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Mary being the gossip queen she is tells Damien how Robert woke her up over this werewolf nonsense and Damien's thinks "this is it, the time has come" and he plays it off as best he can. But then he goes to Lucien because what else can he do?? His loner "cryptid hunter" neighbor is on to him? Lucien begrudgingly helps him out and enlists Ernest to start sabotaging all of Robert's attempts at "exposing" Damien by paying him off.

Anonymous asks: Robert tries getting Mary to help him and wants to get all the details he can about Damien from her but after the 2am almost break-in to talk about this she waves him and says to “just spend more time with Damien” to get details. Robert then starts messaging Damien the same way he does the dadsona (“hey, Damien, heeey”) and Damien is internally panicking but he has no excuse to not hang out with Robert that wouldn’t make him look more suspicious. Thus begins their “not-dates" 

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ASHDJFKG thank you for these asks!! I love yall this au is GOOD

Oh my god Ernest and Lucien having to sabotage the “not-dates” ahsdjfkg. Robert tries to pull something behind Damien’s back and the kids shoot paintballs at him. Robert takes Damien to the movies to try and keep him out late, and ends up seeing Ernest and Lucien in the front row. When Damien goes to the bathroom Robert tries to interrogate them and Lucien plays it off that they’re on a date too and Ernest thinks “this is how i die”–Robert does the whole “oh yeah? you think i’m gonna believe that?” And Lucien is about three seconds away from kissing Ernest smack on the mouth when Ernest blurts out “I DIDNT EVEN KNOW YOU WERE HERE IM TRYING TO WATCH THE MOVIE OKAY I NEED TO SEE HOW JESSICA AND MARTIN MAKE UP AND IF HER SKEEVY EX COMES BACK INTO THE MIX” 

Robert and Lucien just kinda stare. 

Then Robert makes a snide comment abt how the movie sucks when he slinks back to his seat and Ernest yells at him for it.

Damien comes back and asks what he missed and Robert tells him his kid is on a date. Damien chokes on his drink. Then the two have the bright idea of embarrassing the fuck out of the kids and spend the rest of the movie doing so. Robert has more fun that night than he has in a while, so much so he doesn’t even notice that it’s a new moon that night and not a full one.

Afterwards Mary asks about the werewolf hunting business and Robert swears bc he forgot. 

“You what?”

“I forgot, okay?”

“You woke me up at 4am to go camp outside his house and you just FORGOT?”

“How are you feeling today?” Absolutely nothing to be honest. Most of the time it is absolutely nothing. If anything, like none of this is real. These people, aren’t real, I am not real, the sky out there isn’t real, our society isn’t real, this body I am in isn’t real. Nothing is real nothing is substantial nothing nothing nothing. I’m not ever sure I am awake, for all I know I am in a constant nightmare and I cannot wake up. Or am I even sleeping? I don’t really sleep anymore and I don’t see the difference between the nightmares and this life. They’re all the same, everything is bland and white noise. I feel nothing.
—  therapy session

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Hey, I just found you cause of your HP art and I was wondering; Why do you ship Drarry? I don't ask this to be rude, I'm generally curious. I haven't ever read any Drarry fics and I don't see how they could have a romantic relationship, so I wanna hear why you ship it, so I can broaden my view. Thanks much and have a lovely day :)

I respect your genuine interest, but it’s all about personal tastes/experiences, so I believe that if you don’t ship them no words of mine will persuade you otherwise. plus, I’m not too eager about writing a shipping meta right now, sorry about this (I’m saying “shipping meta” bc quite frankly I can’t imagine explaining why do I ship it in just a few sentences). I think there’s a lot of other drarry shippers out there who would feel excited to share their thoughts on this ship and try to get you interested in it

also: you don’t ask yourself why do you love apples (this is just an example, insert your favourite fruit here or any other thing you love very much), right? you just do

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A google search: “Mune no DOKIDOKI”

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Ship: Abemiha

Rating: Teen??? Mature??? There are allusions to sex being a thing but it does not happen.

Tags: future!fic, developing relationships, college au??, cuddle porn, making out

Abemiha week Day 5: Insomnia/Handholding: (except it is also kind of handholding) Abe can’t sleep. He contacts someone who might know about that, and gets help he wasn’t expecting.

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When I was younger, I hated wearing my hair in a pony tail.

I got older and the pony tail became my best friend. 






I don’t think it can happen to fictional characters though. They have to look exactly the same always from their first incarnation to their last.