be the one to do it. So, until further notice, he’s going to have to amend her abilities and her loyalty to HYDRA. Indoctrinate their ideology into her. He writes her off as a work in progress. “Let’s get started, hm? один.”

She experiences a prickling sensation across her scalp. Needles of pain—she suddenly remembers why she hates them, the injections—sink into her like ice, causing her body to lock up. One, for having to survive on her own, stranded, in the Siberian tundra after she watched all of her comrades fall victim to the freezing temperature. And Lord, does she wish she went down with them.

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Somehow I got it into my head that it would be a good idea to collect examples of Tarvek taking care of people because

1.) it’s a trait that sets him apart from the rest of his family (except Violetta)

2.) a lot of the time he doesn’t really act like it’s a conscious decision

I mean it starts here with the ouch factor…


But then he hardly knew Agatha here…

And he was dying here:

And I could belabor this point, I really could…

Whoop, don’t forget Gil:

Again with taking care of family even though they’re all big jerks:

Damaging himself to keep Colette from burning up:

I could go one for ages (really I’ve spent several hours compiling these), but I’m going to wrap this up with him risking his life to save two people that he doesn’t know at all and no one would ever even know if he had just left them behind so there would have been no consequences to him choosing his own safety over theirs:

I’ve… been thinking about this for a while.

Tony/Rhodey Fic Recs

(because tony and rhodey make the absolute cutest couple and i rly wished more people shipped them too (i mean did u see civil war??? how can you not??) so in an effort to convert more people to this wonderful pairing, here is a list of some truly amazing tonyrhodey fics!)

A Date on the Moon by what_alchemy [NC-17, 13.2k]

Just because someone’s name is on your hand doesn’t mean it’s easy.

A Lonely, Lost Thing by PhoenixFalls [T, 9.5k]

James Rhodes just wanted a nice relaxing night out, drinking with some classmates, maybe a bit of dancing. Tony Stark probably wanted the same. Unfortunately, some people willfully misunderstand how consent works. James educates them (with his fists), and Tony makes a friend.

A Million Shades of Blue by Not Applicable [T, 8.5k]

“I just know that if I could get to wherever he is, I could find him. Dead or alive, I’d bring him back to us.”

James Rhodes will never stop searching for Tony Stark.

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