whoops i drew a thing

One Step Closer

Today was rather exhausting for me due to lack of sleep (as always) and I’ve been out all day. 

Inktober 15

brighteyedjill  asked:

Okay, fine. Bucky gets it. Pallet 64, Bucky and Hydra?

Nope nope nope. We’re not doing this shit. Have some ridiculously sweet thing because gang bang is waaaay too many limbs.

Drawn for the 100 palettes challenge

Prompt me with a character or pairing and number

You remember how Riko had a small heart sewn on her chest, as a sign of her love and friendship towards every one of you. But now it had been embellished with a small knife on it, as the wound kept bleeding out. It had completely covered her original, real heart with its darker hue.

Unlike yours, whose heart rate rose, it looks like her beating heart had ran out of time on earth.



i’m rewatching s1 of vikings and viking!den just kind of happened. Also i’ve got this headcanon that his eye got fucked up during a battle (it would have killed a normal human but since he’s a nation he survived, but it took hundreds of years to heal) and it he claimed that it marked him as chosen by Odin