whoops forgot to publish this lol

Forgot the queue last week...

…Not that it’s new stuff necessarily, but always nice to give it a second pass.

Got the queue all filled up again now, so if you also follow @tristikovart you’ll get a double-dose of artwork every day! 

Next year when I officially start to publish the Avania comic, I intend to set up a blog solely to publish the pages in comic pagination, and it will either be on, or replace @worldofavania. After that, TristikovArt will continue to cover all of my stand-alone artwork and sketches, and WorldOfAvania (or its successor) will be just for the comic itself… (though I’ll probably reblog the pages to TristikovArt as well.)

Right now I am planning on posting one full comic page ever Sunday night on tumblr and at a similar pace on my other platforms. The pages start with only about 4 large panels, but after a chapter or two I found my groove and the pages became more detailed, to the point that they are usually 8 or more panels per page now. Once I’ve got the webcomic underway, I would also like to release the completed issue on Comixology!

Questions? Comments? If anyone has a preference for reading webcomics on certain days/formats/platforms, I’d love your feedback!